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Your Next Level Life book cover

Your Next Level Life

7 Rules of Power, Confidence, and Opportunity for Black Women in America (African American Women in Business, Be Unapologetically You)

Karen Arrington

Upgrade your life and redefine success on your own terms with Karen Arrington's guide, Your Next Level Life. As a successful black woman and mentor, Karen shares seven simple rules to help you bring your career, income, and lifestyle to the next level. From creating the money you need to positioning yourself like a star, Karen's book celebrates the magic of ambitious black women and empowers readers to reach for bigger opportunities. If you loved Believe Bigger and Don't Settle for Safe, then Your Next Level Life is the perfect book for you.
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My Husband bought me these books and they helped me with Imposter Syndrome and SOOO much more: The Memo @MindaHarts Successful Women Think Differently @valorieburton Your Next Level Life @Karen_Arrington Be Unapologetically You @adeline_bird      fuente