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For Country and Corps book cover

For Country and Corps

The Life of General Oliver P. Smith by Gail B. Shisler (2009-10-01)

Gail B. Shisler

Get to know one of the greatest Marine leaders of the twentieth century in this insightful biography. Follow Oliver P. Smith's journey from his time fighting in Peleliu and Okinawa to commanding the 1st Marine Division in Korea, where he played a pivotal role in the assault at Inchon, recapturing Seoul and breaking through the Chosin Reservoir. Written by Smith's granddaughter, this book provides an intimate portrait of a man who was not only an outstanding combat commander but also a person of great intellect and moral courage. Discover new insights on Smith's relationship with his Army superiors and his Marine Corps peers and superiors, providing a unique perspective on the Corps' postwar battle for survival.
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