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Principios (Deusto) book cover

Principios (Deusto)

Life and Work

Ray Dalio

En 1975, Ray Dalio fundó Bridgewater Associates desde su pequeño apartamento de Nueva York. Cuarenta años después, Bridgewater es la quinta compañía privada más importante de Estados Unidos (Fortune) y ha conseguido ganar más dinero para sus inversores que cualquier otro hedge fund en la historia (Bloomberg). A lo largo de su trayectoria, Dalio ha descubierto un conjunto de principios únicos que considera la base de su éxito y que ahora comparte con todos nosotros. En este libro repasa su trayectoria, haciendo mayor hincapié en sus errores que en sus aciertos, pues destaca que estos errores han sido su principal fuente de aprendizaje. Un conocimiento que surge de la experiencia y que le permitió, tras acabar arruinado en 1982, ser uno de los únicos gestores capaces de capear con éxito la crisis financiera de 2008. Ray Dalio, que ha sido apodado “el Steve Jobs de la inversión”, te invita a descubrir estos principios y a ponerlos en práctica para conseguir todo lo que te propongas.
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Ray Dalio has provided me with invaluable guidance and insights that are now available to you in Principles.      fuente
Ray Dalio is a great guy and has a great book out you all need to get called Principles. It’s a major key.      fuente
The book I wish I had as a young entrepreneur.      fuente
So many to pick from in this amazing book. I’m focused on radical truth and radical transparency. Toughest and most uncomfortable to do, both personally and through work, but also the most freeing and impactful. I’ve committed to weekly progress.      fuente
It is the best gift I have ever received and will cherish it for life. Ray is a genius beyond description and this book will go down in history as one of the most significant guides to great success and achievement to ever be written.      fuente
Beautifully written and filled with such wisdom.      fuente
Ray Dalio’s market acumen is legendary, but it was creating and living by a set of principles that allowed him to reach the top. Everyone with goals and dreams can learn from Ray’s approach.      fuente
I highly, highly recommend this book. It has already changed how I think about making decisions in my life and in my business.      fuente
As you prepare for 2022, now is a great time to start a list of books you want to read in the new year. ✨ In my recent blog, I’ll share 11 of my favorite books to add to your list! Take a peek and let me know which one you'd like to read in 2022. ⤵️      fuente
A masterpiece - It's a must-read!      fuente
Wow. So dense with wisdom that I wanted to highlight almost every paragraph. Instead, I skipped Part 1, about his background, because in the intro he recommends you skip it. I also skipped Part 3, about work principles, since they were all collaborative group-stuff, and I’m not working with anyone now. So here are my notes just from Part 2, “Life Principles”, which were so good I’ll probably re-read this book again next year. Caveat: it’s mostly so high-level — (“Decide what is true, then decide what to do about it.”) — that they’re more like koans to spark your own thoughts, instead of specific “do this” type advice.      fuente
8. I remember this book shaping up and validating so many of my leadership principles. @RayDalio did a masterful job here.      fuente
I was blown away. It’s both a guide to life, a guide to business, and also I think an insight into [the author] and someone who’s built an amazing business.      fuente
@RayDalio The book is great and insightful in many ways. Thanks. Still working on it.      fuente
I'm obsessed with @RayDalio. His book Principles changed my approach to business. In fact, it's the most powerful business book I've ever read. Now he's turned it into a super punchy and impactful animated series. You MUST watch this.      fuente
@JonUrbonas @RayDalio Such an amazing book!      fuente
Had a profound positive impact on my leeadership style.      fuente
@taadelodun @RayDalio It’s a great book! Highly recommended!      fuente
Reading Ray Dalio’s book “Principles” while being so interested in Bitcoin was a great experience. I definitely recommend it CT🔥🚀🔥 @APompliano @MarkYusko @maxkeiser      fuente
The author Ray Dalio open sourced Bridgewater’s methods in Principles and the results were good evidence that collectives can operate at higher levels when they are open and honest about and can see past their cognitive flaws.      fuente