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People Skills for Analytical Thinkers book cover

People Skills for Analytical Thinkers

Boost Your Communication and Advance Your Career - and Life

Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Learn how to improve your people skills as an analytical thinker with this insightful book. Rational thinking isn't always enough in the workplace, and this book helps readers navigate situations where people skills make all the difference. From communicating effectively with colleagues to understanding human behavior, this book offers practical advice, academic insights, exercises, and stories to help readers excel at communication and advance their careers. The author even uses algorithm and data metaphors to describe human behavior in an analytical language, making it easy for analytical thinkers to understand and apply to their social interactions.
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Remarkable 5-star Book >> "People Skills for Analytical Thinkers: Boost Your Communication and Advance Your Career—and Life" by Gilbert Eijkelenboom ———— We are each endowed with our own internal algorithms that produce certain behaviors based on inputs...      источник