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How to Walk a Dump Truck book cover
How to Walk a Dump Truck
Peter Pearson - 2019-06-25
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover a hilarious and informative guide on how to care for an unlikely pet: a dump truck! In "How to Walk a Dump Truck," Peter Pearson and Mircea Catusanu teach kids the responsibility and joys of taking care of their very own truck. With tips on selecting the perfect lash, feeding your truck, cleaning up messes, and more, this clever follow-up to "How to Eat an Airplane" is fun for pet and truck lovers alike.
Noah Webster's Fighting Words book cover
Noah Webster's Fighting Words
Tracy Nelson Maurer - 2017-04-01
Рейтинг Goodreads
This book offers a fascinating glimpse into the life and opinions of Noah Webster, the man behind the first US English dictionary. Known for his bold ideas and strong opinions on everything from spelling to politics, Webster's red pencil was always at the ready to mark up his own published work. With his ghostly stamp of approval, this picture book biography is a must-read for anyone interested in American history and language.
How to Eat an Airplane book cover
How to Eat an Airplane
Peter Pearson - 2016-05-24
Рейтинг Goodreads
Explore the hilarious and unexpected world of airplane etiquette in the quirky book, How to Eat an Airplane. Inspired by a true story of a man who ate an entire Cessna 150 airplane, this fact-based picture book fiction offers young readers absurdly funny tips on everything from setting the table with forklifts to fastening your seat belts at the dinner table. Perfect for airplane enthusiasts and precocious readers alike, this book is sure to leave everyone with a smile.
The Strange Case of the Missing Sheep book cover
The Strange Case of the Missing Sheep
Mircea Catusanu - 2009-09-03
Рейтинг Goodreads
"Join Super Sheep Dog Doug in Happy Valley where ten sheep go missing one day. Could it be the work of Wolf from the Dark Forest? Find out in this kooky and creative bedtime story about the fun of counting and a surprising ending that will leave kids giggling. With lively illustrations, this book is perfect for young readers who love mystery and adventure."
Little Golden Book Christmas Favorites book cover
Little Golden Book Christmas Favorites
Jane Werner, Clement C. Moore, Gale Wiersum - 2009-08-25
Рейтинг Goodreads
This mini-treasury contains three classic Little Golden Books that capture the essence of Christmas - The Night Before Christmas, The Christmas Story, and The Animals’ Christmas Eve. It's a perfect gift for loved ones, and is offered at an unbeatable value, true to the Golden Books reputation.
Just Right! book cover
Just Right!
Level 1.5.1 Bel Lv Just Right!
Рейтинг Goodreads
Raccoon tries to figure out what size animal would fit in the shed next door....
Which Shoes Would You Choose? -Find & Fit Series book cover
Which Shoes Would You Choose? -Find & Fit Series
Susan Hoe - 2002-04-01
Рейтинг Goodreads
"Which Shoes Would You Choose?" is an interactive children's book that sparks curiosity and learning. With colorful chunky pieces and rhyming words, kids can fit them into recessed spaces on each page. They'll develop early learning skills like pattern recognition, color and shape identification, and visual discrimination. Plus, it's compact and perfect for travel. Watch your child's imagination soar as they help animals find the perfect pair of shoes!
The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore
Noah's Ark by Barbara Shook Hazen