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Lost Worlds & Mythological Kingdoms book cover

Lost Worlds & Mythological Kingdoms

John Joseph Adams, Kate Elliott, Tobias S. Buckell, C.C. Finlay, Seanan McGuire, Jeffrey Ford, Carrie Vaugn, Theodora Goss, Charles Yu, E Lily Yu

Embark on a journey to Lost Worlds & Mythological Kingdoms with an all-new anthology of adventure and mystery. From the fabled island of Avalon to the golden city of El Dorado, explore what lies beyond the edge of the map with original contributions from today's masters of science fiction and fantasy. With short stories sure to enthrall every reader, including Tobias S. Buckell, Kate Elliott, Jeffrey Ford, and more, this rich tradition is sure to delight any lover of imaginative fiction. What secrets lie waiting for you on this incredible journey into the unknown?
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