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100 Best Mystery & Crime Books

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Where the Crawdads Sing
by Delia Owens (Aug 14, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
A novel about a young woman determined to make her way in the wilds of North Carolina, and the two men that will break her isolation open.For years, rumors of the "Marsh Girl" have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the North Carolina coast. She's barefoot and wild; unfit for polite society. So in late 1969, when handsome Chase Andrews is found ...
How the Light Gets In
A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel (Chief Inspector Gamache Novel (9))
by Louise Penny (Jul 29, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
Christmas is approaching, and in Québec it's a time of dazzling snowfalls, bright lights, and gatherings with friends in front of blazing hearths. But shadows are falling on the usually festive season for Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté de Québec. Most of his best agents have left or been transferred out of the Homicide Department; his...
United We Spy
by Ally Carter (Jun 14, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
Cammie Morgan has lost her father and her memory, but in the heart-pounding conclusion to the best-selling Gallagher Girls series, she finds her greatest mission yet. Cammie and her friends finally know why the terrorist organization called the Circle of Cavan has been hunting her. Now the spy girls and Zach must track down the Circle’s elite membe...
Small Favor
by Jim Butcher (Mar 03, 2009)
Goodreads Rating
THE New York Times BestsellerHarry Dresden's life finally seems to be calming down -- until a shadow from the past returns. Mab, monarch of the Sidhe Winter Court, calls in an old favor from Harry -- one small favor that will trap him between a nightmarish foe and an equally deadly ally, and that will strain his skills -- and loyalties -- to their ...
Turn Coat
by Jim Butcher (Mar 02, 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Accused of treason against the Wizards of the White Council, Warden Morgan goes in search of Harry Dresden in a desperate attempt to clear his name and stop the deadly punishment from taking place in this latest thrilling addition to the Dresden Files series....
Reasonable Fear
by Scott Pratt (Dec 10, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
Three young women are found floating in a lake. The suspect is one of the richest and most powerful men in Tennessee. "Reasonable Fear" is the fourth of the bestselling Joe Dillard series offered by Scott Pratt. In this novel, Dillard has become the district attorney in Northeast Tennessee. He becomes heavily involved in the investigation with Sh...
Between Black and White
by Robert Bailey (Aug 23, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
In 1966 in Pulaski, Tennessee, Bocephus Haynes watched in horror as his father was brutally murdered by ten local members of the Ku Klux Klan. As an African American lawyer practicing in the birthplace of the Klan years later, Bo has spent his life pursuing justice in his father’s name. But when Andy Walton, the man believed to have led the lynch m...
The Border
A Novel (Power of the Dog)
by Don Winslow (Feb 04, 2020)
Goodreads Rating
ONE OF THE MOST ACCLAIMED BOOKS OF THE YEARNAMED A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR BY Washington Post NPR Financial Times The Guardian Booklist New Statesman Daily Telegraph Irish Times Dallas Morning News Sunday Times New York Post "A big, sprawling, ultimately stunning crime tableau." Janet Maslin, New York Times"You can't ask for more emot...
Recommended by
Stephen King
Injustice for All
by Scott Pratt (Nov 26, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
A criminal court judge is found hanging from a tree. A young employee of the district attorney's office goes missing. In this third book of the best selling Joe Dillard series, Dillard finds himself in the middle of two volatile mysteries. The primary suspect in the judge's murder is Dillard's son's best friend, and Dillard's wife may have destro...
by David Simon (Aug 22, 2006)
Goodreads Rating
From the creator of HBO's The Wire, the classic book about homicide investigation that became the basis for the hit television show.The scene is Baltimore. Twice every three days another citizen is shot, stabbed, or bludgeoned to death. At the center of this hurricane of crime is the city's homicide unit, a small brotherhood of hard men who fight f...
Recommended by
John J. Stanton
Proven Guilty
by Jim Butcher (Feb 06, 2007)
Goodreads Rating
There's no love lost between Harry Dresden, the only wizard in the Chicago phone book, and the White Council of Wizards, who find him brash and undisciplined. But war with the vampires has thinned their ranks, so the Council has drafted Harry as a Warden and assigned him to look into rumors of black magic in the Windy City.As Harry adjusts to his n...
White Night
by Jim Butcher (Feb 05, 2008)
Goodreads Rating
The inspiration for the Sci Fi channel television series In Chicago, someone has been killing practitioners of magic, those incapable of becoming full-fledged wizards. Shockingly, all the evidence points to Harry Dresden's half-brother, Thomas, as the murderer. Determined to clear his sibling's name, Harry uncovers a conspiracy within the White Co...
The Power of the Dog
by Don Winslow (May 09, 2006)
Goodreads Rating
From the bestselling author of Savages (now an Oliver Stone film). This novel of the drug trade takes you deep inside a world riddled with corruption, betrayal, and bloody revenge. Art Montana is an obsessive DEA agent. The Barrera brothers are heirs to a drug empire. Nora Hayden is a jaded teenager who becomes a high-class hooker. Father Parada is...
Recommended by
devon sawa
Blood Money
by Scott Pratt (Jan 08, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
In the sixth volume of the bestselling Joe Dillard series, Dillard does something he has never done before -- he hires a young associate. Her name is Charleston Story, she is bright and beautiful, and in her very first case, she winds up inheriting an item so valuable that it threatens to destroy her and everything she cares about. As Dillard tries...
The Protector
by Dee Henderson (Nov 01, 2005)
Goodreads Rating
Jack O'Malley is a fireman who is fearless when it comes to facing an inferno. But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, his friends, Jack faces the ultimate challenge: protecting the lady who saw the arsonist before she pays an even higher price. Introducing the O'Malleys, an inspirational group of seven, all abandoned or orph...
The Truth Seeker
by Dee Henderson (Nov 01, 2005)
Goodreads Rating
Women are turning up dead, and Lisa O'Malley has a habit of walking into crime scenes, curious. She's a forensic pathologist, and mysteries are her domain. U.S. marshall Quinn Diamond has found loving her is easier than keeping her safe. Lisa's found the killer, and now she's missing too. Introducing the O'Malleys, an inspirational group of seven, ...
Conflict of Interest
by Scott Pratt (Apr 01, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
A six-year-old girl is kidnapped from her bed in Tennessee's oldest town. The ransom note demands millions. In this fifth installment of the highly-acclaimed and bestselling Joe Dillard series, Dillard is hired to represent the parents of a child who has gone missing. As the clock ticks, Dillard desperately tries to find the little girl, but the ...
The Professor
by Robert Bailey (Aug 18, 2015)
Goodreads Rating
Law professor Thomas Jackson McMurtrie literally wrote the book on evidence in the state of Alabama. But when a power-hungry colleague uses a recent run-in between McMurtrie and headstrong student Rick Drake to end his career, he is left unsure what to do next.Meanwhile, a devastating trucking accident in Henshaw, Alabama, leaves a young family dea...
Justice Redeemed
by Scott Pratt (Nov 17, 2015)
Goodreads Rating
Two years ago, Darren Street made a name for himself as the man who rooted out corruption in the district attorney’s office. Now the hotheaded young lawyer is in the public eye yet again—this time, accused of murder.Jalen Jordan retained Street for what seemed to be a minor traffic violation, but when evidence turned up linking Jordan to the death ...
American Kingpin
The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk Road
by Nick Bilton (May 29, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER. The unbelievable true story of the man who built a billion-dollar online drug empire from his bedroom--and almost got away with it In 2011, a twenty-six-year-old libertarian programmer named Ross Ulbricht launched the ultimate free market: the Silk Road, a clandestine Web site hosted on the Dark Web where anyone could tra...
Recommended by
Casey Neistat
The Godfather
50th Anniversary Edition
by Mario Puzo (Mar 01, 2002)
Goodreads Rating
The Godfather—the epic tale of crime and betrayal that became a global phenomenon.Almost fifty years ago, a classic was born. A searing portrayal of the Mafia underworld, The Godfather introduced readers to the first family of American crime fiction, the Corleones, and their powerful legacy of tradition, blood, and honor. The seduction of power, th...
Boy's Life
by Robert McCammon (Jan 01, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
An Alabama boy’s innocence is shaken by murder and madness in the 1960s South in this novel by the New York Times–bestselling author of Swan Song.It’s 1964 in idyllic Zephyr, Alabama. People either work for the paper mill up the Tecumseh River, or for the local dairy. It’s a simple life, but it stirs the impressionable imagination of twelve-year-ol...
Conspiracy in Death
by Nora Roberts (Apr 01, 1999)
Goodreads Rating
Streetwise cop Eve Dallas and her trusty sidekick Peabody face a methodical killer in this latest addition to the In Death series by J.D. Robb, better known as the bestselling author Nora Roberts. In the late 21st century, on the streets of New York City, a street sleeper is found murdered, his diseased heart removed with surgical precision. His de...
A Crime of Passion
by Scott Pratt (Dec 04, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
A beautiful, young, rising star in the country music world is found dead in a Nashville hotel room. The owner of her record company is charged with murder. In the seventh installment of Scott Pratt's bestselling Joe Dillard series, Dillard is hired to travel to Tennessee's capital city to defend Paul Milius, a record company baron accused of stra...
A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery
by C. J. Sansom (Dec 21, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
Summer, 1545. England is at war. Henry VIII's invasion of France has gone badly wrong. Meanwhile Matthew Shardlake is given an intriguing legal case by an old servant of Queen Catherine Parr. He is asked to investigate claims of 'monstrous wrongs' committed against a young ward of the court, which have already involved one mysterious death....
Bury Your Dead
by Louise Penny (Aug 02, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
It is Winter Carnival in Quebec City, bitterly cold and surpassingly beautiful. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache has come not to join the revels but to recover from an investigation gone hauntingly wrong. But violent death is inescapable, even in the apparent sanctuary of the Literary and Historical Society - where an obsessive historian's quest for ...
Vengeance in Death
by J. D. Robb (Oct 01, 1997)
Goodreads Rating
He is an expert with the latest technology...a madman with the mind of a genius and the heart of a killer. He quietly stalks his prey. Then he haunts the police with cryptic riddles about the crimes he is about to commit--always solved moments too late to save his victims' lives.Police lieutenant Eve Dallas found the first victim butchered in his o...
The Black Widow
by Daniel Silva (Jun 05, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
A network of terror.A web of deceit.A deadly game of vengeance.Legendary spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon is poised to become the chief of Israel’s secret intelligence service. But on the eve of his promotion, events conspire to lure him into the field for one final operation. ISIS has detonated a massive bomb in the Marais district of Paris, and...
A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery
by C. J. Sansom (Feb 23, 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Spring, 1543. King Henry VIII is wooing Lady Catherine Parr, whom he wants for his sixth wife. But this time the object of his affections is resisting. Archbishop Cranmer and the embattled Protestant faction at court are watching keenly, for Lady Catherine is known to have reformist sympathies. Meanwhile, a teenage boy, a religious maniac, has been...
by Colleen Hoover (Dec 10, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer on the brink of financial ruin when she accepts the job offer of a lifetime. Jeremy Crawford, husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, has hired Lowen to complete the remaining books in a successful series his injured wife is unable to finish.Lowen arrives at the Crawford home, ready to sort through years...
Judgment in Death
by J. D. Robb (Sep 01, 2000)
Goodreads Rating
'She stood in Purgatory and studied death. The blood and the gore of it, the ferocity of its glee. It had come to this place with the wilful temper of a child, full of heat and passion and careless brutality.' In an uptown strip joint a cop is found bludgeoned to death. The weapon's a baseball bat. The motive is a mystery. It's a case of serious ov...
Danger in the Shadows
by Dee Henderson (Nov 01, 2005)
Goodreads Rating
Sara is terrified. She's doing the one thing she cannot afford to do: fall in love with former pro-football player Adam Black, a man everyone knows. Sara's been hidden away in the witness protection program, her safety dependent on staying invisible--and loving Adam could get her killed! Introducing the O'Malleys, an inspirational group of seven, a...
The Negotiator
by Dee Henderson (Nov 01, 2005)
Goodreads Rating
FBI agent Dave Richman from Danger in the Shadows is back. He's about to meet Kate O'Malley, and his life will never be the same. She's a hostage negotiator. He protects people. He's about to find out that falling in love with a hostage negotiator is one thing, but keeping her safe is another! Introducing the O'Malleys, an inspirational group of se...
Protect and Defend
by Vince Flynn (Jan 01, 2008)
Goodreads Rating
"New York Times" bestselling author Vince Flynn returns with his most explosive political thriller yet. A tour de force of action-packed suspense, "Protect and Defend" delivers an all-too-realistic and utterly compelling vision of nations navigating the minefield of international intrigue. A true "heavyweight in the political thriller arena" ("Minn...
Betrayal in Death
by J. D. Robb (Mar 01, 2001)
Goodreads Rating
At the luxurious Roarke Palace Hotel, a maid walks into suite 4602 for the nightly turndown - and steps into her worst nightmare. A killer leaves her dead, strangled by a thin silver wire. He's Sly Yost, a virtuoso of music and murder. A hit man for the elite. Lieutenant Eve Dallas knows him well. But in this twisted case, knowing the killer doesn'...
The Last Trial
by Robert Bailey (May 08, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
Former law professor Tom McMurtrie has brought killers to justice, and taken on some of the most infamous cases in Alabama’s history. Now he’s tackling his greatest challenge....
The Corner
A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood
by David Simon (Jun 14, 1998)
Goodreads Rating
The crime-infested intersection of West Fayette and Monroe Streets is well-known--and cautiously avoided--by most of Baltimore. But this notorious corner's 24-hour open-air drug market provides the economic fuel for a dying neighborhood. David Simon, an award-winning author and crime reporter, and Edward Burns, a 20-year veteran of the urban drug w...
Recommended by
Peter Attia
Loyalty in Death
by J. D. Robb (Oct 01, 1999)
Goodreads Rating
#1 New York Times bestselling author J. D. Robb's phenomenal series has captivated readers with it tantalizing blend of romance, suspense, and futuristic police procedural. Now, New York cop Eve Dallas returns to face her most ingenious foe -- a "secret admirer" who taunts her with letters...and kills without mercy.LOYALTY IN DEATHAn unknown bomber...
Witness in Death
by J. D. Robb (Mar 01, 2000)
Goodreads Rating
There was always an audience for murder. Opening night at New York's New Globe Theatre turns from stage scene to crime scene when the leading man is stabbed to death right on centre stage. Now Eve Dallas has a high profile celebrity homicide on her hands. Not only is she primary detective, she's also a witness - and when the press discovers that he...
Seduction in Death
by J.D. Robb (Sep 01, 2001)
Goodreads Rating
Dante had been courting his victim in cyberspace for weeks before meeting her in person. A few sips of wine and a few hours later, she was dead. The murder weapon: a rare, usually undetectable date-rape drug with a street value of a quarter million dollars. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is playing and replaying the clues in her mind. The candlelight, the m...
The Complete Wreck
by Lemony Snicket (Oct 13, 2006)
Goodreads Rating
NOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIESSome boxes should never be opened.For the first time, the complete A Series of Unfortunate Events is available in one awful package!We can't keep you from succumbing to this international bestselling phenomenon, but we can hide all thirteen books in a huge, elaborately illustrated, shrink-wrapped box, perfect for fillin...
Out of Sight, Out of Time
by Ally Carter (Jun 14, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
With more than a million Gallagher Girls books sold, a legion of fans have fallen in love with the New York Times best-selling spy-girl series, and the fifth book delivers the most nerve-wracking, high-stakes adventure yet. The last thing Cammie Morgan remembers is leaving the Gallagher Academy to protect her friends and family from the Circle of C...
Blood Rites
by Jim Butcher (Aug 03, 2004)
Goodreads Rating
For Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, there have been worse assignments than going undercover on the set of an adult film. Dodging flaming monkey poo, for instance. Or going toe-to-leaf with a walking plant monster. Still, there is something more troubling than usual about his newest case. The film's producer believes he's the targ...
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes #5
by Arthur Conan Doyle (Aug 14, 2015)
Goodreads Rating
Silver Blaze The Adventure of the Yellow Face The Adventure of the Stockbroker's Clerk The Adventure of the "Gloria Scott" The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual The Adventure of the Reigate Squires The Adventure of the Crooked Man The Adventure of the Resident Patient The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter The Adventure of the Navel Treaty The Final...
A Trick of the Light
by Louise Penny (Jul 03, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
"Hearts are broken," Lillian Dyson carefully underlined in a book. "Sweet relationships are dead."But now Lillian herself is dead. Found among the bleeding hearts and lilacs of Clara Morrow's garden in Three Pines, shattering the celebrations of Clara's solo show at the famed Musée in Montréal. Chief Inspector Gamache, the head of homicide at the S...
The Candymakers
by Wendy Mass (Oct 03, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
In the town of Spring Haven, four children have been selected to compete in the national candymaking contest of a lifetime. Who will make a candy more delicious than the Oozing Crunchorama or the Neon Yellow Lightning Chew?Logan, the candymaker's son, who can detect the color of chocolate by feel alone?Miles, the boy allergic to rowboats and the co...
by C. J. Sansom (Feb 26, 2008)
Goodreads Rating
Autumn, 1541. King Henry VIII has set out on a spectacular Progress to the North to attend an extravagant submission by his rebellious subjects in York.Already in the city are lawyer Matthew Shardlake and his assistant Jack Barak. As well as legal work processing petitions to the King, Shardlake has reluctantly undertaken a secret mission for Archb...
Death Masks
by Jim Butcher (Aug 05, 2003)
Goodreads Rating
Harry Dresden, Chicago's only practicing professional wizard, should be happy that business is pretty good for a change. But now he's getting more than he bargained for:A duel with the Red Court of Vampires' champion, who must kill Harry to end the war between vampires and wizards...Professional hit men using Harry for target practice...The missing...
Transfer of Power
by Vince Flynn (Dec 28, 2010)
Goodreads Rating
On a busy Washington morning, amid the shuffle of tourists and the brisk rush of government officials, the stately calm of the White House is shattered in a hail of gunfire. A group of terrorists has descended on the Executive Mansion, and gained access by means of a violent massacre that has left dozens of innocent bystanders murdered. Through the...
The Return of Sherlock Holmes
by Arthur Conan Doyle (Sep 12, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
'Holmes,' I cried. 'Is it really you? Can it indeed be that you are alive? Is it possible that you succeeded in climbing out of that awful abyss?'Missing, presumed dead, for three years, Sherlock Holmes returns triumphantly to his dear companion Dr Watson. And not before time! London has never been in more need of his extraordinary services: a murd...
Special Circumstances
by Sheldon Siegel (Sep 01, 2000)
Goodreads Rating
SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES is BOOK 1 of 7 in the legal thriller series featuring Mike Daley & Rosie Fernandez. Debut author Sheldon Siegel bursts into the legal thriller arena with a riveting courtroom drama, exposing the world of big-time law firms and lawyers in a fresh, sharp-witted, wonderfully sardonic page-turner. Meet Mike Daley. Ex-priest. Ex–...
Memorial Day
by Vince Flynn (Aug 01, 2005)
Goodreads Rating
Fighting terrorism on foreign ground, CIA superagent Mitch Rapp does whatever it takes to protect American freedom.CIA intelligence has pointed to a major terrorist attack on the United States, just as the nation's capital prepares for a grand Memorial Day tribute to the veterans of World War II. Racing to Afghanistan, Mitch Rapp leads a commando r...
The Defector
by Daniel Silva (Jul 06, 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Six months after the dramatic conclusion of Moscow Rules, Gabriel has returned to the tan hills of Umbria to resume his honeymoon with his new wife, Chiara, and restore a seventeenth-century altarpiece for the Vatican. But his idyllic world is once again thrown into turmoil with shocking news from London. The defector and former Russian intelligenc...
The Rembrandt Affair
by Daniel Silva (Jul 05, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
Two families, one terrible secret, and a painting to die for ... ...
Summer Knight
by Jim Butcher (Sep 03, 2002)
Goodreads Rating
For the 1st printing edition of this ISBN, see here.HARRY DRESDEN -- WIZARDLost items found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other EntertainmentEver since his girlfriend left town to deal with her newly acquired taste for blood, Harry Dresden has been down and out in Chicago. He ca...
A Dangerous Man
by Robert Crais (Aug 04, 2020)
Goodreads Rating
A brilliant new crime novel from the beloved, bestselling, and award-winning master of the genre, ...
Only the Good Spy Young
by Ally Carter (Jun 14, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
When Cammie Morgan enrolled at the Gallagher Academy, she knew she was preparing for the dangerous life of a spy. What she didn’t know was that the serious, real-life danger would start during her junior year of high school. But that’s exactly what happened two months ago when Cammie faced off against an ancient terrorist organization dead set on k...
Red Russia
by T. A. Thompson (Nov 11, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
Among the many things Peter doesn’t know, he doesn’t know he’s an archetype, the Prince of Coins incarnate. He doesn’t know his fiancé is a fortune teller either. He doesn’t know Russian culture, politics, or language, but he does know American business. And he knows his fiancé speaks Russian. He thinks she can make him the new Tsar of the timber i...
Immortal in Death
by J. D. Robb (Jul 01, 1996)
Goodreads Rating
When Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates the murder of a top model, she is putting her career on the line, because the prime suspect is her best friend. Eve's investigations lead her into the glamorous world of high fashion....
I Am Pilgrim
A Thriller
by Terry Hayes (Dec 02, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
A breakneck race against time...and an implacable enemy. An anonymous young woman murdered in a run-down hotel, all identifying characteristics dissolved by acid. A father publicly beheaded in the blistering heat of a Saudi Arabian public square. A notorious Syrian biotech expert found eyeless in a Damascus junkyard. Smoldering human remains on a r...
Dark Fire
A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery
by C. J. Sansom (Dec 27, 2005)
Goodreads Rating
It is 1540, and Henry VIII has been on the throne for thirty-one years when Matthew Shardlake, the lawyer renowned as "the sharpest hunchback in the courts of England," is pressed to help a friend's young niece who is charged with murder.         Despite threats of torture and death by the rack, the girl is inexplicably silent. Shardlake is about t...
The Day of the Jackal
by Frederick Forsyth (May 29, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
THE CLASSIC THRILLER FROM #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR FREDERICK FORSYTH"The Day of the Jackal makes such comparable books such as The Manchurian Candidate and The Spy Who Came in from the Cold seem like Hardy Boy mysteries."--The New York Times The Jackal. A tall, blond Englishman with opaque, gray eyes. A killer at the top of his professi...
Recommended by
Ben Shapiro
The Charm School
by Nelson DeMille (Jul 25, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
Something very strange -- and sinister -- is going on in the Russian woods at Borodino. In a place called Mrs. Ivanova's Charm School, young KGB agents are being taught by American POW's how to be model citizens of the USA. The Soviet goal -- to infiltrate the United States undetected. When an unsuspecting American tourist stumbles upon this secret...
Rapture in Death
by J. D. Robb (Apr 01, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
They died with smiles on their faces. Three apparent suicides: a brilliant engineer, an infamous lawyer, and a controversial politician. Three strangers with nothing in common - and no obvious reasons for killing themselves. Lieutenant Eve Dallas found the deaths suspicious. And her instincts paid off when autopsies revealed small burns on the brai...
Big Little Lies
by Liane Moriarty (Jul 29, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
From the author of Truly Madly Guilty and The Husband s Secret comes a novel about the dangerous little lies we tell ourselves just to survive.A murder...A tragic accident...Or just parents behaving badly? What’s indisputable is that someone is dead.Madeline is a force to be reckoned with. She’s funny, biting, and passionate; she remembers everythi...
Ceremony in Death
by J. D. Robb (May 01, 1997)
Goodreads Rating
Even in an age of cutting-edge technology, old beliefs die hard...Conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow police officer has Lieutenant Eve Dallas treading on dangerous ground. She must put professional ethics before personal loyalties. But when a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warning personally. With ...
Second Grave on the Left
by Darynda Jones (Jan 01, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
Charley Davidson, Grim Reaper Extraordinaire, is back in this sexy, suspenseful novel of supernatural shenanigans When Charley is rudely awakened in the middle of the night by her best friend who tells her to get dressed quickly and tosses clothes out of the closet at her, she cant help but wonder what Cookies up to. Leather scrunch boots with a fl...
Secret Servant
by Daniel Silva (Jul 01, 2008)
Goodreads Rating
A terrorist plot in London leads Israeli spy Gabriel Allon on a desperate search for a kidnapped woman, in a race against time that will compromise Allon’s own conscience—and life... When last we encountered Gabriel Allon, the master art restorer and sometime officer of Israeli intelligence, he had just prevailed in his blood-soaked duel with Saudi...
And Then There Were None
by Agatha Christie (Mar 29, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
The World's Bestselling Mystery"Ten . . ."Ten strangers are lured to an isolated island mansion off the Devon coast by a mysterious "U.N. Owen.""Nine . . ."At dinner a recorded message accuses each of them in turn of having a guilty secret, and by the end of the night one of the guests is dead."Eight . . ."Stranded by a violent storm, and haunted b...
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Hercule Poirot Mysteries)
by Agatha Christie (Feb 01, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
Voted by the British Crime Writers Association as the "Best Crime Novel of all Time"Hercule Poirot comes out of retirement in one of Agatha Christies ten favorite novels, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.Roger Ackroyd knew too much. He knew that the woman he loved had poisoned her brutal first husband. He suspected also that someone had been blackmailin...
Recommended by
Rian Johnson
Glory in Death
by J. D. Robb (Dec 01, 1995)
Goodreads Rating
It is 2058, New York City. In a world where technology can reveal the darkest of secrets, there's only one place to hide a crime of passion-in the heart. Even in the mid-twenty-first century, during a time when genetic testing usually weeds out any violent hereditary traits before they can take over, murder still happens. The first victim is found...
Locked Rooms
by Laurie R King (Jul 08, 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Mary Russell and her husband Sherlock Holmes are back in Laurie R. King's highly acclaimed New York Times bestselling mystery series. And this time the first couple of detection pair up to unlock the buried memory of a shocking crime with the power to kill again-lost somewhere in Russell's own past. After departing Bombay by ship, Mary Russell and ...
The Crossing
by Michael Connelly (Oct 25, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
Detective Harry Bosch has retired from the LAPD, but his half-brother, defense attorney Mickey Haller, needs his help. A woman has been brutally murdered in her bed and all evidence points to Haller's client, a former gang member turned family man. Though the murder rap seems ironclad, Mickey is sure it's a setup.Bosch doesn't want anything to do w...
Die for Me
by Karen Rose (Sep 01, 2007)
Goodreads Rating
COME TO METhe first victim is found in a snow-covered Philadelphia field. Detective Vito Ciccotelli enlists the aid of archaeologist Sophie Johannsen to determine exactly what lies beneath the frozen ground. Despite years of unearthing things long buried, nothing can prepare Sophie for the matrix of graves dug with chilling precision. The victims b...
Portrait of a Spy
by Daniel Silva (Feb 21, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
Haunted by his failure to stop a suicide bomber in London, Gabriel Allon is summoned to Washington and drawn into a confrontation with the new face of global terror. At the center of the threat is an American-born cleric in Yemen who was once a paid CIA asset.Gabriel and his team devise a daring plan to destroy the network of death - from the insid...
Ghost Story
by Jim Butcher (Aug 07, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
When we last left the mighty wizard detective Harry Dresden, he wasn't doing well. In fact, he had been murdered by an unknown assassin.But being dead doesn't stop him when his friends are in danger. Except now he has no body, and no magic to help him. And there are also several dark spirits roaming the Chicago shadows who owe Harry some payback of...
Louisiana Longshot
A Miss Fortune Mystery (Volume 1)
by Jana DeLeon (Jun 26, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
It was a hell of a longshot...CIA Assassin Fortune Redding is about to undertake her most difficult mission ever--in Sinful, Louisiana.With a leak at the CIA and a price on her head by one of the world's largest arms dealers, Fortune has to go off grid, but she never expected to be this far out of her element. Posing as a former beauty queen turned...
Kill Me Again
by Rachel Abbott (Feb 17, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
When your life is a lie, who can you trust?When Maggie Taylor accepts a new job in Manchester, she is sure it is the right move for her family. The children have settled well although her husband, Duncan, doesn’t appear to be so convinced.But nothing prepares her for the shock of coming home from work one night to find that Duncan has disappeared, ...
The 7th Canon
by Robert Dugoni (Sep 27, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
A riveting new legal thriller from the bestselling author of My Sister’s Grave.In San Francisco’s seamy Tenderloin district, a teenage street hustler has been murdered in a shelter for boys. And the dedicated priest who runs the struggling home stands accused. But despite damning evidence that he’s a killer—and worse—Father Thomas Martin stands by ...
You Can't Hide
by Karen Rose (Apr 01, 2006)
Goodreads Rating
Alternate-cover edition for ISBN 0446616893 / 9780446616898 is located here Terror has forever changed the life of psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli. Someone is tormenting her patients, pushing them to commit suicide, and setting her up to take the blame. But Tess can't break her oath to protect her patients' privacy at all costs. Even when detective Ai...
The Unlikely Spy
by Daniel Silva (May 06, 2003)
Goodreads Rating
"In wartime," Winston Churchill wrote, "truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."For Britain's counterintelligence operations, this meant finding the unlikeliest agent imaginable-a history professor named Alfred Vicary, handpicked by Churchill himself to expose a highly dangerous, but unknown, traitor. The Naz...
Berlin Noir
March Violets; The Pale Criminal; A German Requiem
by Philip Kerr (Jan 01, 1994)
Goodreads Rating
Now published in one paperback volume, these three mysteries are exciting and insightful looks at life inside Nazi Germany -- richer and more readable than most histories of the period. We first meet ex-policeman Bernie Gunther in 1936, in March Violets (a term of derision which original Nazis used to describe late converts.) The Olympic Games are ...
Recommended by
Lewis Cantley
Gaudy Night
A Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery with Harriet Vane
by Dorothy L. Sayers (Oct 16, 2012)
Goodreads Rating
The great Dorothy L. Sayers is considered by many to be the premier detective novelist of the Golden Age, and her dashing sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey, one of mystery fiction's most enduring and endearing protagonists. The third Dorothy L. Sayers classic to feature mystery writer Harriet Vane, Gaudy Night is now back in print with an introduction by E...
Recommended by
Donald Knuth
The Cabinet of Curiosities
by Douglas Preston (Jun 03, 2002)
Goodreads Rating
In downtown Manhattan, a gruesome discovery has just been made-an underground charnel house containing the bones of dozens of murder victims. Research reveals that a serial killer was at work in New York's notorious Five Points neighborhood in the 1880s, bent on prolonging his lifespan by any means. When a newspaper story on the old murders appears...
Count to Ten
by Karen Rose (Jan 01, 2007)
Goodreads Rating
In all his years in the Chicago Fire Department, Lieutenant Reed Solliday has never experienced anything like this recent outbreak of house fires - devastating, vicious and in one case, homicidal. He has another problem - his new partner, Detective Mia Mitchell. She's brash, bossy, and taking the case in a direction he never imagined. Mia's instinc...
The Plea
A Novel (Eddie Flynn)
by Steve Cavanagh (Feb 13, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
When David Child, a major client of a corrupt New York law firm, is arrested for murder, the FBI ask con-artist-turned-lawyer Eddie Flynn to secure Child as his client and force him to testify against the firm.Eddie's not a man to be coerced into representing a guilty client, but the FBI have incriminating files on Eddie's wife, and if Eddie won't ...
A Novel
by Stephen King (Jul 11, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
Welcome to Derry, Maine ...It’s a small city, a place as hauntingly familiar as your own hometown. Only in Derry the haunting is real ...They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they are grown-up men and women who have gone out into the big world to gain success and happiness. But none of them can withstand the force ...
The Girl Who Played with Fire
by Stieg Larsson (Nov 22, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
Part blistering espionage thriller, part riveting police procedural, and part piercing exposé on social injustice, The Girl Who Played with Fire is a masterful, endlessly satisfying novel.  Mikael Blomkvist, crusading publisher of the magazine Millennium, has decided to run a story that will expose an extensive sex trafficking operation. On the eve...
Crime and Punishment
by Fyodor Dostoevsky (Jan 24, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
Raskolnikov, a destitute and desperate former student, wanders through the slums of St Petersburg and commits a random murder without remorse or regret. He imagines himself to be a great man, a Napoleon: acting for a higher purpose beyond conventional moral law. But as he embarks on a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a suspicious police investi...
A Harry Hole Novel (10) (Harry Hole Series)
by Jo Nesbo (Jul 15, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
When a police officer is found murdered at the scene of an old unsolved murder case that he was involved in investigating, it can hardly be a coincidence. When the same thing happens to two other officers in a matter of months the pattern is as clear as it is terrifying. None of the old cases were ever solved. The killings are extremely brutal and ...
The Original Illustrated 'Strand' Sherlock Holmes
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sep 05, 2001)
Goodreads Rating
It is more than a century since the ascetic, gaunt and enigmatic detective, Sherlock Holmes, made his first appearance in A Study in Scarlet. From 1891, beginning with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the now legendary and pioneering Strand Magazine began serialising Arthur Conan Doyle's matchless tales of detection, featuring the incomparable sl...
Recommended by
Paul Graham
Worth Dying For
by Lee Child (Apr 26, 2011)
Goodreads Rating
There’s deadly trouble in the corn country of Nebraska . . . and Jack Reacher walks right into it. First he falls foul of the Duncans, a local clan that has terrified an entire county into submission. But it’s the unsolved, decades-old case of a missing child that Reacher can’t let go.The Duncans want Reacher gone—and it’s not just past secrets the...
Recommended by
Malcolm Gladwell
One Shot
by Lee Child (Jun 14, 2005)
Goodreads Rating
In Lee Child’s astonishing new thriller, Reacher’s arrival will change everything—about a case that isn’t what it seems, about lives tangled in baffling ways, about a killer who missed one shot–and by doing so give Jack Reacher one shot at the truth.…...
Recommended by
Malcolm Gladwell
Scream for Me
by Karen Rose (Jan 01, 2009)
Goodreads Rating
For her exciting debut in hardcover, New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose delivers a heart-stopping suspense novel that picks up where DIE FOR ME left off, with a detective determined to track down a brutal murderer.Special Agent Daniel Vartanian has sworn to find the perpetrator of multiple killings that mimic a 13-year-old murder linked t...
by Daphne Du Maurier (Sep 05, 2006)
Goodreads Rating
A classic novel of romantic suspense finds the second Mrs. Maxim de Winter entering the home of her mysterious and enigmatic new husband and learning the story of the house's first mistress, to whom the sinister housekeeper is unnaturally devoted....
Prussian Blue
by Philip Kerr (Mar 13, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
The French Riviera, 1956. The invitation to dinner was not unexpected, though neither was it welcome. Erich Mielke, deputy head of the East German Stasi, has turned up in Nice, and he's not on holiday. An old and dangerous adversary, Mielke is calling in a debt. He intends that Bernie go to London and, with the vial of Thallium he now pushes across...
Recommended by
Lewis Cantley
The Obsession
by Nora Roberts (Mar 07, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
“She stood in the deep, dark woods, breath shallow and cold prickling over her skin despite the hot, heavy air. She took a step back, then two, as the urge to run fell over her.” Naomi Bowes lost her innocence the night she followed her father into the woods. In freeing the girl trapped in the root cellar, Naomi revealed the horrible extent of her...
Lethal White
by Robert Galbraith (Jun 11, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
"Rowling's wizardry as a writer is on fulsome display" (USA Today) in this #1 New York Times bestseller from the international bestselling author Robert Galbraith.When Billy, a troubled young man, comes to private eye Cormoran Strike's office to ask for his help investigating a crime he thinks he witnessed as a child, Strike is left deeply unsettle...
The Mapping of Love and Death
A Maisie Dobbs Novel
by Jacqueline Winspear (Oct 01, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
In the latest mystery in the New York Times bestselling series, Maisie Dobbs must unravel a case of wartime love and death—an investigation that leads her to a long-hidden affair between a young cartographer and a mysterious nurse.August 1914. Michael Clifton is mapping the land he has just purchased in California's beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, cer...
The Screaming Staircase
by Jonathan Stroud (Aug 26, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
A sinister Problem has occurred in London: all nature of ghosts, haunts, spirits, and specters are appearing throughout the city, and they aren't exactly friendly. Only young people have the psychic abilities required to see-and eradicate-these supernatural foes. Many different Psychic Detection Agencies have cropped up to handle the dangerous work...