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Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage book cover

Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage

Four Steps to Getting Back on Track

Peter Fraenkel

This book explores the topic of how couples can sync up on the powerful but often overlooked dimension of time in order to improve their relationships. Differences in daily rhythms, personal pace, punctuality, time perspective, and priorities can all lead to conflict, but understanding these differences can also save a failing relationship. The author draws on his original research to offer practical methods for strengthening connections and balancing individuality and togetherness.
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Peter Fraenkel puts forth some of the most pertinent and useful ideas about the time famine that afflicts couples today. You must take the time, read this timely book and find out how you can redeem your relationship from the time crunch. Peter Fraenkel is an inspiring writer and an inspired therapist. You are sure to enjoy your time with him.      fuente