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The Hot Hand book cover

The Hot Hand

The Mystery and Science of Streaks

Ben Cohen

Discover the truth about whether streaks actually exist and how they can impact our everyday lives in this fascinating investigation. From sports to business to life and death decisions, this rising star at the Wall Street Journal explores the science behind the "hot hand" and other possible streaks, revealing how they can be both beneficial and dangerous. Packed with entertaining anecdotes and insights from Nobel Prize winners, The Hot Hand is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the mystery of streaks.
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Fathers Day book recommendations: -“Know My Name,” by Chanel Miller. (Powerful account of Stanford rape case.) -“The Boy From the Woods,” by Harlan Coben. -“The Body: A Guide for Occupants,” by Bill Bryson. -“The Hot Hand: The mystery and science of streaks,” by Ben Cohen.      fuente
Such a great book. I recall first learning about the "hot hand fallacy" in a cog sci class in college. Something about it just didn't feel right - if you've played any basketball, you've seen the hot hand and even experienced it yourself. This is a riveting story      fuente