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So Many Ways to Lose book cover

So Many Ways to Lose

The Amazin' True Story of the New York Mets―the Best Worst Team in Sports

Devin Gordon

Unravel the hilarious and epic baseball history of the New York Mets with So Many Ways to Lose. As a lifelong fan, author Devin Gordon dives deep into the team's struggles and successes, from losing an All-Star to a wild boar charge to blowing a six-run lead during a pennant race. With a knack for doing the impossible and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the Mets have a unique identity in the sports world. Gordon sheds light on why being gifted at losing is different from simply being bad and how it's part of the true amazin' magic of the Mets. Get ready for a love letter to the art of disaster and a side of baseball that's often overlooked.
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If you have ever rooted for the Mets, agonized with the Mets, or suffered for the sins of the Mets, I highly recommend this rageful, funny, and cathartic book!      fuente