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Books like The Great Gatsby

Enjoyed The Great Gatsby? We’ve scoured the web for book blogs and looked at all of their recommendations for books that are similar to The Great Gatsby. Here are 16 books that you’ll like if you liked The Great Gatsby.

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Toni Morrison - Jun 08, 2004 (first published in 1992)
Goodreads Rating
In the winter of 1926, when everybody everywhere sees nothing but good things ahead, Joe Trace, middle-aged door-to-door salesman of Cleopatra beauty products, shoots his teenage lover to death. At the funeral, Joe’s wife, Violet, attacks the girl’s corpse. This passionate, profound story of love and obsession brings us back and forth in time, as a...
Mrs Dalloway
Virginia Woolf - Apr 01, 1998 (first published in 1925)
Goodreads Rating
Heralded as Virginia Woolf's greatest novel, this is a vivid portrait of a single day in a woman's life. When we meet her, Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway is preoccupied with the last-minute details of party preparation while in her mind she is something much more than a perfect society hostess. As she readies her house, she is flooded with remembrances of ...
Gone With the Wind
Margaret Mitchell - Jun 01, 1996 (first published in 1936)
Goodreads Rating
Scarlett O'Hara, the beautiful, spoiled daughter of a well-to-do Georgia plantation owner, must use every means at her disposal to claw her way out of the poverty she finds herself in after Sherman's March to the Sea....
So Big
"Winner of the Pulitzer Prize"
Edna Ferber - May 30, 2020
So Big is a 1924 novel written by Edna Ferber. The book was inspired by the life of Antje Paarlberg in the Dutch community of South Holland, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. It won the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in 1925. The story follows the life of a young woman, Selina Peake De Jong, who decides to be a school teacher in farming country. During her...
Rules of Civility
A Novel
Amor Towles - Jun 26, 2012
Goodreads Rating
On the last night of 1937, twenty-five-year-old Katey Kontent is in a second-rate Greenwich Village jazz bar with her boardinghouse roommate stretching three dollars as far as it will go when Tinker Grey, a handsome banker with royal blue eyes and a tempered smile, happens to sit at the neighboring table. This chance encounter and its startling con...
A Moveable Feast
Ernest Hemingway - Oct 01, 1996 (first published in 1964)
Goodreads Rating
Begun in the autumn of 1957 and published posthumously in 1964, Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast captures what it meant to be young and poor and writing in Paris during the 1920s. A correspondent for the Toronto Star, Hemingway arrived in Paris in 1921, three years after the trauma of the Great War and at the beginning of the transformation of E...
The House of Mirth
Edith Wharton - Aug 06, 2002 (first published in 1905)
Goodreads Rating
A bestseller when it was originally published nearly a century ago, Wharton's first literary success was set amid the previously unexplored territory of fashionable, turn-of-the-century New York society, an area with which she was intimately familiar.The tragic love story reveals the destructive effects of wealth and social hypocrisy on Lily Bart, ...
Recommended by
Mindy Kaling
The Age of Innocence
Edith Wharton - Mar 24, 2018 (first published in 1920)
Goodreads Rating
Al amable mundo de convenciones sociales estrictas en el que se mueve, aparentemente sin roces ni contrariedades, la alta sociedad de nueva york de finales del siglo pasado, regresa de Europa la inquietante condesa Olenska. En el fondo de esta extraordinaria historia de una gran pasión subyace el conflicto entre dos mundos : el de las viejas famili...
Recommended by
Anne Thériault
Goodbye to Berlin
Christopher Isherwood - Sep 27, 2012 (first published in 1939)
Goodreads Rating
First published in 1934, Goodbye to Berlin has been popularized on stage and screen by Julie Harris in I Am a Camera and Liza Minelli in Cabaret. Isherwood magnificently captures 1931 Berlin: charming, with its avenues and cafés; marvelously grotesque, with its nightlife and dreamers; dangerous, with its vice and intrigue; powerful and seedy, with ...
Lady Windermere's Fan
Oscar Wilde - Nov 02, 2011 (first published in 1893)
Goodreads Rating
Centering around the arrival of a mysterious woman hoping to break into London's society, this was Wilde's first great stage success. Lady Windermere learns from a friend that Lord Windermere is spending a great deal of time with a Mrs. Erlynne, and fearing that he is being unfaithful to her, she decides that their marriage is at an end. Then, in a...
Nella Larsen - Feb 05, 2016 (first published in 1929)
Goodreads Rating
2011 Reprint of 1928 Edition not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Clare and Irene were two childhood friends. They lost touch when Clare's father died and she moved in with two white aunts. By hiding that Clare was part-black, they allowed her to 'pass' as a white woman and marry a white racist. Irene lives in Harlem, commits herself t...
The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
Appointment in Samarra by John O'Hara
The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald
This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald