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Marcus Aurelius

Marco Aurelio, "el emperador filósofo", "el sabio" uno de los "cinco emperadores buenos", reinó en el Imperio romano entre los años 161 y 180 d.c. y dedicó la última década de su gobierno a escribir esta obra: sus "Meditaciones", en las que plasma su admiración por los filósofos estoicos griegos y comparte cómo ha de ser según él un buen gobernante y cómo ha de gobernar. Además, realiza un viaje por sus pensamientos y emociones y trata de averiguar su significado y si es común con el resto de personas.
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I kind of thrive on stress, so I’m almost embarrassed by how comforting I find this book. I don’t even agree with everything in it, but when philosophy is described in such practical language, it’s soothing.      fuente
It’s filled with wisdom on every page about how to live a centered life in the middle of multiple challenges.      fuente
Marcus Aurelius was absolutely life changing for me. It's the personal diary of the Emperor of Rome. Here's a guy who was probably the most powerful human being on Earth at the time he lived. He’s writing a diary to himself, never expecting it to be published. When you open this book, you realize he had all the same issues and all the same mental struggles, he was trying to be a better person. Right there, you figure out success and power don't improve your internal state, you still have to work on it.      fuente
great read (cc @naval)      fuente
Still. One of my favorite books. Re-reading it. To grow my depth. To fuel my 🔥. What book do you love?      fuente
Q: What are some books that you think the Daily Stoic audience will enjoy and learn from? DHH: I’d start with A Guide to the Good Life, then On the Shortness of Life by Seneca, then Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, then The Daily Stoic.      fuente
The private thoughts of the most powerful man in the world, admonishing himself on how to be better, more just, more immune to temptation, wiser.      fuente
A true classic, filled with stoic wisdom mostly about being your best rational self, doing good for its own sake, and not letting other people upset you.      fuente
@mcgillmd921 Incredible book      fuente
@Tallisman2345 Great book      fuente
Here’s my list for the best books in philosophy, in no particular order.      fuente
@superdealloc @tobyordoxford My most read book.      fuente
A book EVERYONE must read. Wisdom of Marcus Aurelius.      fuente
The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, the great philosopher-king, have been my constant companion over the years as I sought to find my place in the world around me. My journey toward self-awareness, toward applying philosophy to my everyday life, was entirely inspired by Marcus Aurelius.      fuente
My complete commentary on Larry Becker’s A New Stoicism, arguably the most important book on Stoicism since the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius...      fuente
Selected Books for the Manual for Civilization      fuente
These are some good ones- plus Essentialism, Tao te Ching, Striking Thoughts, Meditations      fuente
📚 My favorite books These are not the most-influential or most-important books of all time [at least not all of them] — just the ones I like the most; or the most-important to me. I have almost certainly forgotten a whole bunch.      fuente
I have given Meditations away to a number of people.      fuente
You have to keep your peace up there, so you’d better read Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations      fuente