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Sobre la brevedad de la vida book cover

Sobre la brevedad de la vida


«El tema subyacente de esta obra es el del tiempo y la muerte, pero también el de la vida como realización positiva (...). El tiempo de la vida es bastante si se sabe aprovechar». Francisco Socas
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A poignant reminder of what we so deeply intuit yet so easily forget and so chronically fail to put into practice.      fuente
Five books that taught me about myself - Finding Flow: Happiness is absorption - Meditations: Reactions are a choice - Punished by Rewards: Only intrinsic motivation lasts - Man’s Search for Meaning: Fortune is finding a purpose - On the shortness of Life: Life is long enough      fuente
Here’s my list for the best books in philosophy, in no particular order.      fuente
I give On the Shortness of Life away a lot.      fuente
No book has shaped my life more than Seneca's On the Shortness of Life. I believe with all of my heart that it is the greatest thing that has ever been written, and there is no way that I can do it justice except to encourage everyone I know to read it. It is the answer to the question of how we should live our lives, a powerful call to spend our days on things that truly matter.      fuente
The books I find myself reading again and again, and learning something new each time. 1. Siddhartha 2. Tao Te Ching 3. The Power of Now 4. Letters from a Stoic 5. On the Shortness of Life 6. The First and Last Freedom 7. Zen and the Art of Happiness What's your list? #books      fuente
“People are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes to squandering time they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy.” Doubling down on recommending this one after finishing it. Short read... can anyone rec similar books?      fuente
Says something about the fact that it’s not so much the shortness of life, it’s how we waste it.      fuente