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Understanding Michael Porter book cover

Understanding Michael Porter

The Essential Guide to Competition and Strategy

Joan Magretta

Understanding Michael Porter is a must-read book for any business manager looking to achieve and sustain competitive success. This concise and accessible summary of Porter’s revolutionary thinking dispels common misconceptions about his concepts, such as the belief that competition is about being unique rather than being the best. Written with Porter’s full cooperation by Joan Magretta, his former editor at Harvard Business Review, this book provides fresh, clear examples to update Porter’s ideas and includes an original Q&A with Porter himself to answer managers’ frequently asked questions. With its eminently readable style, it will enable every manager to grasp Porter’s ideas and deploy them swiftly to drive their company’s success.
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4/ I read the original Porter books, Competitive Strategy (1980) and Competitive Advantage (1985) and found them rich but not easy. I now recommend reading Joan Magretta's book, Understanding Michael Porter. Clear, concise, and well written:      fuente
Founder book recs: Founder's Dilemmas by @noamwass (founder issues) High Growth Handbook by @eladgil (general) Monetizing Innovation by @madhavansf (pricing) Traction by @yegg/@jwmares (growth) Understanding Michael Porter by Magretta (strategy)      fuente