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Cuando las arañas tejen juntas pueden atar a un león book cover

Cuando las arañas tejen juntas pueden atar a un león

El secreto de los equipos de más éxito del mundo

Daniel Coyle

What do Pixar, Google and the San Antonio Spurs basketball team have in common?The answer is that they all owe their extraordinary success to their team-building skills. In The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle goes inside some of the most effective organisations in the world and reveals their secrets. He not only explains what makes such groups tick, but also identifies the key factors that can generate team cohesion in any walk of life. He examines the verbal and physical cues that bring people together. He determines specific strategies that encourage collaboration and build trust. And he offers cautionary tales of toxic cultures and advises how to reform them, above all demonstrating the extraordinary achievements that result when we know how to cooperate effectively.
Fecha de publicación
publicado por primera vez en 2017
Calificación de Goodreads
My list of the 20 most exciting books that debut in 2018-- spanning timing to culture, grit to health, and hate to truth.      fuente
THE CULTURE CODE is a great book! An inside look at highly successful groups like GOOGLE, SEAL TEAM 6 & THE SPURS etc. @mixedmentalarts listen to my talk with the author here.      fuente
The author looks at a bunch of different cultures. Pixar, Navy SEALs, etc... And he’s looking for patterns among what makes people disproportionately effective as a culture.      fuente