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How to Fix a Broken Heart book cover

How to Fix a Broken Heart

Guy Winch

Discover how to treat emotional pain caused by heartbreak with the same respect as physical pain with psychologist Guy Winch's expert advice. In "How to Fix a Broken Heart," Winch discusses the impact of heartbreak on our brain and behavior, and how we can begin to heal from even the most severe cases of romantic heartbreak or loss of a beloved pet. This compelling read will equip readers with a toolkit on how to handle and cope with heartbreak, and how to eventually move on.
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Well-researched and deeply practical, How to Fix A Broken Heart provides the validation, comfort, and hope anyone who is heartbroken desperately needs. Weaving compelling case studies from his private practice with surprising scientific findings, Winch illustrates how little we actually know about this universal experience and why our misconceptions will set us back and delay our recovery. This compassionate and eye-opening book is a must read for anyone mourning a lost love or a cherished pet, and a compelling argument for recognizing these poorly acknowledged forms of grief.      fuente