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Lincoln in the Bardo book cover

Lincoln in the Bardo

A Novel

George Saunders

In "Lincoln in the Bardo," the Civil War has begun, and President Lincoln's son, Willie, tragically dies at the age of eleven. Author George Saunders takes this historical event and transforms it into a vivid and unforgettable story of familial love and loss that transcends time and reality. Within the "bardo," a Tibetan transitional state, young Willie's soul is fiercely contested by ghosts, resulting in a thrilling exploration of humanity's ability to love in the face of mortality. This bold and daring novel is a testament to the power of fiction and a must-read for those seeking an imaginative and thought-provoking work of literature.
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Lincoln in the Bardo is heavy stuff for a summer book, but I’m really glad I picked it up. It’s a quick read thanks to its play-like format, and some of the ghosts’ stories are surprisingly funny given the subject matter. If you’re an Abraham Lincoln buff like me, you won’t regret taking this one on your next vacation.      fuente
@AyeshaASiddiqi Frankenstein is perhaps my favorite book about grief. Lincoln in the Bardo is glorious as well. I read them during acute grief and they helped me. ❤️      fuente
Today is a cheat because I didn’t pull it down randomly from The Shelves but rather just finished reading it for the first time, but it’s very good, sort of a purgatory stage play imagining Abe Lincoln in mourning through the perspective of ghosts who don’t know they’re ghosts.      fuente
10/100. Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. I wish I had fallen into the world of this book more deeply, but maybe it was my attention, maybe something else. Loved the premise and idea and will keep reading Saunders for sure.      fuente