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The Premonition book cover

The Premonition

A Pandemic Story

Michael Lewis

Nonfiction thriller pits medical visionaries against the official response of the Trump administration to COVID-19. Follow a team of dissenting doctors who refuse to follow directives based on misinformation and bad science. Michael Lewis presents heroes who study pandemics and are willing to look at worst-case scenarios. Explore fascinating characters, including a thirteen-year-old girl with a science project that develops into a model of disease control and a public health officer who reveals truths about American society.
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The extraordinary book, The Premonition, by Michael Lewis, is the subject of our conversation. It gets behinds the scenes of public health/CDC long before and during the pandemic. We spoke just days before the fatal car accident of his 19-year-old daughter      источник
Just finished the book and wow. SO good. The US healthcare system is an absolute shit show (surprising no one). But having worked at the CDC for a brief moment in time and seeing how the nation’s highest public health agency works, there was no hope for us. It’s all political.      источник
This book is a great prompt to appreciate people who are good at their jobs; diverse life stories where people bring foresight, learning, & risk taking to the serious things they’re responsible for. It’s great.      источник
Of Michael Lewis’s 15 amazing books his new one, THE PREMONITION, is the most gripping and the most consequential. The best yet on Covid, one of the best ever on government malfunction.      источник