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The Autobiography of Malcolm X book cover

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Malcolm X

This autobiography is a powerful testament to the extraordinary life and message of Malcolm X, the Muslim leader, anti-integrationist, and "most dangerous man in America." Written with veteran writer and journalist Alex Haley, the searing pages take us on a journey from Malcolm X's childhood poverty to his growth as the Nation's foremost spokesman for Islam and the Black Muslim movement. His message of power, pride, and self-determination is as relevant today as it was in the 1960s.
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впервые опубликовано в 1965
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I was blown away by the determination and commitment that Malcolm X had to his people and to fight against a system that was not designed to support or help him or his people.      источник
Many, from Malcolm X's Autobiography 2 Man's Search for Meaning RT @VarunAmbrose what were books that caused a paradigm shift in ur thinking      источник
The Autobiography of Malcolm X was a book that changed my life, here's why:      источник
That book is written in such a brilliant way that’s so relatable, even today, that I can’t think of another piece of writing that’s impacted me the way that book has.      источник
If you haven’t read his autobiography yet I recommend you do. One of the most enlightening books I’ve ever read. 2/2      источник
One of the most inspiring men of the last 150 years.      источник
For #BlackHistoryMonth I will be sharing some of my favorite books by Black Authors 1st book The Autobiography of Malcom X by Alex Haley/Malcom X I would always celebrate Malcolm X, but I didn’t read this book until my late 20’s It is never too late to educate/re-educate yourself      источник
📚 My favorite books These are not the most-influential or most-important books of all time [at least not all of them] — just the ones I like the most; or the most-important to me. I have almost certainly forgotten a whole bunch.      источник