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El Ministerio del Futuro book cover

El Ministerio del Futuro

A Novel

Kim Stanley Robinson

El Ministerio del Futuro una obra maestra de la imaginación. Narra a través de testimonios ficticios cómo nos afectará a todos el cambio climático. Su visión no es la de un mundo desolado y apocalíptico, sino la de un futuro que ya se nos echa encima… y cuyos desafíos tal vez consigamos superar por los pelos. Es una novela actual e impactante, descorazonadora y esperanzadora a partes iguales, y es uno de los libros más poderosos y originales que jamás se hayan escrito sobre el cambio climático. Creado en el año 2025, el objetivo del nuevo organismo era sencillo: Defender a las futuras generaciones de la humanidad y proteger a todos los seres vivos, del presente y del futuro. Enseguida empezó a ser conocido como el Ministerio del Futuro, y esta es su historia.
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As 2020 comes to a close, I wanted to share my annual lists of favorites. I’ll start by sharing my favorite books this year. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did.      fuente
Summer’s almost over. If you have time to sneak in another book or two – here are a few I recommend.      fuente
@igb What? I disagree. I stuck with it to the end and I found this book to be a wonderful exercise in optimism. A draft blueprint for how to address climate change. We need less dystopian nightmare sci fi and more of this.      fuente
There's more to say about the book than I possibly can here, but it's key virtue is it takes our present more seriously than we do. and then it asks questions many are afraid to ask — about capitalism, about the morality of violence, about how we ignore what we already know.      fuente
Late to this novel, but enjoying it - if you’re convinced, as I am, about the urgency of tackling climate change but want hopeful solutions rather than despair, I’d recommend reading this      fuente
@SteveVerdus Fantastic book. Must read indeed.      fuente
It's an uncomfortable read. It's a brilliant book. If it indeed turns out to be Stan's last novel (oh please don't let it be Stan's last novel), it will be a fitting capstone. But the subtext of this book is that we are past the point of no return. 36/      fuente
@ChelskiLittle @SophieLGilbert much as i love Ministry for the Future, this is my very favorite of his books. There's some Twain in there      fuente
@KatjaBessonova @_david_ho_ @DrLimnology @dcullenward @DrKWilkinson @ayanaeliza @EricHolthaus Great book! My review for The @Guardian below. Catch our conversation in a few weeks (March 6) at the Tucson Festival of books:      fuente
This is a great book.      fuente
Highly recommend this book because it's a great read that tackles some of the biggest issues facing all of us rn The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson via @goodreads      fuente
40/n Buy this book for everyone you know.      fuente
@DavidInglesTV I recommend reading "the Ministry of the Future" for a futurist taste of this horrible reality      fuente