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Adam Townsend

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Machiavelli's Prince book cover
Machiavelli's Prince
A New Reading
Erica Benner - 2014-01-21 (publicado por primera vez en 2013)
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This fascinating book delves into the complex and often misunderstood writings of Machiavelli's Prince. Erica Benner's insightful analysis shows that the book is a masterpiece of ironic writing, with a surprising moral purpose. It teaches readers how to recognize hidden dangers in political conduct and to mistrust promises of easy solutions. Benner's engaging interpretation helps readers see beyond the Prince's deceptive surface and grasp its powerful critique of one-man rule and imperial politics.
Adam Townsend
📚 I've read more Machiavelli and its scholarship/ analysis then any person I know who's not paid to dwell in Machiavelli rabbit holes. I highly recommend this book for someone to get the intrigues and complexities of the Prince      fuente
Ámate como si tu vida dependiera de eso book cover
Ámate como si tu vida dependiera de eso
Kamal Ravikant - 2012-06-07
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En diciembre de 2011, di una charla a una audiencia de científicos, funcionarios del Pentágono, políticos y directores ejecutivos sobre el secreto de la vida y cómo lo había descubierto el verano anterior. Al finalizar, la gente se acercó individualmente y me dijo cuánto significaba para ellos lo que había compartido. Este libro está basado en la verdad de las cosas que hablé. Es algo que aprendí en mi interior, algo que creí que me salvó. Y más que eso, la forma en que me dispongo a hacerlo. Esta es una colección de pensamientos sobre lo que aprendí, lo que funcionó y lo que no. Que me hace conseguir el éxito y lo que es más importante, que me hace fallar todos los días. La verdad es amarte a ti mismo con la misma intensidad que lo harías si necesitaras levantarte con tus dedos en el caso de que estuvieras colgando de un acantilado. Como si tu vida dependiera de ello. Una vez que te lo decides, el camino se hace más fácil. Solo necesitas comprometerte contigo mismo y compartiré los detalles de cómo lo hice. Ha sido transformador para mí. Sé que también será transformador para ti.
Adam Townsend
Great book!!! Naval & his brother are special people      fuente
From Newspeak to Cyberspeak book cover
From Newspeak to Cyberspeak
A History of Soviet Cybernetics
Slava Gerovitch - 2004-09-17 (publicado por primera vez en 2002)
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Explore the radical reform in science and society that was Soviet cybernetics. In this book, author Slava Gerovitch argues that it was not just an intellectual trend, but a social movement. Cybernetics followers viewed computer simulations as a universal problem-solving method and the language of cybernetics as one of objectivity and truth. With these new ideas, they challenged the existing order in science, economics, and politics. Gerovitch uses extensive archival materials to trace the evolution of Soviet cybernetics and its language, from its labeling as a reactionary pseudoscience to a movement for radical reform, and finally a trendy fad. CyberNewspeak emerged as the language of this evolution, reflecting significant changes in scientific discourse, power relations within the scientific community and the political role of scientists in Soviet society.
Adam Townsend
@PezeshkiCharles @hsshi18 Chuck, thinking of you yesterday/today as im reading this. Very good book. Quick, maybe 300 pages. Excellent points in it... From Newspeak to Cyberspeak: A History of Soviet Cybernetics      fuente
Neo-Conned! book cover
Just War Principles
D. Liam O'Huallachain - 2005-12-15
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A collection of thought-provoking articles by influential conservative figures that challenge the idea that Iraq War was a socially conservative cause. Contributors, which include political figures and religious leaders, use conservative arguments to explain why the decision to go to war and occupy Iraq was unwise. The book also includes detailed appendices on the war teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
Adam Townsend
📚Just started this book, good lookback at how we got into the Iraq war. We got hit with so many lies from so many angles      fuente
A War Like No Other book cover
A War Like No Other
How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War
Victor Davis Hanson - 2006-09-12 (publicado por primera vez en 2005)
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This historical account by Victor Davis Hanson delves into the bloody conflict between Athens and Sparta that led to the end of Athens' golden age. Hanson examines the political background, strategic thinking, and brutal tactics employed in the war that have echoes in modern conflicts. He raises thought-provoking questions about superpowers battling to the death and how the past informs the present. Brilliantly researched and dynamically written, this is a must-read for history buffs.
Adam Townsend
@35boat I've read it. Yes a very good book.      fuente
Philosophy Between the Lines book cover
Philosophy Between the Lines
The Lost History of Esoteric Writing
Arthur M. Melzer - 2014-09-09
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Discover the forgotten art of philosophical esotericism with this engaging and comprehensive guide. Author Arthur M. Melzer explores the practice of communicating unorthodox thoughts "between the lines" in Western thought, from ancient philosophers like Plato to modern thinkers like Machiavelli. By studying the history and theoretical basis of esotericism, Melzer explains the importance of understanding this practice in fully comprehending philosophical, theological, political, and literary writings prior to the nineteenth century. This book provides a beginner's guide to reading esoteric works and emphasizes the importance of not dismissing this valuable practice.
Adam Townsend
🆓 tweet: Really enjoying this book, picked it up as a casual read and digging it. Kept me up most of last night.      fuente
#DELETED book cover
Big Tech's Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election
Allum Bokhari - 2020-09-22
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Discover the shocking truth about the most powerful tech companies in the world and their mission to stop Donald Trump's re-election. In #DELETED, journalist Allum Bokhari exposes a dark plot to manipulate the flow of information and sway the outcome of democratic elections. With insights from whistleblowers inside Google, Facebook and others, Bokhari sheds light on the secret methods these companies use to control the information we see and target undecided voters. Don't miss this eye-opening read on the dangers of tech censorship.
Adam Townsend
@OHSNLobby @LibertarianBlue Ya, great book      fuente
A New Idea of India book cover
A New Idea of India
Individual Rights in a Civilisational State
Harsh Madhusudan - 2020-09-21
Calificación de Goodreads
Explore a new vision for India's political, social, and economic future, free from biased narratives that have hindered its progress. This insightful book sheds light on outdated ideologies, from socialism to group identity politics, and introduces new frameworks for growth, individual liberty, and government reform. Written by two brilliant young authors with firsthand experience of the challenges India faces, this well-researched and fluently written work is a must-read for anyone seeking a fresh perspective on India's path forward.
Adam Townsend
It's a fantastic book      fuente
The Fall of Carthage book cover
The Fall of Carthage
The Punic Wars 265-146BC (CASSELL MILITARY PAPERBACKS) by Adrian Goldsworthy (9-Oct-2003) Paperback
Adrian Goldsworthy - 2001-06-30 (publicado por primera vez en 2000)
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Uncover the epic conflict between Rome and Carthage in this engrossing account of the greatest war of antiquity. This book covers the First and Second Punic Wars, featuring intense battles both at land and sea with Hannibal, Fabius Maximus, and Scipio Aemilianus as the forefront generals. Highly praised by John Keegan and perfect for military buffs and general readers alike. Learn how the outcome of this war shaped the Western world forever. A must-read for history enthusiasts.
Adam Townsend
3. Adding the (audio) book The Fall of Carthage, the Punic wars Fantastic      fuente
Pensar rápido, pensar despacio by Daniel Kahneman
Call Sign Chaos by Jim Mattis
American Default by Sebastian Edwards
Titan by Ron Chernow
The Vision of the Anointed by Thomas Sowell