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Adam Wagner

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Adam is an experienced human rights and public lawyer with a strong civil law background. He has acted at all levels including in the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.
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Jewish Flavours of Italy book cover
Jewish Flavours of Italy
A Family Cookbook
Silvia Nacamulli - 2022-11-30
Calificación de Goodreads
Embark on a culinary journey through Italy with Jewish Flavours of Italy. This book offers over 100 kosher recipes that are a unique collection of authentic Italian-Jewish dishes. Follow family stories and history, learn practical tips, and discover centuries-old culinary traditions. From everyday home-cooked meals to special celebration menus for Jewish holidays, this book has it all. Try delicious recipes such as eggplant parmigiana, Jewish-style fried artichokes, and Haman's ears. Silvia Nacamulli's friendly and conversational tone will make you feel as though you're cooking with a friend. With stunning photography and a personal touch, this culinary experience will be cherished by generations to come.
Adam Wagner
I cannot recommend this beautiful book enough! Only downside is you can’t read it without your mouth watering! Order here      fuente
Why We Get the Wrong Politicians book cover
Why We Get the Wrong Politicians
Isabel Hardman - 2018-09-06
Calificación de Goodreads
"Why We Get the Wrong Politicians" is an insightful examination of the UK political system by award-winning journalist Isabel Hardman. Based on interviews with MPs ranging from fresh-faced recruits to Prime Ministers, Hardman investigates why politicians are consistently voted the least trusted professional group by the UK public. She lifts the lid on the strange world of Westminster and considers the legacy of a political system that dissuades large parts of society from taking part. This landmark book is a must-read for anyone who wants to see a future with better government.
Adam Wagner
This book is excellent      fuente
Parliament and the Law book cover
Parliament and the Law
Alexander Horne - 2013-09-18
Explore the role of Parliament in today's changing world with the third edition of this comprehensive guide. From Brexit to COVID-19, this timely resource covers recent developments and their impact on parliamentary procedures. Written by a team of multidisciplinary experts, this book delves into topics like treaty scrutiny, legislation and scrutiny, votes of confidence, and parliamentary financing. Perfect for anyone interested in politics, law, or government.
Adam Wagner
Excellent book      fuente
How to Stay Safe Online book cover
How to Stay Safe Online
A digital self-care toolkit for developing resilience and allyship
Seyi Akiwowo - 2023-06-20
Calificación de Goodreads
"Learn how to navigate the online world safely and effectively with this urgent guide from leading activist for online equality. With practical advice, personal experiences, and interviews with important figures, you'll discover how to spot, respond to, and proactively defend against online abuse. From setting boundaries to creating a digital self-care plan, this book empowers readers and offers a crucial tool for promoting resilience, compassion, and allyship in the digital age."
Adam Wagner
I am lucky enough to have had this book for a few days and it is excellent. Wise and practical - a book for anyone who sees the benefits of social media but wants to avoid the pitfalls      fuente
The China Boom and its Discontents book cover
The China Boom and its Discontents
The Violence Against Women and How to End It
Harriet Johnson - 2005-10-01
Calificación de Goodreads
This book explores the economic boom in China and the challenges that come with it. From an insatiable demand for resources to deepening integration with the world economy, author Harriet Johnson takes a critical look at the financial and social issues that have arisen in the wake of China's rapid development. Demographics, labor, finance, social security, urbanization, and trade agreements are all analyzed, revealing the unfinished progress of reforms in China.
Adam Wagner
Here is the book which I have had an early copy of and which is excellent      fuente
The Rule of Law book cover
The Rule of Law
Tom Bingham - 2011-01-01 (publicado por primera vez en 2010)
Calificación de Goodreads
Explore the concept of the rule of law with this insightful short book by former senior law lord Tom Bingham. Delve into the idea that the rule of law is the foundation of a fair and just society, offering guarantees for responsible government, economic growth, and peace. Discover the historical origins of this vital concept and the eight conditions that capture its essence in western democracies today. This thought-provoking book is a must-read for anyone interested in politics, society, and the state of our world.
Adam Wagner
How about that! I looked something up! These books behind me don't just make the office look good, they're filled with useful legal tidbits just like that!      fuente
A Thousand Small Sanities book cover
A Thousand Small Sanities
The Moral Adventure of Liberalism
Adam Gopnik - 2019-05-14
Calificación de Goodreads
Explore the rich history and meaning of liberalism with A Thousand Small Sanities. Written by a renowned New York Times bestselling author, this book presents a compelling defense of liberalism against the relentless attacks from the right and the left. Through the stories of Montaigne, Mill, Middlemarch, and the civil rights movement, the author shows how liberalism is a great moral adventure that seeks radical change through humane measures. In a time of crisis for democracy and liberal institutions, this manifesto reminds us why liberalism is more important than ever.
Adam Wagner
Happy #WorldBookDay! Here are some books human rights and liberalism which I have enjoyed over the past few years      fuente
The Road to Unfreedom book cover
The Road to Unfreedom
Russia, Europe, America
Timothy Snyder - 2018-04-03
Calificación de Goodreads
Uncover the truth about the recent rise of authoritarianism in the West with this compelling contemporary history book. From Putin's Russia to the nationalist movements in Europe and the 2016 election upsets in the US and UK, the threat to democracy is clear. But this book also presents an opportunity to rediscover the pillars of Western political order and make a way forward in a time of uncertainty. The choice between equality or oligarchy, individuality or totality, truth and falsehood has never been more stark.
Adam Wagner
Happy #WorldBookDay! Here are some books human rights and liberalism which I have enjoyed over the past few years      fuente
En defensa de la Ilustración book cover
En defensa de la Ilustración
Por la razón, la ciencia, el humanismo y el progreso
Steven Pinker - 2018-02-13
Calificación de Goodreads
If you think the world is coming to an end, think again: people are living longer, healthier, freer, and happier lives, and while our problems are formidable, the solutions lie in the Enlightenment ideal of using reason and science. Is the world really falling apart? Is the ideal of progress obsolete? In this elegant assessment of the human condition in the third millennium, cognitive scientist and public intellectual Steven Pinker urges us to step back from the gory headlines and prophecies of doom, which play to our psychological biases. Instead, follow the data: In seventy-five jaw-dropping graphs, Pinker shows that life, health, prosperity, safety, peace, knowledge, and happiness are on the rise, not just in the West, but worldwide. This progress is not the result of some cosmic force. It is a gift of the Enlightenment: the conviction that reason and science can enhance human flourishing. Far from being a naïve hope, the Enlightenment, we now know, has worked. But more than ever, it needs a vigorous defense. The Enlightenment project swims against currents of human nature–tribalism, authoritarianism, demonization, magical thinking–which demagogues are all too willing to exploit. Many commentators, committed to political, religious, or romantic ideologies, fight a rearguard action against it. The result is a corrosive fatalism and a willingness to wreck the precious institutions of liberal democracy and global cooperation. With intellectual depth and literary flair, Enlightenment Now makes the case for reason, science, and humanism: the ideals we need to confront our problems and continue our progress.
Adam Wagner
Happy #WorldBookDay! Here are some books human rights and liberalism which I have enjoyed over the past few years      fuente
On Fantasy Island book cover
On Fantasy Island
Britain, Europe, and Human Rights
Conor Gearty - 2016-10-27
Calificación de Goodreads
Explore the debate surrounding the UK's Human Rights Act with Conor Gearty's book. Gearty examines the anti-Human Rights Act arguments through the lens of British law, history, politics, and culture, ultimately dismissing them as 'English exceptionalism'. Divided into three parts, the book exposes the myths behind the case for repeal, outlines the true impact of the Act, and considers how its survival will shape Britain's future. A must-read for anyone interested in human rights and the law.
Adam Wagner
Happy #WorldBookDay! Here are some books human rights and liberalism which I have enjoyed over the past few years      fuente
La mujer invisible by Caroline Criado Perez
East West Street by Philippe Sands
Christian Human Rights by Samuel Moyn
Liberty and Security by Conor Gearty
The Evolution of the European Convention on Human Rights by Ed Bates
The Last Utopia by Samuel Moyn
Human Rights Transformed by Sandra Fredman Fba
The Human Stain by Philip Roth
I Married a Communist by Philip Roth
Sabbath's Theater by Philip Roth
El mal de Portnoy by Philip Roth