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The Chancellor book cover

The Chancellor

The Remarkable Odyssey of Angela Merkel

Kati Marton

Explore the remarkable rise and political brilliance of the world's most elusive woman in this captivating and timely biography. From a Soviet-controlled East Germany upbringing to becoming the unofficial leader of the West, Angela Merkel's political genius lies in talking with adversaries, negotiating without compromising her moral convictions, and enacting bold changes during crises. Discover how she has confronted Russian aggression, provided homes for refugees, unified Europe, and survived extraordinary challenges, while remaining a role model for gaining and keeping power with integrity. This great morality tale shows the difference an exceptional leader can make for the greater good of a country and the world.
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It took me a while to finish reading "The Politics of Trauma". So many things to pause and think about as you read the book. Now half-way into reading "The Chancellor: The Remarkable Odyssey of Angela Merkel" by Kati Marton. Insightful look into a very private but deliberate life      fuente
The best books I read this year - all are highly recommended      fuente