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Kill Switch book cover

Kill Switch

The Rise of the Modern Senate and the Crippling of American Democracy

Adam Jentleson

"Kill Switch" explores how the Senate, controlled by a radically conservative minority, hinders progressive decision-making in an increasingly diverse and liberal country. Adam Jentleson argues that the Senate's devolution into a polarized institution can be blamed on both Democrats and Republicans since the 1950s. Without a reevaluation of Senate practices, including ending the filibuster, America may face the prospect of permanent minority rule. A must-read for anyone concerned with the fate of American democracy.
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I can't recommend @AJentleson's book Kill Switch highly enough if you want to understand what is happening in our Senate, therefore our government, therefore our country. It is an impassioned, frustrated but not hopeless diagnosis from an actual expert, not just an opinion-haver.      fuente
I spent the weekend reading ‘Kill Switch’ which is mostly about the history of the filibuster and I learned a lot. Below are my takeaways, what the Framers wanted, and the evidence that until recently the filibuster has mostly been used to suppress Black rights. (1/n)      fuente