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Perfectly Confident book cover

Perfectly Confident

How to Calibrate Your Decisions Wisely

Don A Moore

"Perfectly Confident" offers insights into the importance of being confident, while warning of the potential risks of overconfidence. Don Moore, a veteran psychology expert, explains how confidence can help us overcome adversity, but also how an unrealistic sense of self can lead to trouble. Drawing on recent psychological and economic research, the book provides a practical guide for achieving a balanced and well-calibrated level of confidence in all areas of life.
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In every decision you make and every goal you set, there are two easy ways to fail: having too little confidence and having too much. As a Berkeley psychologist, Don Moore has spent his career studying how to find the sweet spot, and his book is full of data-driven guidance for making more accurate assessments of your abilities and opportunities.      источник
I read an average of one book a week plus I spend a lot of time finding out what to read next. I’ve chosen these books as my best reads this year (both science fiction and non-fiction). #themedicalfuturist #digitalhealth #future #healthcare #technology #book #reading #read      источник
7/ Decision makers should strive to improve their calibration, the alignment between their subjective probabilities and the objective outcome. @donandrewmoore has a great book on this. You get better with practice and feedback.      источник