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Mejores libros de ciclismo

Explora el mundo sobre dos ruedas con los mejores libros de ciclismo, que incluyen viajes personales, consejos técnicos e información cultural sobre la vida ciclista. Clasificados según menciones en las principales publicaciones.

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Mejores libros de ciclismo
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Ganar a cualquier precio book cover
Ganar a cualquier precio
La historia oculta del dopaje en el ciclismo
Tyler Hamilton - 2012-09-05
Calificación de Goodreads
The Secret Race is a definitive look at the world of professional cycling—and the doping issue surrounding this sport and its most iconic rider, Lance Armstrong—by former Olympic gold medalist Tyler Hamilton and New York Times bestselling author Daniel Coyle.   Over the course of two years, Coyle conducted more than two hundred hours of interviews with Hamilton and spoke candidly with numerous teammates, rivals, and friends. The result is an explosive book that takes us, for the first time, deep inside a shadowy, fascinating, and surreal world of unscrupulous doctors, anything-goes team directors, and athletes so relentlessly driven to succeed that they would do anything—and take any risk, physical, mental, or moral—to gain the edge they need to win.   Tyler Hamilton was once one of the world’s best-liked and top-ranked cyclists—a fierce competitor renowned among his peers for his uncanny endurance and epic tolerance for pain. In the 2003 Tour de France, he finished fourth despite breaking his collarbone in the early stages—and grinding eleven of his teeth down to the nerves along the way. He started his career with the U.S. Postal Service team in the 1990s and quickly rose to become Lance Armstrong’s most trusted lieutenant, and a member of his inner circle. For the first three of Armstrong’s record seven Tour de France victories, Hamilton was by Armstrong’s side, clearing his way. But just weeks after Hamilton reached his own personal pinnacle—winning the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics—his career came to a sudden, ignominious end: He was found guilty of doping and exiled from the sport.   From the exhilaration of his early, naïve days in the peloton, Hamilton chronicles his ascent to the uppermost reaches of this unforgiving sport. In the mid-1990s, the advent of a powerful new blood-boosting drug called EPO reshaped the world of cycling, and a relentless, win-at-any-cost ethos took root. Its psychological toll would drive many of the sport’s top performers to substance abuse, depression, even suicide. For the first time ever, Hamilton recounts his own battle with clinical depression, speaks frankly about the agonizing choices that go along with the decision to compete at a world-class level, and tells the story of his complicated relationship with Lance Armstrong.   A journey into the heart of a never-before-seen world, The Secret Race is a riveting, courageous act of witness from a man who is as determined to reveal the hard truth about his sport as he once was to win the Tour de France.
Recomendado por
Dan StemkoskiNoah Kagan
Pedaleando en la oscuridad book cover
Pedaleando en la oscuridad
Crash. Burn. Coming Clean. Coming Back.
David Millar - 2011-06-16
Calificación de Goodreads
When two plainclothes policemen arrested champion cyclist David Millar in a restaurant near Biarritz in 2004 for doping, it marked the beginning of a two-year exile from cycling and the end of everything else: his multimillion dollar contract with one of the biggest teams in the sport, his opulent lifestyle, the support of his teammates and closest friends, and the gold medal he’d won months before at the world championships. This candid memoir follows a young and idealistic cyclist from the early-morning streets of Hong Kong to the highest echelons of the sport in France where, overcome by peer pressure and the stress of remaining at the top, he started using the red blood cell–boosting substance EPO. Millar, reinstated to the sport and now an ardent critic of doping, paints an intriguing and frenetic portrait of professional cycling and of the pressures and seediness lurking beneath the surface. As pulse-pounding and suspenseful as a thriller, this piercing, moving memoir shines a light into the dark corners of cycling and, by extension, all of world-class sport.
El ciclista book cover
El ciclista
Tim Krabbé - 2003-06-12 (publicado por primera vez en 1978)
Calificación de Goodreads
La brillantez de la narración, que trasmite con intensidad el carácter agónico del ciclismo, y la belleza del homenaje que rinde al sufrimiento, convierten El ciclista en un verdadero hito que ha sido saludado como un libro extraordinario desde su publicación original.
Recomendado por
Alastair Humphreys
Where There's A Will book cover
Where There's A Will
Discovering Endurance in a Race Across Europe
Emily Chappell - 2019-11-07
Calificación de Goodreads
Follow Emily Chappell's journey as a London cycle courier turned cross-continental bike racer in "Where There's A Will." Read about her win in the women's event of The Transcontinental race, covering nearly 4,000 miles in just 13 days and ten hours. Experience the paradoxes of comradeship, competition, vulnerability, and willpower as she pushes her endurance limits. This beautifully written and human story also explores the shock of grief, including her collaboration with the founder of the race who tragically passed away.
This Road I Ride book cover
This Road I Ride
Sometimes It Takes Losing Everything to Find Yourself
Juliana Buhring - 2016-05-24
Calificación de Goodreads
A woman sets out to become the first female to bike around the world, with no previous cycling experience or corporate support. Over four continents and 18,060 miles, she faces breakdowns, illness, and danger, but ultimately becomes the fastest woman to cycle the world. This inspiring memoir shows that anyone can do extraordinary things.
The Cyclist's Training Bible book cover
The Cyclist's Training Bible
The World's Most Comprehensive Training Guide
Joe Friel - 2003-02-01 (publicado por primera vez en 1996)
Calificación de Goodreads
Master the art of cycling with The Cyclist's Training Bible. This informative book covers everything from periodization, nutrition, stretching, and peaking, making it the most authoritative book on cycling to date. Written by lauded coach and masters athlete Joe Friel, he adopts the principles of Dr. Tudor Bompa, whose periodization training methods were used first by the dominant Eastern European athletes of the 1960s before becoming popular in the United States. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, this book is a must-read for all.
Full Tilt book cover
Full Tilt
Ireland to India with a Bicycle
Dervla Murphy - 1987-04-03 (publicado por primera vez en 1965)
Calificación de Goodreads
When Dervla Murphy was ten, she was given a bicycle and an atlas, and within days she was secretly planning a trip to India. At the age of thirty-one, in 1963, she finally set off and this book is based on the daily diary she kept while riding through Persia, Afghanistan and over the Himalayas to Pakistan and India.A lone woman on a bicycle (with a revolver in her trouser pocket) was an almost unknown occurrence and a focus of enormous interest wherever she went. Undaunted by snow in alarming quantities, and using her .25 pistol on starving wolves in Bulgaria and to scare lecherous Kurds in Persia, her resourcefulness and the blind eye she turned to personal danger and extreme discomfort were remarkable.
Slaying the Badger book cover
Slaying the Badger
Greg LeMond, Bernard Hinault, and the Greatest Tour de France
Richard Moore - 2011-07-26
Calificación de Goodreads
A gripping account of one of cycling's most legendary rivalries, "Slaying the Badger" tells the story of the 1986 Tour de France, where Bernard Hinault, a French legend, and American newcomer Greg LeMond rode for the same team, but competed fiercely against each other for victory. With interviews from the riders, their teammates, and others, this book reveals the alliances, broken promises, and stunning climax that led to LeMond becoming the first American to win the Tour de France.
The Climb book cover
The Climb
The Autobiography
Chris Froome - 2014-07-29
Calificación de Goodreads
On 26th July 2015, Chris Froome entered the record books. He won cycling's ultimate race - the Tour de France - for the second time. Taking a double Yellow Jersey was a staggering achievement. This memoir shows just how remarkable it was, given the uphill struggle Froome faced. Growing up in Kenya, biking down mile after mile of dusty road, and staying in a humble tin hut, he developed a fierce passion and determination to win. The road to Europe was long, gruelling and filled with setbacks - but it prepared him for teamwork as a domestique and then the leap to leader of Team Sky and a shot at winning the Tour de France. In The Climb, written with the renowned investigative reporter David Walsh, he vividly recounts the struggles, the rivalries, the battles, the comebacks. Finally he traces his path to triumph and his mission to help clean up cycling. Inspiring and exhilarating, it will leave you ready to face your own challenges in life, whatever they may be. 'Engaging, vividly evoked' Mail on Sunday, Books of the Year 'What Chris has done is phenomenal' Sir Chris Hoy
Una dura carrera book cover
Una dura carrera
Por los entresijos del ciclismo, a rueda de un ciclista profesional
Paul Kimmage - 2007-01-01 (publicado por primera vez en 1990)
Calificación de Goodreads
UNA DURA CARRERA es uno de los mejores libros nunca escritos sobre la vida de un ciclista profesional. Un clásico de 1990 nunca traducido al castellano hasta ahora, que viene con un nuevo prólogo, así como con capítulos adicionales escritos en 1998 y 2007, en los que el autor reflexiona sobre su vida dentro y fuera del deporte. Paul Kimmage soñaba en su infancia con alcanzar la gloria en el ciclismo: vestir el maillot amarillo en el Tour de Francia y convertirse en un héroe nacional. Sabía que era un camino difícil, pero estaba dispuesto a pelear y entrenaba duro para ello. Su dedicación comenzó a dar frutos. Representó a su país, Irlanda, en los Campeonatos del Mundo, alcanzando un magnífico sexto puesto en aficionados y llegó al profesionalismo en 1986. Fue entonces cuando se topó con la realidad. Pronto descubrió que no todo era gloria y coraje, y que no era tanto cuánto te entrenabas o qué motivación tenías. Era un mundo de duras derrotas, esfuerzos extenuantes y dopaje. No era el dopaje lo que te aseguraba una victoria, pero sí te permitía terminar las etapas y sobrevivir un día más en las carreras. Paul Kimmage dejó el ciclismo para escribir este libro. Es un testimonio honesto y poderoso que rompió la ley del silencio que imperaba en el ciclismo sobre el tema del dopaje. Un esclarecedor relato y un desgarrador lamento que cualquier persona interesada en el deporte debiera leer. Ganador del William Hill Sports Book of the Year en 1990 (mejor libro deportivo del año en Gran Bretaña). CRÍTICAS David Walsh: "El mejor libro de ciclismo nunca escrito" Ellis Bacon (Cycling Weekly): "Fue siempre un gran libro, de obligada lectura para todo amante del ciclismo profesional, que tras el caso Festina en 1998 se convirtió en un libro absolutamente imprescindible" Rob Penn (The Guardian): "El visceral trabajo de Kimmage fue el primero en revelar que el doping se encontraba más expandido de lo que se decía. Lo leí atónito."
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