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Read This Twice
АвторыShindo L

Книги автора Shindo L

aka 新堂エル (Shindo Eru) aka Da Hootch.
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The Pink Album book cover
The Pink Album
Shindo L - 2021-03-23
Рейтинг Goodreads
In "The Pink Album," Shindo L explores the hidden desires of Shiratori, a picture-perfect princess with a secret love for kinky sex. When she meets Kenji, an aloof delinquent, she seizes the opportunity to indulge in her wildest fantasies, leading to a wild and depraved romance. Get ready for an erotic adventure that will leave you blushing!
Emergence book cover
Shindo L - 2013-07-26
Рейтинг Goodreads
"Emergence" follows Saki Yoshida, a shy middle schooler with no friends who hopes to start fresh in high school by transforming her appearance. However, fate takes a tragic turn when Saki's newfound confidence is shattered. Discover the story of a young girl's journey to find her place in the world in this touching and poignant coming-of-age tale.