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Esther Dyson

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Esther Dyson is a Swiss-born American investor, journalist, author, businesswoman, commentator and philanthropist. She is a leading angel investor focused on health care, open government, digital technology, biotechnology, and outer space.
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From Bacteria to Bach and Back book cover
From Bacteria to Bach and Back
The Evolution of Minds
Daniel C. Dennett - 2018-02-20 (publicado por primera vez en 2017)
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Explore the evolution of the human mind in From Bacteria to Bach and Back by Daniel C. Dennett. Dennett builds on recent discoveries from biology and computer science to show how our ability to share memes resulted in the development of a comprehending mind through a mindless process of natural selection. Discover how competition among memes produced thinking tools powerful enough that our minds don’t just perceive and react, they create and comprehend. An agenda-setting read for philosophers and scientists alike, From Bacteria to Bach and Back is a must-read for those curious about how the mind works.
Esther Dyson
How consciousness arises, and how much it depends on a sense of past, present, and future (plus a lot of other interesting insights).      fuente
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Vinod Khosla
Escasez. Por Qué Tener Poco Significa Tanto? book cover
Escasez. Por Qué Tener Poco Significa Tanto?
Sendhil Mullainathan - 2013-09-03
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Academic essay that takes shortage as a explanatory model to show the correlation between decision making and the administration of economic and time resources when solving problems effectively. For example, they find a strong correlation between poverty and failure with the affirmation that failure causes poverty. The behavioral economist, Sendhil Mullainathan and cognitive psychologist, Eldar Shafir, offer daily life examples in order to understand how shortage can be good, allowing to momentously focus, while at the same time it can be harmful because more important matters can be left untreated. Shortage grits the mind, proroguing a tunnel effect that is difficult to break out of, but not impossible to avoid.
Esther Dyson
An explanation of scarcity for rich intellectuals, showing how poor people do stupid things for lack of money, while rich people do stupid things for lack of time.      fuente