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100 Best Nature Books

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Braiding Sweetgrass
Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants
by Robin Wall Kimmerer (Aug 11, 2015)
Goodreads Rating
Called the work of "a mesmerizing storyteller with deep compassion and memorable prose" (Publishers Weekly) and the book that, "anyone interested in natural history, botany, protecting nature, or Native American culture will love," by Library Journal, Braiding Sweetgrass is poised to be a classic of nature writing. As a botanist, Robin Wall Kimmere...
Recommended by
Sarah Taber
The Invention of Nature
Alexander von Humboldt's New World
by Andrea Wulf (Oct 04, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
The acclaimed author of Founding Gardeners reveals the forgotten life of Alexander von Humboldt, the visionary German naturalist whose ideas changed the way we see the natural world—and in the process created modern environmentalism. Alexander von Humboldt (1769 – 1859) was an intrepid explorer and the most famous scientist of his age. In North Ame...
American Wolf
A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West
by Nate Blakeslee (Jul 31, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
ASIN moved from this editionThe enthralling story of the rise and reign of O-Six, the celebrated Yellowstone wolf, and the people who loved or feared her. Before humans ruled the earth, there were wolves. Once abundant in North America, these majestic creatures were hunted to near extinction in the lower 48 states by the 1920s. But in recent decad...
A Sand County Almanac
by Aldo Leopold (Dec 12, 1986)
Goodreads Rating
"We can place this book on the shelf that holds the writings of Thoreau and John Muir." San Francisco ChronicleThese astonishing portraits of the natural world explore the breathtaking diversity of the unspoiled American landscape -- the mountains and the prairies, the deserts and the coastlines. A stunning tribute to our land and a bold challenge ...
Recommended by
Mike Phillips
The Return of Nature to a British Farm
by Isabella Tree (Mar 21, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Forced to accept that intensive farming on the heavy clay of their land at Knepp in West Sussex was economically unsustainable, Isabella Tree and her husband Charlie Burrell made a spectacular leap of faith: they decided to step back and let nature take over. Thanks to the introduction of free-roaming cattle, ponies, pigs and deer – proxies of the ...
Recommended by
Ben Goldsmith
The Lost Words
by Macfarlane (Jan 01, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
From Acorn to Weasel: a gorgeous, hand-illustrated, large-format spellbook celebrating the magic and wonder of the natural worldAll over the country, there are words disappearing from children's lives. Words like Dandelion, Otter, Bramble, Acorn and Lark represent the natural world of childhood, a rich landscape of discovery and imagination that is...
The Death and Life of the Great Lakes
by Dan Egan (Mar 07, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
The Great Lakes—Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Superior—hold 20 percent of the world’s supply of surface fresh water and provide sustenance, work, and recreation for tens of millions of Americans. But they are under threat as never before, and their problems are spreading across the continent. The Death and Life of the Great Lakes is prize-win...
Desert Solitaire
A Season in the Wilderness
by Edward Abbey (Jan 01, 1971)
Goodreads Rating
First published in 1968, Desert Solitaire is one of Edward Abbey’s most critically acclaimed works and marks his first foray into the world of nonfiction writing. Written while Abbey was working as a ranger at Arches National Park outside of Moab, Utah, Desert Solitaire is a rare view of one man’s quest to experience nature in its purest form.Throu...
Recommended by
Maria Popova
The Overstory
A Novel
by Richard Powers (Apr 02, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
The Overstory is a sweeping, impassioned work of activism and resistance that is also a stunning evocation of—and paean to—the natural world. From the roots to the crown and back to the seeds, Richard Powers’s twelfth novel unfolds in concentric rings of interlocking fables that range from antebellum New York to the late twentieth-century Timber Wa...
The Sibley Guide to Birds
by David Allen Sibley (Oct 03, 2000)
Goodreads Rating
The entire birding world, from expert ornithologists to backyard enthusiasts, has been waiting for Sibley's work to be made available in a field-usable form. Containing the renowned artist's superbly lucid and comprehensive text, this guide features more than 6,500 of his detailed paintings. Full color....
American Buffalo
In Search of a Lost Icon
by Steven Rinella (Sep 15, 2009)
Goodreads Rating
From the host of the Travel Channel’s “The Wild Within.”A hunt for the American buffalo—an adventurous, fascinating examination of an animal that has haunted the American imagination. In 2005, Steven Rinella won a lottery permit to hunt for a wild buffalo, or American bison, in the Alaskan wilderness. Despite the odds—there’s only a 2 percent chanc...
Recommended by
Joe Rogan
A Deep Time Journey
by Robert Macfarlane (Jun 04, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
From the best-selling, award-winning author of Landmarks and The Old Ways, a haunting voyage into the planets past and future.Hailed as "the great nature writer of this generation" (Wall Street Journal), Robert Macfarlane is the celebrated author of books about the intersections of the human and the natural realms. In Underland, he delivers his mas...
Recommended by
Jonathan Green
Gathering Moss
A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses
by Robin Wall Kimmerer (Feb 28, 2003)
Goodreads Rating
Living at the limits of our ordinary perception, mosses are a common but largely unnoticed element of the natural world. Gathering Moss is a beautifully written mix of science and personal reflection that invites readers to explore and learn from the elegantly simple lives of mosses. Robin Wall Kimmerer's book is not an identification guide, nor is...
Recommended by
Maria Popova
Encounters with the Archdruid
Narratives About a Conservationist and Three of His Natural Enemies
by John McPhee (Jan 01, 1980)
Goodreads Rating
The narratives in this book are of journeys made in three wildernesses - on a coastal island, in a Western mountain range, and on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The four men portrayed here have different relationships to their environment, and they encounter each other on mountain trails, in forests and rapids, sometimes with reserve, some...
Recommended by
Jim Collins
The Control of Nature
by John McPhee (Sep 01, 1990)
Goodreads Rating
While John McPhee was working on his previous book, Rising from the Plains, he happened to walk by the engineering building at the University of Wyoming, where words etched in limestone said: "Strive on--the control of Nature is won, not given." In the morning sunlight, that central phrase--"the control of nature"--seemed to sparkle with unintended...
Recommended by
Jim Collins
Never Cry Wolf
Amazing True Story of Life Among Arctic Wolves
by Farley Mowat (Sep 12, 2001)
Goodreads Rating
More than a half-century ago the naturalist Farley Mowat was sent to investigate why wolves were killing arctic caribou. Mowat's account of the summer he lived in the frozen tundra alone—studying the wolf population and developing a deep affection for the wolves (who were of no threat to caribou or man)—is today celebrated as a classic of nature wr...
The Unsettling of America
Culture & Agriculture
by Wendell Berry (Feb 29, 1996)
Goodreads Rating
Since its publication by Sierra Club Books in 1977, The Unsettling of America has been recognized as a classic of American letters. In it, Wendell Berry argues that good farming is a cultural development and spiritual discipline. Today’s agribusiness, however, takes farming out of its cultural context and away from families. As a result, we as a na...
Awake in the Wild
Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery
by Mark Coleman (Nov 01, 2006)
Goodreads Rating
Nature deficit disorder has become an increasingly challenging problem in our hyper modern world. In Awake in the Wild, Mark Coleman shows seekers how to remedy this widespread malady by reconnecting with nature through Buddhism. Each short (two to three pages) chapter includes a concrete nature meditation relating to such topics as Attuning to the...
Mycelium Running
How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World
by Paul Stamets (Oct 01, 2005)
Goodreads Rating
Mycelium Running is a manual for the mycological rescue of the planet. That’s right: growing more mushrooms may be the best thing we can do to save the environment, and in this groundbreaking text from mushroom expert Paul Stamets, you’ll find out how. The basic science goes like this: Microscopic cells called “mycelium”--the fruit of which are mus...
This fully revised edition of the best-selling North American bird field guide is the most up-to-date guide on the market. Perfect for beginning to advanced birders, it is the only book organized to match the latest American Ornithological Society taxonomy.With more than 2.75 million copies in print, this perennial bestseller is the most frequently...
Recommended by
Jonathan Eisen
The Last Rhinos
My Battle to Save One of the World's Greatest Creatures
by Lawrence Anthony (Aug 20, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
The inspiring true story of "the Indiana Jones of conservation." —The Guardian (UK)When Lawrence Anthony, author of The Elephant Whisperer, cared for not only elephants but other types of wildlife, including rhinos, on his nature reserve. So when he learned that there were only a handful of northern white rhinos left in the wild, living in an area ...
The Peregrine
50th Anniversary Edition
by J A Baker (Apr 06, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
Reissue of J. A. Baker’s extraordinary classic of British nature writing, with an exclusive new afterword by Robert Macfarlane.Despite the association of peregrines with the wild, outer reaches of the British Isles, The Peregrine is set on the flat marshes of the Essex coast, where J A Baker spent a long winter looking and writing about the visitor...
Recommended by
Tim O’Reilly
Life on Earth
A Natural History
by David Attenborough (Oct 01, 1981)
Goodreads Rating
In this unique book, David Attenborough has undertaken nothing less than a history of nature, from the emergence of tiny one-celled organisms in the primeval slime more than 3,000 million years ago to apelike but upright man, equally well adapted to life in the rain forest of New Guinea and the glass canyons of a modern metropolis. Told through an ...
The Pine Barrens
by John McPhee (May 01, 1978)
Goodreads Rating
Most people think of New Jersey as a suburban-industrial corridor that runs between New York and Philadelphia. Yet in the low center of the state is a near wilderness, larger than most national parks, which has been known since the seventeenth century as the Pine Barrens.The term refers to the predominant trees in the vast forests that cover the ar...
Recommended by
Brandon Stosuy
Arctic Dreams
by Barry Lopez (Oct 02, 2001)
Goodreads Rating
Barry Lopez's National Book Award-winning classic study of the Far North is widely considered his masterpiece.Lopez offers a thorough examination of this obscure world-its terrain, its wildlife, its history of Eskimo natives and intrepid explorers who have arrived on their icy shores. But what turns this marvelous work of natural history into a bre...
Bringing Nature Home
How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants, Updated and Expanded
by Douglas W. Tallamy (Apr 01, 2009)
Goodreads Rating
As development and subsequent habitat destruction accelerate, there are increasing pressures on wildlife populations. But there is an important and simple step toward reversing this alarming trend: Everyone with access to a patch of earth can make a significant contribution toward sustaining biodiversity.There is an unbreakable link between native ...
The Mushroom at the End of the World
On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins
by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing (Sep 29, 2015)
Goodreads Rating
Matsutake is the most valuable mushroom in the world--and a weed that grows in human-disturbed forests across the northern hemisphere. Through its ability to nurture trees, matsutake helps forests to grow in daunting places. It is also an edible delicacy in Japan, where it sometimes commands astronomical prices. In all its contradictions, matsutake...
A Journey Through Trees
by Roger Deakin (Dec 01, 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Here, published for the first time in the United States, is the last book by Roger Deakin, famed British nature writer and icon of the environmentalist movement. In Deakin's glorious meditation on wood, the "fifth element" -- as it exists in nature, in our culture, and in our souls -- the reader accompanies Deakin through the woods of Britain, Euro...
Recommended by
Robert Macfarlane
The Journal of Henry David Thoreau, 1837-1861
by Henry David Thoreau (Nov 24, 2009)
Goodreads Rating
Henry David Thoreau’s Journal was his life’s work: the daily practice of writing that accompanied his daily walks, the workshop where he developed his books and essays, and a project in its own right—one of the most intensive explorations ever made of the everyday environment, the revolving seasons, and the changing self. It is a treasure trove of ...
Recommended by
Maria Popova
The Life and Love of Trees
by Lewis Blackwell (Nov 01, 2009)
Goodreads Rating
A collection of images created by some of the world's leading nature photographers complement this journey through boreal forests, rainforests, ancient bristlecones, fresh-leaved seedlings, and among trees that are both scary and rare....
Recommended by
Ellen DeGeneres
The Survival of the Bark Canoe
by John McPhee (May 01, 1982)
Goodreads Rating
In Greenville, New Hampshire, a small town in the southern part of the state, Henri Vaillancourt makes birch-bark canoes in the same manner and with the same tools that the Indians used. The Survival of the Bark Canoe is the story of this ancient craft and of a 150-mile trip through the Maine woods in those graceful survivors of a prehistoric techn...
Recommended by
Nick Thompson
Awakening Spirits
A Native American Path to Inner Peace, Healing, and Spiritual Growth (Religion and Spirituality)
by Tom Brown Jr. (Apr 01, 1994)
Goodreads Rating
For the first time, Tom Brown, Jr.--America's most acclaimed outdoorsman--shares the unique meditation exercises used by students of his personal Tracker classes. These techniques for finding inner peace and harmony with nature are based on the wisdom of his greatest teacher, a native American called Grandfather. Now all of us can learn these spiri...
Recommended by
Aubrey Marcus
The Missing Lynx
The Past and Future of Britain's Lost Mammals
by Ross Barnett (Sep 10, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
The story of the magnificent lynx--what its extinction in Britain signifies, and how we might turn the ecological tide. In The Missing Lynx, Ross Barnett uses case studies, new fossil discoveries, biomolecular evidence and more to paint pictures of these extinct species, and to explore the significance of the lynx's disappearance in ecological term...
Recommended by
Tom Holland
The Astounding Connections between Human and Animal Adolescents
by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz (Sep 17, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Publishers Weekly Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2019 A New York Times Editors Pick People Best Books Fall 2019 Chicago Tribune 28 Books You Need to Read Now It blew my mind to discover that teenage animals and teenage humans are so similar. Both are naive risk-takers. I loved this book! Temple Grandin, author of Animals Make Us Human and Animals i...
Recommended by
Quinn Cummings
Nature Anatomy
The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World
by Julia Rothman (Jan 27, 2015)
Goodreads Rating
See the world in a new way! Acclaimed illustrator Julia Rothman celebrates the diverse curiosities and beauty of the natural world in this exciting new volume. With whimsically hip illustrations, every page is an extraordinary look at all kinds of subjects, from mineral formation and the inside of a volcano to what makes sunsets, monarch butterfly ...
On Hunting
by Roger Scruton (May 01, 2002)
Goodreads Rating
Modern people are as given to loving, fearing, fleeing and pursuing other species as were their hunter-gatherer forebears. And in fox-hunting they join together with their most ancient friends among the animals, to pursue an ancient enemy. The feelings stirred by hunting are explored by writer and philosopher Roger Scruton, in a book which is both ...
Recommended by
Kate Hoey
The Omega Principle
Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and a Healthier Planet
by Paul Greenberg (Jul 10, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
By the bestselling author of Four Fish and American Catch, an eye-opening investigation of the history, science, and business behind omega-3 fatty acids, the "miracle compound" whose story is intertwined with human health and the future of our planetOmega-3 fatty acids have long been celebrated by doctors and dieticians as key to a healthy heart an...
Recommended by
Tom Colicchio
The Wild Places
by Robert Macfarlane (Jun 24, 2008)
Goodreads Rating
"An eloquent (and compulsively readable) reminder that, though we're laying waste the world, nature still holds sway over much of the earth's surface."Bill McKibben Are there any genuinely wild places left in Britain and Ireland? That is the question that Robert Macfarlane poses to himself as he embarks on a series of breathtaking journeys through...
The Spell of the Sensuous
Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World
by David Abram (Feb 25, 1997)
Goodreads Rating
Winner of the International Lannan Literary Award for NonfictionAnimal tracks, word magic, the speech of stones, the power of letters, and the taste of the wind all figure prominently in this intellectual tour de force that returns us to our senses and to the sensuous terrain that sustains us. This major work of ecological philosophy startles the s...
A Natural History
by Tim Flannery (Jun 06, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
'Vivid, thrilling, a delight ... Tim Flannery is a palaeontologist and ecologist of global standing, and this is a compelling and authoritative narrative of the evolution of Europe's flora and fauna, from the formation of the continent to its near future ... an exciting book, full of wonder' James McConnachie, Sunday TimesA place of exceptional div...
Recommended by
Yuval Noah Harari
Fillets of Plaice
by Gerald Durrell (Apr 01, 2008)
Goodreads Rating
For fans of the PBS Masterpiece Theater series, The Durrells in Corfu--here's what happened next! After leaving the island of Corfu, Durrell, his mother, his brother Leslie and their Greek maid Maria Kondos moved back to Britain in 1939. It was difficult to find work, especially for a home-schooled boy, but Durrell managed to land a job as a helper...
Recommended by
Paul Graham
Teaching a Stone to Talk
Expeditions and Encounters
by Annie Dillard (Oct 15, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
Here, in this compelling assembly of writings, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard explores the world of natural facts and human meanings....
The Outermost House
A Year of Life On The Great Beach of Cape Cod
by Henry Beston (Jul 01, 2003)
Goodreads Rating
The seventy-fifth anniversary edition of the classic book about Cape Cod, "written with simplicity, sympathy, and beauty" (New York Herald Tribune)A chronicle of a solitary year spent on a Cape Cod beach, The Outermost House has long been recognized as a classic of American nature writing. Henry Beston had originally planned to spend just two weeks...
Recommended by
Richard Branson
A Sting in the Tale
My Adventures with Bumblebees
by Dave Goulson (Apr 28, 2015)
Goodreads Rating
One man's quest to save the bumblebee. Dave Goulson has always been obsessed with wildlife, from his childhood menagerie of exotic pets and dabbling in experimental taxidermy to his groundbreaking research into the mysterious ways of the bumblebee and his mission to protect our rarest bees. Once commonly found in the marshes of Kent, the short-hair...
The Old Ways
A Journey on Foot (Landscapes)
by Robert Macfarlane (Sep 24, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
Robert Macfarlane travels Britain's ancient paths and discovers the secrets of our beautiful, underappreciated landscape.Following the tracks, holloways, drove-roads and sea paths that form part of a vast ancient network of routes criss-crossing the British Isles and beyond, Robert Macfarlane discovers a lost world - a landscape of the feet and the...
A Seed Is Sleepy
(Nature Books for Kids, Environmental Science for Kids)
by Dianna Aston (Mar 04, 2014)
Goodreads Rating
Award-winning artist Sylvia Long and author Dianna Hutts Aston have teamed up again to create this gorgeous and informative introduction to seeds. Poetic in voice and elegant in design, the book introduces children to a fascinating array of seed and plant facts, making it a guide that is equally at home being read on a parent's lap as in a classroo...
The Shepherd's Life
Modern Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape
by James Rebanks (Sep 27, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
Some people's lives are entirely their own creations. James Rebanks' isn't. The first son of a shepherd, who was the first son of a shepherd himself, he and his family have lived and worked in and around the Lake District for generations. Their way of life is ordered by the seasons and the work they demand, and has been for hundreds of years. A Vik...
A Swimmer's Journey Through Britain
by Roger Deakin (Jan 01, 2000)
Goodreads Rating
Roger Deakin set out in 1996 to swim through the British Isles. The result a uniquely personal view of an island race and a people with a deep affinity for water. From the sea, from rock pools, from rivers and streams, tarns, lakes, lochs, ponds, lidos, swimming pools and spas, from fens, dykes, moats, aqueducts, waterfalls, flooded quarries, even ...
Ibogaine Explained
by Peter Frank (May 14, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
Ibogaine is the world's most powerful psychedelic. It has helped thousands of people overcome addiction to pain medicines, heroin, methadone, crack/cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol without withdrawal symptoms or cravings. It has also helped many people break free from depression, PTSD, and legal addictions.This book will tell you everything yo...
Recommended by
Martin Polanco
The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
by Edith Holden (Mar 01, 1982)
Goodreads Rating
Holden, Edith s The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, and The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady have been a marketing sensation in Europe persisting throughout the years as a perennial bestseller in the gift and book markets in the form of stationery, address books, craft books, and calendars. We are very pleased to be the first U.S. publisher to...
The Forest Unseen
A Year's Watch in Nature
by David George Haskell (Mar 26, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
A biologist reveals the secret world hidden in a single square meter of forest.In this wholly original book, biologist David Haskell uses a one-square-meter patch of old-growth Tennessee forest as a window onto the entire natural world. Visiting it almost daily for one year to trace nature’s path through the seasons, he brings the forest and its in...
Coyote America
A Natural and Supernatural History
by Dan Flores (Sep 04, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
The New York Times best-selling account of how coyotes--long the target of an extermination policy--spread to every corner of the United States Finalist for the PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award "A masterly synthesis of scientific research and personal observation." -Wall Street JournalLegends don't come close to capturing the incredi...
Recommended by
Joe Rogan
The Sea Around Us
by Rachel L. Carson (Nov 12, 2003)
Goodreads Rating
Published in 1951, The Sea Around Us is one of the most remarkably successful books ever written about the natural world. Rachel Carson's rare ability to combine scientific insight with moving, poetic prose catapulted her book to first place on The New York Times best-seller list, where it enjoyed wide attention for thirty-one consecutive weeks. It...
A Stone Sat Still
(Environmental and Nature Picture Book for Kids, Perspective Book for Preschool and Kindergarten, Award Winning Illustrator)
by Brendan Wenzel (Aug 27, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
The follow-up to They All Saw a CatA Stone Sat Still tells the story of a seemingly ordinary rock—but to the animals that use it, it is a resting place, a kitchen, a safe haven...even an entire world....
by Howard Hughes (Jan 01, 2015)
Goodreads Rating
What really goes on in the long grass?Meadowland gives an unique and intimate account of an English meadow’s life from January to December, together with its biography. In exquisite prose, John Lewis-Stempel records the passage of the seasons from cowslips in spring to the hay-cutting of summer and grazing in autumn, and includes the biographies of...
The Snow Leopard
by Peter Matthiessen (Sep 30, 2008)
Goodreads Rating
When Matthiessen went to Nepal to study the Himalayan blue sheep and, possibly, to glimpse the rare and beautiful snow leopard, he undertook his five-week trek as winter snows were sweeping into the high passes. This is a radiant and deeply moving account of a "true pilgrimage, a journey of the heart."...
Rewilding the Land, the Sea, and Human Life
by George Monbiot (Apr 26, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
This book explodes with wonder and delight. Making use of remarkable scientific discoveries that transform our understanding of how natural systems work, George Monbiot explores a new, positive environmentalism that shows how damaged ecosystems on land and at sea can be restored, and how this restoration can revitalize and enrich our lives. Challen...
Where the Wild Things Were
Life, Death, and Ecological Wreckage in a Land of Vanishing Predators
by William Stolzenburg (Jul 01, 2009)
Goodreads Rating
A provocative look at how the disappearance of the world's great predators has upset the delicate balance of the environment, and what their disappearance portends for the future, by an acclaimed science journalist.It wasn't so long ago that wolves and great cats, monstrous fish and flying raptors ruled the peak of nature's food pyramid. Not so any...
The Practice of the Wild
by Gary Snyder (Sep 01, 1990)
Goodreads Rating
The nine captivatingly meditative essays in The Practice of the Wild display the deep understanding and wide erudition of Gary Snyder in the ways of Buddhist belief, wildness, wildlife, and the world. These essays, first published in 1990, stand as the mature centerpiece of Snyder’s work and thought, and this profound collection is widely accepted ...
by Kathleen Jamie (Sep 10, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
The outer world flew open like a door, and I wondered—what is it that we're just not seeing? In this greatly anticipated sequel to Findings, prize-winning poet and renowned nature writer Kathleen Jamie takes a fresh look at her native Scottish landscapes, before sailing north into iceberg-strewn seas. Her gaze swoops vertiginously too; from a count...
Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots
Gardening Together with Children
by Sharon Lovejoy (May 01, 1999)
Goodreads Rating
Plant a pumpkinseed with a child, and cultivate wonder. This simple act of reconnecting with children with nature is Sharon Lovejoy's purpose and joy and gift. Author of Sunflower Houses: Garden Discoveries for Children of All Ages and Hollyhock Days: Garden Adventures for the Young at Heart, Sharon Lovejoy is a nationally known garden writer whose...
The Animal Dialogues
Uncommon Encounters in the Wild
by Craig Childs (Mar 11, 2009)
Goodreads Rating
From one of the finest nature writers at work in America today; a lyrical, dramatic, illuminating tour of the hidden domain of wild animals.Whether recalling the experience of being chased through the Grand Canyon by a bighorn sheep, swimming with sharks off the coast of British Columbia, watching a peregrine falcon perform acrobatic stunts at 200 ...
The Solace of Open Spaces
by Gretel Ehrlich (Dec 02, 1986)
Goodreads Rating
A stunning collection of personal observations that uses images of the American West to probe larger concerns in lyrical, evocative prose that is a true celebration of the region....
Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
(Nature Book for Kids, Gardening and Vegetable Planting, Outdoor Nature Book)
by Kate Messner (Mar 14, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
In this exuberant and lyrical follow-up to the award-winning Over and Under the Snow, discover the wonders that lie hidden between stalks, under the shade of leaves . . . and down in the dirt.Explore the secret world beneath the dirt that brings the world of nature to life: Up in the garden, the world is full of green—leaves and sprouts, growing ve...
My Penguin Year
Life Among the Emperors
by Lindsay McCrae (Nov 12, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
For 337 days, award-winning wildlife cameraman Lindsay McCrae intimately followed 11,000 emperor penguins amid the singular beauty of Antarctica. This is his masterful chronicle of one penguin colonys astonishing journey of life, death, and rebirthand of the extraordinary human experience of living amongst them in the planets harshest environment.M...
Recommended by
Gordon Buchanan
Keeping a Nature Journal
Discover a Whole New Way of Seeing the World Around You
by Clare Walker Leslie (Sep 01, 2003)
Goodreads Rating
Experience the splendor of nature with fresh eyes! Featuring an inspiring portfolio from Clare Walker Leslie’s nature journals, this guide offers easy-to-learn techniques for capturing the world around you in pictures and words. Encouraging you to make journaling a part of your daily routine, Keeping a Nature Journal is full of engaging exercises a...
Dispatches from the New American Shore
by Elizabeth Rush (Mar 12, 2019)
Goodreads Rating
WINNER OF THE NATIONAL OUTDOOR BOOK AWARD A CHICAGO TRIBUNE TOP TEN BOOK OF 2018 A GUARDIAN, NPR's SCIENCE FRIDAY, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, AND LIBRARY JOURNAL BEST BOOK OF 2018Hailed as "deeply felt" (New York Times), "a revelation" (Pacific Standard), and "the book on climate change and sea levels that was missing" (Chicago Tribune), Rising is both a h...
The Brother Gardeners
A Generation of Gentlemen Naturalists and the Birth of an Obsession
by Andrea Wulf (Mar 09, 2010)
Goodreads Rating
One January morning in 1734, cloth merchant Peter Collinson hurried down to the docks at London’s Custom House to collect cargo just arrived from John Bartram, his new contact in the American colonies. But it was not reels of wool or bales of cotton that awaited him, but plants and seeds…Over the next forty years, Bartram would send hundreds of Ame...
Succulents Simplified
Growing, Designing, and Crafting with 100 Easy-Care Varieties
by Debra Lee Baldwin (May 21, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
“Demystifies these popular low-water beauties.” —Country Gardens Magazine Whether you’re a novice or veteran, have an acre to fill or a just few pots, or live in Calexico or Canada, Succulents Simplified is a dazzling primer for success with succulents! Debra Lee Baldwin, the Queen of Succulents, profiles the 100 top plant picks and includes basic ...
Succulent Container Gardens
Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants
by Debra Lee Baldwin (Jan 20, 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Define your individual style. With their colorful leaves, sculptural shapes, and simple care, succulents are beautiful yet forgiving plants for pots. If grown in containers, these dry-climate jewels—which include but are not limited to cacti—can be brought indoors in winter and so can thrive anywhere in the world. In this inspiring compendium, the ...
by Kathleen Jamie (Mar 20, 2007)
Goodreads Rating
It's surprising what you can find by simply stepping out to look. Kathleen Jamie, award winning poet, has an eye and an ease with the nature and landscapes of Scotland as well as an incisive sense of our domestic realities. In Findings she draws together these themes to describe travels like no other contemporary writer. Whether she is following th...
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
by Annie Dillard (Sep 10, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
An exhilarating meditation on nature and its seasons—a personal narrative highlighting one year's exploration on foot in the author's own neighborhood in Tinker Creek, Virginia. In the summer, Dillard stalks muskrats in the creek and contemplates wave mechanics; in the fall she watches a monarch butterfly migration and dreams of Arctic caribou. She...
The Hour of Land
A Personal Topography of America's National Parks
by Terry Tempest Williams (Jul 03, 2017)
Goodreads Rating
America’s national parks are breathing spaces in a world in which such spaces are steadily disappearing, which is why more than 300 million people visit the parks each year. Now Terry Tempest Williams, the author of the environmental classic Refuge and the beloved memoir When Women Were Birds, returns with The Hour of Land, a literary celebration o...
The Living Landscape
Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden
by Rick Darke (Jul 01, 2014)
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“This thoughtful, intelligent book is all about connectivity, addressing a natural world in which we are the primary influence.” —The New York Times Books Review Many gardeners today want a home landscape that nourishes and fosters wildlife, but they also want beauty, a space for the kids to play, privacy, and maybe even a vegetable patch. Sure, it...
The Thing with Feathers
The Surprising Lives of Birds and What They Reveal About Being Human
by Noah Strycker (Mar 03, 2015)
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The Thing with Feathers explores the astonishing homing abilities of pigeons, the good deeds of fairy-wrens, the influential flocking abilities of starlings, the deft artistry of bowerbirds, the extraordinary memories of nutcrackers, the lifelong loves of albatross, and other mysteries—revealing why birds do what they do, and offering a glimpse int...
The House Plant Expert
by D.G. Hessayon (Jan 01, 1992)
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The House Plant Expert is one of the books in the Expert series written by the world's best-selling gardening author.Quite simply, the best-selling gardening book in the world. Over a million copies have been sold in the U.S., and nearly 14 million worldwide. According to one reviewer - "after the Bible, the best-selling reference book of all time....
Seeing Trees
Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees (Seeing Series)
by Nancy R. Hugo (Aug 16, 2011)
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Have you ever looked at a tree? That may sound like a silly question, but there is so much more to notice about a tree than first meets the eye. Seeing Trees celebrates seldom seen but easily observable tree traits and invites you to watch trees with the same care and sensitivity that birdwatchers watch birds. Many people, for example, are surprise...
American Earth
Environmental Writing Since Thoreau (LOA #182) (Library of America)
by Bill McKibben (Apr 16, 2008)
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As America and the world grapple with the consequences of global environmental change, writer and activist Bill McKibben offers this unprecedented, provocative, and timely anthology, gathering the best and most significant American environmental writing from the last two centuries. Classics of the environmental imagination—the essays of Henry David...
My First Summer in the Sierra
by John Muir (Mar 06, 2018)
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In the summer of 1869, John Muir, a young Scottish immigrant, joined a crew of shepherds in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. The diary he kept while tending sheep formed the heart of this book and eventually lured thousands of Americans to visit Yosemite country.First published in 1911, My First Summer in the Sierra incorporat...
Sunflower Houses
Inspiration From the Garden--A Book for Children and Their Grown-Ups
by Sharon Lovejoy (Jul 01, 2001)
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A magical book of adventures and appreciations written and illustrated by the author of Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots this award-winning title was published by a small press in Colorado in 1991. The reviews say it all: A fetching primer on gardening for children. . . . Irresistible (The Smithsonian). What child, or indeed adult, would not be delig...
The Trees in My Forest
by Bernd Heinrich (Sep 09, 1998)
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The soaring majesty of a virgin forest and the intertwined relationships of plant, animal and man are the subject of Bernd Heinrich's lyrical elegy. Heinrich has spent a lifetime observing the natural world, and now he shares his vast knowledge and reflections on the trees of the Northeast woods and the rhythms of their seasons. From the DNA contai...
Mountains of the Mind
Adventures in Reaching the Summit
by Robert Macfarlane (Jul 13, 2004)
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Robert Macfarlane's Mountains of the Mind is the most interesting of the crop of books published to mark the 50th anniversary of the first successful ascent of Everest. Macfarlane is both a mountaineer and a scholar. Consequently we get more than just a chronicle of climbs. He interweaves accounts of his own adventurous ascents with those of pionee...
Gardening at the Dragon's Gate
At Work in the Wild and Cultivated World
by Wendy Johnson (Feb 26, 2008)
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Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate is fundamental work that permeates your entire life. It demands your energy and heart, and it gives you back great treasures as well, like a fortified sense of humor, an appreciation for paradox, and a huge harvest of Dinosaur kale and tiny red potatoes.For more than thirty years, Wendy Johnson has been meditating and...
The Bee-Friendly Garden
Design an Abundant, Flower-Filled Yard that Nurtures Bees and Supports Biodiversity
by Kate Frey (Feb 09, 2016)
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For every gardener who cares about the planet, this guide to designing a bee garden helps you create a stunningly colorful, vibrant, healthy habitat that attracts both honeybees and native bees. In The Bee-Friendly Garden , award-winning garden designer Kate Frey and bee expert Gretchen LeBuhn provide everything you need to know to create a da...
Wilderness and the American Mind
by Roderick Frazier Nash (Sep 01, 2001)
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Roderick Nash's classic study of America's changing attitudes toward wilderness has received wide acclaim since its initial publication in 1967. The Los Angeles Times has listed it among the one hundred most influential books published in the last quarter century, Outside Magazine has included it in a survey of books that changed our world, and it ...
The Wild Trees
A Story of Passion and Daring
by Richard Preston (Feb 11, 2008)
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From the #1 bestselling author of The Hot Zone comes an amazing account of scientific and spiritual passion for the tallest trees in the world, the startling biosystem of Rthe canopy, S and those who are committed to the preservation of this astonishing and largely unknown world....
Wild Comfort
The Solace of Nature
by Kathleen Dean Moore (Mar 09, 2010)
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In an effort to make sense of the deaths in quick succession of several loved ones, Kathleen Dean Moore turned to the comfort of the wild, making a series of solitary excursions into ancient forests, wild rivers, remote deserts, and windswept islands to learn what the environment could teach her in her time of pain. This book is the record of her e...
The Moth Snowstorm
Nature and Joy (New York Review Books Classics)
by Michael McCarthy (Mar 06, 2018)
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Nature has many gifts for us, but perhaps the greatest of them all is joy; the intense delight we can take in the natural world, in its beauty, in the wonder it can offer us, in the peace it can provide - feelings stemming ultimately from our own unbreakable links to nature, which mean that we cannot be fully human if we are separate from it. In Th...
How to Stay Alive in the Woods
A Complete Guide to Food, Shelter and Self-Preservation Anywhere
by Bradford Angier (Nov 01, 2001)
Goodreads Rating
A practical, readable and indispensable guide for anyone venturing into the wilderness, this is a book that should be in every survival kit. Broken down into four essential sections, Sustenance, Warmth, Orientation and Safety, this enlightening manual reveals how to catch game without a gun, what plants to eat (full-color illustrations of these mak...
The Triumph of Seeds
How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, and Pips Conquered the Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History
by Thor Hanson (Mar 08, 2016)
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As seen on PBS's American Spring LIVE, the award-winning author of Buzz and Feathers presents a natural and human history of seeds, the marvels of the plant kingdom...
What the Robin Knows
How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World
by Jon Young (May 21, 2013)
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A lifelong birder, tracker, and naturalist, Jon Young is guided in his work and teaching by three basic premises: the robin, junco, and other songbirds know everything important about their environment, be it backyard or forest; by tuning in to their vocalizations and behavior, we can acquire much of this wisdom for our own pleasure and benefit; an...
Sound of a Wild Snail Eating
by Elisabeth Tova Bailey (Sep 06, 2016)
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In a work that beautifully demonstrates the rewards of closely observing nature, Elisabeth Bailey shares an inspiring and intimate story of her uncommon encounter with a Neohelix albolabris —a common woodland snail. While an illness keeps her bedridden, Bailey watches a wild snail that has taken up residence on her nightstand. As a result, she disc...
The Monkey Wrench Gang
by Edward Abbey (Dec 12, 2006)
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Ed Abbey called The Monkey Wrench Gang, his 1975 novel, a "comic extravaganza." Some readers have remarked that the book is more a comic book than a real novel, and it's true that reading this incendiary call to protect the American wilderness requires more than a little of the old willing suspension of disbelief.The story centers on Vietnam vetera...
Swirl by Swirl
Spirals in Nature
by Joyce Sidman (Oct 04, 2011)
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A Caldecott medalist and a Newbery Honor-winning poet celebrate the beauty and value of spirals.What makes the tiny snail shell so beautiful? Why does that shape occur in nature over and over againbut also celebrate the beauty and usefulness of this fascinating shape....
The Hidden Life of Trees
What They Feel, How They Communicate―Discoveries from A Secret World (The Mysteries of Nature (1))
by Peter Wohlleben (Sep 13, 2016)
Goodreads Rating
In The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben shares his deep love of woods and forests and explains the amazing processes of life, death, and regeneration he has observed in the woodland and the amazing scientific processes behind the wonders of which we are blissfully unaware. Much like human families, tree parents live together with their childre...
The Golden Spruce
A True Story of Myth, Madness, and Greed
by John Vaillant (May 17, 2006)
Goodreads Rating
When a shattered kayak and camping gear are found on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Northwest, they reignite a mystery surrounding a shocking act of protest. Five months earlier, logger-turned-activist Grant Hadwin had plunged naked into a river in British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands, towing a chainsaw. When his night's work was done, ...
The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2013
by Siddhartha Mukherjee (Oct 08, 2013)
Goodreads Rating
Pulitzer Prize–winning authorSiddhartha Mukherjee, a leading cancer physician and researcher,selects the year’stop science and nature writing fromjournalists who dive into their fields with curiosity and passion, deliveringmust-read articlesfrom a wide array of fields....
Recommended by
Jeff Dean
The Songs of Trees
Stories from Nature's Great Connectors
by David George Haskell (Apr 03, 2018)
Goodreads Rating
The author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist The Forest Unseen visits with nature s most magnificent networkers trees David Haskell s award-winning The Forest Unseen won acclaim for eloquent writing and deep engagement with the natural world. Now, Haskell brings his powers of observation to the biological networks that surround all species, including ...
A Walk in the Woods
Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail (Official Guides to the Appalachian Trail)
by Bill Bryson (May 04, 1999)
Goodreads Rating
The Appalachian Trail stretches from Georgia to Maine and covers some of the most breathtaking terrain in America—majestic mountains, silent forests, sparking lakes. If you’re going to take a hike, it’s probably the place to go. And Bill Bryson is surely the most entertaining guide you’ll find. He introduces us to the history and ecology of the tra...
Recommended by
Tim Ferriss
Winter World
The Ingenuity of Animal Survival
by Bernd Heinrich (Apr 07, 2009)
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From award-winning writer and biologist Bernd Heinrich, an intimate, accessible and eloquent illumination of animal survival in Winter.From flying squirrels to grizzly bears, torpid turtles to insects with antifreeze, the animal kingdom relies on some staggering evolutionary innovations to survive winter. Unlike their human counterparts, who must a...