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James Mattis

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James Norman Mattis is a retired United States Marine Corps four-star general who served as the 26th US secretary of defense from January 2017 through January 2019. During his 44 years in the Marine Corps, he commanded forces in the Persian Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan, and the Iraq War.
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The Greatest Raid of All book cover
The Greatest Raid of All
C. E. Lucas Phillips - 2021-06-20
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Experience the bravery and intensity of Operation Chariot with this gripping account of the greatest raid in naval history. Join the Royal Navy forces as they risk everything to destroy the Normandie dock and prevent its use by German battleships, enduring enemy fire and displaying extraordinary heroism. This is the inspiring story of the men in the "little ships" raid who accomplished the impossible against all odds.
James Mattis
Any Marine who has not read Lucas Phillips’ book The Greatest Raid of All should. This is about the raid that shattered the dry dock at Saint-Nazaire, France, so that Bismarck would never have a place to be repaired if they went out to sea. You see how you can apply strategy to operations to the tactical costs and all.      fuente
The Future of Strategy book cover
The Future of Strategy
Colin S. Gray - 2015-10-05
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In "The Future of Strategy," Colin S. Gray explains why strategy is an important tool for achieving desired outcomes in complex and uncertain situations. With examples ranging from ancient wars to modern conflicts, Gray explores how strategy has been used throughout history by military and political leaders. While strategy remains important for survival and security, the global threat of nuclear weapons presents an ongoing challenge. According to Gray, mastering the theory and practice of strategy is essential for facing the hard and dangerous times ahead.
James Mattis
I think Colin Gray’s Fighting Talk and The Future of Strategy are just two tremendous ones.      fuente
World Order book cover
World Order
Henry Kissinger - 2014-09-09
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"World Order" by Henry Kissinger is a thought-provoking analysis of the ultimate challenge of the 21st century- how to build a shared global order in a world of ideological extremism, violent conflict, and proliferating technology. Drawing from his experience as a former national security advisor and secretary of state, Kissinger delves into crucial moments in recent world history, from Nixon's negotiations with Hanoi to lessons learned from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This unique work offers compelling insights on the future of US-China relations and EU evolution, providing readers with a glimpse into the inner deliberations of world leaders.
James Mattis
Certainly you get that too if you look at our nation, where we’re at right now, if you read Barbara Tuchman’s March of Folly or The Guns of August, or you read Paul Kennedy’s Rise and Fall of the Great Powers or Henry Kissinger’s Diplomacy and World Order, you can see what’s happening to a nation in a broader context, which I think is critical.      fuente
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Mark Zuckerberg
Tony Zinni - 2014-09-02
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Retired General Tony Zinni draws on his vast experience to question whether military action is always the best response for defending ideologies, allies, and national security. He examines the failures of the Joint Chief of Staff, the challenges of working with the UN, coalition forces, and NATO, and the role of special forces and drone warfare. He argues for clearer accountability and smarter investment in foreign aid, in this hard-hitting analysis and spirited call for change.
James Mattis
Tony Zinni’s Before the First Shot Is Fired and H.R. McMaster’s Dereliction of Duty are really first-rate      fuente
Duty book cover
Memoirs of a Secretary at War
Robert M. Gates - 2014-01-14
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This memoir, written by a former Secretary of Defense, gives readers an inside look into his experience serving Presidents Bush and Obama during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The author shares personal anecdotes, controversial decisions, and candid assessments of key figures he encountered during his tenure. Despite the political trials of Washington, Gates makes it clear that his heart was always with the brave soldiers fighting on the front lines. This powerful and poignant book sheds light on two administrations and the defining wars of their time.
James Mattis
I was the executive secretary for two secretaries at Defense, I worked closely with three others — and when you read Gates’ book Duty, you get a real sense of the breadth and the gravity of what faces people at that level.      fuente
For Country and Corps book cover
For Country and Corps
The Life of General Oliver P. Smith by Gail B. Shisler (2009-10-01)
Gail B. Shisler - 2009-10-01
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Get to know one of the greatest Marine leaders of the twentieth century in this insightful biography. Follow Oliver P. Smith's journey from his time fighting in Peleliu and Okinawa to commanding the 1st Marine Division in Korea, where he played a pivotal role in the assault at Inchon, recapturing Seoul and breaking through the Chosin Reservoir. Written by Smith's granddaughter, this book provides an intimate portrait of a man who was not only an outstanding combat commander but also a person of great intellect and moral courage. Discover new insights on Smith's relationship with his Army superiors and his Marine Corps peers and superiors, providing a unique perspective on the Corps' postwar battle for survival.
Fighting Talk book cover
Fighting Talk
Forty Maxims on War, Peace, and Strategy
Colin S. Gray - 2009-08-01 (publicado por primera vez en 2007)
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This insightful book by Colin S. Gray explores the nature of strategy, war, and peace through the framework of forty maxims. These mini essays will equip politicians, soldiers, and the public with the knowledge to avoid fallacies in debates about security issues. The maxims are grouped into five clusters: War and Peace, Strategy, Military Power and Warfare, Security and Insecurity, and History and the Future. By following the judgments in these maxims, individuals can increase their chances of making small errors instead of catastrophic ones. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in strategic thinking and historical change.
James Mattis
I think Colin Gray’s Fighting Talk and The Future of Strategy are just two tremendous ones.      fuente
Los cañones de agosto book cover
Los cañones de agosto
Barbara W. Tuchman - 2009-07-22 (publicado por primera vez en 1962)
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Cuando terminó el mes de julio de 1914, Europa vivía aún inmersa en la engañosa placidez de la belle époque, instalada en la dilatada continuación de casi tres lustros de un siglo XIX, generoso y fructífero, que no acababa de pasar. Treinta y un días después había comenzado el siglo XX, y de la belle époque no quedaba más que un montón de ruinas humeantes: habían tronado los cáñones de agosto. A partir de un impresionante caudal de información histórica, Barbara W. Tuchman nos presenta en este libro clásico el panorama dramático, multicolor, cargado de tensiones psicológicas, abrumador por su incertidumbre, desconcertante por su rapidez, de aquel mes de agosto de 1914 que cambió la faz del mundo. Ã Los hechos que se sucedieron sobre el complicado mosaico de Europa y los personajes que en ellos intervinieron reviven aquí con asombrosa fidelidad, con auténtico calor humano. Las pequeñas miserias, las virtudes, el genio, los rasgos más personales e incluso los defectos físicos de las figuras que entonces tuvieron en sus manos el destino de millones de seres, saltan ante nuestros ojos con expresivo vigor.
James Mattis
Certainly you get that too if you look at our nation, where we’re at right now, if you read Barbara Tuchman’s March of Folly or The Guns of August, or you read Paul Kennedy’s Rise and Fall of the Great Powers or Henry Kissinger’s Diplomacy and World Order, you can see what’s happening to a nation in a broader context, which I think is critical.      fuente
Just and Unjust Wars book cover
Just and Unjust Wars
A Moral Argument with Historical Illustrations
Michael Walzer - 2006-07-26 (publicado por primera vez en 1976)
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In "Just and Unjust Wars," Michael Walzer delves into the ethical complexities of military theory and war crimes by analyzing conflicts throughout history, including the Athenian attack on Melos and the My Lai Massacre. He features the perspective of those who have directly participated, made decisions, and suffered. In this new edition, Walzer applies his insights to the Iraq War and reminds readers of the importance of discussing the morality of war.
James Mattis
You’ve got to study ethics and not confront your ethical dilemmas for the first time on the battlefield, so you read Michael Walzer’s Just and Unjust Wars or Malham Wakin’s War, Morality, and the Military Profession.      fuente
Meditaciones book cover
Marcus Aurelius - 2006-04-27 (publicado por primera vez en 180)
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Marco Aurelio, "el emperador filósofo", "el sabio" uno de los "cinco emperadores buenos", reinó en el Imperio romano entre los años 161 y 180 d.c. y dedicó la última década de su gobierno a escribir esta obra: sus "Meditaciones", en las que plasma su admiración por los filósofos estoicos griegos y comparte cómo ha de ser según él un buen gobernante y cómo ha de gobernar. Además, realiza un viaje por sus pensamientos y emociones y trata de averiguar su significado y si es común con el resto de personas.
James Mattis
You have to keep your peace up there, so you’d better read Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations      fuente
Puertas de fuego by Steven Pressfield
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
My American Journey by Colin Powell
El soldado olvidado by Guy Sajer
Defeat Into Victory by Field-Marshal Viscount William Slim
The Rules of the Game by Andrew Gordon
Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant by Ulysses S. Grant
Military Innovation in the Interwar Period by Williamson Murray
Dereliction of Duty by H. R. McMaster
Lecciones de la Historia by Will Durant
El largo camino hacia la libertad by Nelson Mandela
Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger
Scipio Africanus by B. H. Liddell Hart
The March of Folly by Barbara W. Tuchman
Sherman by B. H. Liddell Hart
Diario De Un Marine by E. B. Sledge
The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers by Paul Kennedy
War, Morality, And The Military Profession by Malham M Wakin