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The Price We Pay book cover

The Price We Pay

What Broke American Health Care--And How to Fix It

Marty Makary

Discover the truth about America's broken health care system and the people fighting to save it in this eye-opening book. With rising costs and one in five Americans suffering from medical debt, the author takes us on a journey across the country to expose price-gouging and the games played with our health. From his research and on-the-ground stories, learn how to better navigate the system and make choices that align with your personal health. A must-read for any American or business leader concerned about the future of health care.
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If you want to understand why health care is a mess and how to improve it (without making it worse) start by reading this book:      fuente
Further evidence any fool w/o a moral compass can easily game hc reimbursement system. Particularly easy to exploit asleep-at-the-wheel employers who think their interests align w/ their claims administrators (aka carriers) when the opposite is true. Read @MartyMakary book 4 more      fuente