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Finding Me book cover

Finding Me

A Memoir

Viola Davis

"Finding Me" is an inspiring memoir by Viola Davis, narrated by the author herself. Delve into the journey of a little girl who ran from her past until she made a life-changing decision to stop running forever. With unflinching honesty, Viola takes you from a crumbling apartment in Rhode Island to the bright lights of New York City and beyond. Uncovering the power of radical honesty, she shows how finding one's purpose and voice can transform even the darkest of pasts into a bright and beautiful future. This story is a love letter to self, and a reminder that true self-love can only be born from the courage to shed facades and be unapologetically you.
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@Martina @violadavis I listened to every word, while hiking, as usual for me. Dear Lord, what a powerful book and read. Thank you for this recommendation. Thank you @violadavis for your courage, honesty and talent. Five stars from me!      fuente