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Chris Anderson

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Mendeleyev's Dream book cover
Mendeleyev's Dream
The Quest for the Elements
Paul Strathern - 2002-06-04 (publicado por primera vez en 2001)
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the wondrous history of chemistry and human's quest for the fundamentals that culminated in one man's dream that changed the way we see the world. Follow the life of Dmitri Mendeleyev, a nineteenth-century Russian scientist who fell asleep at his desk and awoke after conceiving the periodic table in a dream. Explore the birth of chemistry, from ancient philosophy to modern science, in this elegant and entertaining book by author Paul Strathern.
Chris Anderson
@kevin2kelly It's a bimodal distribution between AI technicians and AI philosophers. Sort of like the alchemy phase of chemistry, before atomic theory and the periodic table. Speaking of which, this book is the best I read all year:      fuente
An Immense World book cover
An Immense World
How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us
Ed Yong - 2022-06-21
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Explore the hidden realms of animal senses in An Immense World, the transformative book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ed Yong. Discover how every creature perceives the world differently through sights, sounds, smells, electric and magnetic fields, and more. From tracking magnetic fields to sensing courting bugs, Ed Yong takes us on a grand tour through the amazing sensory abilities of different animals. An Immense World will open your eyes to the extraordinary world around us, beyond the limits of our own senses.
Chris Anderson
@hubermanlab @edyong209 +1. Best science book of the year      fuente
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Maria PopovaChuck Wendig
Termination Shock book cover
Termination Shock
A Novel
Neal Stephenson - 2021-11-16
Calificación de Goodreads
"Termination Shock" by Neal Stephenson is a gripping technothriller that envisions a devastating future impacted by climate change. The story takes readers on a journey through a world ravaged by environmental disasters and killer viruses caused by global warming. With a Big Idea that could potentially reverse the effects of climate change, the novel asks the crucial question: what would be the cost to humanity if we apply a solution that is worse than the problem itself? Fascinating and thought-provoking, "Termination Shock" is an exhilarating must-read for fans of dystopian fiction.
Chris Anderson
I've now finished the book, all 700 pages of it. Grade: 8/10. Fantastic tech, timely topic, great writing. But 1/3 of the book, the whole Indian/Hamilayan thread woven throughout, was unnecessary and could have deleted, bringing it back to a manageable size      fuente
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John Carmack
Never Mind, We'll Do It Ourselves book cover
Never Mind, We'll Do It Ourselves
The Inside Story of How a Team of Renegades Broke Rules, Shattered Barriers, and Launched a Drone Warfare Revolution
Bierbauer Alec - 2021-01-19
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the origin of the Predator drone program and the dawn of unmanned warfare in Never Mind, We'll Do It Ourselves. This firsthand account from an Air Force team leader and a CIA team leader takes you inside secret government hangars and back offices where the robotic revolution started. Through conflicting perspectives of the defense and intelligence communities, experience the hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the evolution of a program from passive surveillance to complex hunter-killers. This book is a must-read for those intrigued by modern warfare and those interested in the history and future of technology.
Chris Anderson
I really enjoyed this book, which reads like a thriller & tells the story of creating the Predator program before & after 9/11. Although the aircraft already existed, this team had to figure out how to operate it from the other side of the world & arm it      fuente
El fin de todo book cover
El fin de todo
Katie Mack - 2020-06-09
Calificación de Goodreads
Sabemos que el universo tuvo un principio. Pero, ¿qué pasa al final de la historia? Con mucho ingenio y un gran sentido del humor, la astrofísica Katie Mack —una de las más exitosas en redes sociales— nos propone un increíble viaje por cinco de los posibles finales del cosmos: la Gran Implosión, la muerte térmica, el Gran Desgarro, la desintegración del vacío y el rebote. Mediante la explicación de conceptos fundamentales de física cuántica, cosmología y teoría de cuerdas, entre otros, la autora describe cómo pequeños cambios imperceptibles en nuestro conocimiento actual e incompleto del cosmos pueden significar trayectorias totalmente distintas hacia el futuro: el universo podría colapsar sobre sí mismo, desgarrarse o, en los próximos cinco minutos, sucumbir a una creciente burbuja de destrucción sin escapatoria posible. Esta cautivadora historia de escapismo cósmico explora la evolución de nuestro conocimiento sobre el universo y el lugar que ocupamos en él, a la vez que nos enfrenta a qué significa su fin para nosotros. Entre explosiones estelares y universos que rebotan, Mack nos muestra con gran entusiasmo que, aunque los insignificantes humanos no tengamos posibilidad alguna de alterar el destino del cosmos, al menos podemos empezar a comprenderlo. El fin de todo es un viaje divertido y muy alentador hacia los confines más lejanos de todo lo que conocemos.
Chris Anderson
@AstroKatie @AleksandraFaust So you're saying I need to file my taxes? Dang. BTW, my daughter gave me your book for Christmas and I couldn't put it down. Science book of the year, hands down. Everything A Brief History of Time should have been. Bravo! (me: former Los Alamos physicist, ex Nature & Science)      fuente
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Rick Klau
The Order of Time book cover
The Order of Time
Carlo Rovelli - 2018-05-08 (publicado por primera vez en 2017)
Calificación de Goodreads
This elegant exploration of time by a bestselling author will leave you pondering the nature of this mysterious concept. From the perspective of philosophy, science and literature, the author unravels the assumptions we hold about time, revealing a strange universe where time disappears at the most fundamental level. The poetic vitality of the prose makes this novel a vibrant appreciation of the mysteries of time.
Chris Anderson
@smc90 Love that book      fuente
Cognitive Surplus book cover
Cognitive Surplus
How Technology Makes Consumers into Collaborators
Clay Shirky - 2010-06-10
Calificación de Goodreads
Explore how new digital technology is unleashing a wave of creative production that is transforming our world. Discover how people are using new media to pool their efforts at low cost, creating mind-expanding reference tools like Wikipedia and life-saving Web sites like Ushahidi.com. Cognitive Surplus shows what's possible when people unite to use their intellect, energy, and time for the greater good.
Chris Anderson
@kylebrussell cc @cshirky I love that book!      fuente
More from Less book cover
More from Less
The Surprising Story of How We Learned to Prosper Using Fewer Resources―and What Happens Next
Andrew McAfee - 2019-10-08
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the revolutionary argument that growing technologically sophisticated market-based economies around the world is the key to increasing human prosperity while treading more lightly on our planet. More from Less provides masterfully researched evidence that America and other countries are now generally using less resources year after year, even as their economies and populations continue to grow, thanks to the collaboration between technology and capitalism. This book is a paradigm-shifting account of how humanity stumbled into an unexpectedly better balance with nature, offering the promise of a more abundant and greener future.
Chris Anderson
Something important happened around 1980 to break the energy dependence trend of the economy. Digitization = dematerialization From @amcafee's fascinating new book      fuente
Skunk Works book cover
Skunk Works
A Personal Memoir of My Years at Lockheed
Ben R. Rich - 1996-02-01 (publicado por primera vez en 1994)
Calificación de Goodreads
"Skunk Works" is a thrilling account of America's top-secret aerospace operation, from the development of the U-2 to the Stealth fighter. Ben Rich, the brilliant boss of the operation for nearly two decades, chronicles the high-stakes drama of cold war confrontations, Gulf War air combat, and extraordinary feats of engineering. This book features up-close portraits of the maverick scientists and engineers who made Skunk Works so renowned, along with firsthand accounts from CIA agents and Air Force pilots who flew on classified, risky missions. An engaging and action-packed read, this book is a tribute to the most spectacular aviation triumphs of the 20th century.
Chris Anderson
@elidourado @pmarcas_likes What broke was our risk tolerance. The "Skunkworks" book is a great insider story of that. The day that the financial auditors outnumbered the engineers was the day the innovation died:      fuente
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Linda Xie