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The Escape Artist book cover

The Escape Artist

The Man Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Warn the World

Jonathan Freedland

Discover the gripping story of Rudolf Vrba, the first Jew to escape Auschwitz and share the death camp's horrors with the world. In part thrilling adventure, part exploration of the Holocaust's darkest secrets, author Jonathan Freedland uncovers the tale of a brilliant and courageous man who risked everything to save lives. Alongside fellow escapee Fred Wetzler, Vrba's journey was a fight for truth and justice, and their report helped spur Allied action. This book explores the life of a man whose legacy deserves to be as widely known as that of Anne Frank and Oskar Schindler.
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I have just finished The Escape Artist by @Freedland. An incredibly important book, the extraordinary story of Rudolf Vrba’s escape from Auschwitz, and his attempts to reveal its horrors. Brilliant, personal yet part of the broader story of the Holocaust. 10/10      fuente
I recommend this book to you today on its publication date. It is a brilliant book on an extraordinary man who deserves global recognition for his heroism during the darkest period in history. Bravo to @Freedland and @johnmurrays @CBGBooks      fuente
Such a moving speech @Freedland at the launch for his wonderful book on The Escape Artist on such an important subject: Rudi Vrba who escaped fr Auschwitz to warn the world about the Holocaust. @Dauntbooks      fuente