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Born Standing Up book cover

Born Standing Up

A Comic's Life

Steve Martin

This memoir tells the story of Steve Martin's rise to fame as a stand-up comedian in the mid-seventies, ultimately becoming the biggest concert draw in history by 1978. It's a candid and spectacularly amusing account of the sacrifices, discipline, and originality that made Martin an icon, informed by his experiences at Disneyland, the Bird Cage Theatre and Knott's Berry Farm. He also provides a portrait of the era of free love and protests against the Vietnam War, and the transformative new voice of Saturday Night Live in the seventies. Completing the memoir are photographs never seen before. Born Standing Up is a superb testament to one of the greatest and most iconoclastic comedians of all time.
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On a big road trip, I read it out loud to my wife, she read it out loud to me. Then we got the audio book and we listened to Steve Martin read it.      fuente
@Daniellejd13 Born standing up by Steve Martin or when you are engulfed in flames by David sedaris      fuente
So the number one piece of advice that I have ever read and that I tell people on these kind of topics is always from the comedian Steve Martin, who I think is an absolute genius, wrote a great book on the start of his career, which obviously was very successful. The book is called “Born standing up”, it's a short little book and it describes how he became Steve Martin. And the part of the book is, he says what is the key to success? The key to success is be so good they can't ignore you.      fuente
@msuster I seem to remember hearing like three different people mention the book. Like Seinfeld, Letterman, Chappelle, etc. It had a profound effect on me. So great. Must read.      fuente
@bgurley lol. I grew up listening to those records. Did you read his autobiography “Born Standing Up?” Such a great book      fuente
@CaitlinPacific @stevemartin Best book on stand up ever. Plus: delicious shade thrown on the late John Frankenheimer.      fuente
I love any book where someone took their passion, documented it, and shared it with us. That’s when you can see the subleties, the hard work, the luck, the talent, the skill, all come together to form a champion.      fuente
📚 Here are the books I recommend reading most:      fuente