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Rory O’Malley

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Rory James O'Malley is an American actor, best known for his Tony Award-nominated performance as Elder McKinley in The Book of Mormon. He is a co-founder of the gay rights activist group Broadway Impact.
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Gay Like Me book cover
Gay Like Me
A Father Writes to His Son
Richie Jackson - 2020-01-28
Рейтинг Goodreads
Gay Like Me is a poignant reflection on the LGBTQ community's progress and setbacks over the last 50 years in America. Award-winning Broadway, TV and film producer Richie Jackson shares his personal experiences as a gay man and a father to his 18-year-old son in this urgent love letter. While celebrating his son's kind, responsible and hardworking nature, Jackson shares his wisdom on the challenges that his son and other gay men might face in a seemingly liberated America. A warning against the complacency of the gay community, Gay Like Me is a powerful call to action set against the backdrop of our uncertain times.
Rory O’Malley
Gays! Be sure to get @Richie_Jackson’s book #GayLikeMe! It’s thought provoking and powerful. After reading it, I felt more confident in my identity as a gay man and learned so much. Thanks for sharing this with the world Richie!      источник
Arianna Huffington