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Talking to Strangers book cover

Talking to Strangers

What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know

Malcolm Gladwell

Explore the darker side of human nature with this highly anticipated book by one of today's top storytellers. Using history, psychology, and infamous legal cases, the author takes us on an intellectual adventure into the complexities of human interaction. Delve into the tragic consequences of misreading strangers and learn to challenge your assumptions in these troubled times. With original archival interviews and musical scoring, this enhanced audiobook edition brings the author's unparalleled storytelling to life.
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It's a really interesting book about how our perceptions about people, we don't know, for example, when somebody is surprised or when someone is upset, are based on us and not on reality. And he puts together all these different studies from different areas in order to tell stories about what's gone wrong when strangers talk to each other. The story he starts with and the story he ends with is the story of Sandra Bland and what went wrong in the communications between Sandra Bland and the police officer And the whole book is a cautionary tale. I thought it was really interesting.      fuente
I loved so many of the books I read in 2019. My favorites included “Talking to Strangers” by @Gladwell, “Home Work” by @JulieAndrews, and “Little Fires Everywhere” by @pronounced_ing. What did you read over the holidays?      fuente
I would say to you, it's a very good formula, and he executes it so well, making this book compulsively readable and insightful. Like all of his work, agree or not, it will make you think.      fuente
Another book recommendation. Talking to strangers by @Gladwell. He takes you on a roller coaster ride with every single piece of your emotion being put to use. It’s like watching a good movie with your imagination being the director and Malcom the writer. Highly recommend it.      fuente
@SMDuke I'm a @Gladwell fanboy. I listened to the audiobook version. Was more podcast than book. Loved it.      fuente
Very very good book by @Gladwell and excellent audio version by @pushkinpods      fuente