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Mejores libros de romance de harén inverso

Explora la colección definitiva de libros de romance de harén inverso, obtenidos de los principales blogs de libros y clasificados según su frecuencia de mención.

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Trickery book cover
Jaymin Eve - 2017-02-28
Calificación de Goodreads
In a world where magic-blessed sols rule and dwellers like Willa are considered beneath them, she's suddenly thrust into the top academy to serve the Abcurse brothers - five sols built of perfection and power. As she navigates the dangerous world of gods, she's at risk of death or ruin. This full novel is the first in the Curse of the Gods Series.
Four Psychos book cover
Four Psychos
Kristy Cunning - 2017-11-06
Calificación de Goodreads
This book follows a ghost trying to become a real girl while convincing four men to make her their toy. She must also uncover her identity and why she's been haunting them for five years. Expect sexual situations, reverse harem, dark humor, as well as language that might offend.
Hate book cover
An enemies to lovers reverse harem romance (Madison Kate Book 1)
Tate James - 2020-05-08
Calificación de Goodreads
This gripping novel follows Madison Kate Danvers as she seeks revenge on those who wronged her, including the new neighbor who crossed her path. As a mature college/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes, HATE explores the depths of one woman's wrath and how far she'll go to get what she wants. With a reverse harem twist, readers will be hooked from start to finish. Don't miss book one of this electrifying series.
Groupie book cover
C.M. Stunich - 2017-03-21
Calificación de Goodreads
A heart-wrenching tale of a girl who falls for five bad boy rockstars, this book will have you ugly crying and wanting more. Lilith thinks her life is over until a crumpled concert ticket and a chance encounter with these six dark souls changes everything. But can they fill the hole in her heart, or will she stay broken forever? This is an erotic rocker romance novel featuring group sex and a reverse harem with a focus on the woman's experience. With a happy ending and no cliffhanger, it is the first book in a gripping trilogy.
Nido de víboras book cover
Nido de víboras
K.A Knight - 2020-07-10
Calificación de Goodreads
Ryder, Garrett, Kenzo y los Víboras.Controlan la ciudad y todo el mundo lo sabe. Sus pactos son tan sórdidos como el resto de su actividad criminal, y les basta con la reputación que los precede para que hasta el más valiente se ponga de rodillas y suplique clemencia. Nadie se atreve a contrariarlos, pero mi padre lo hizo. El viejo se armó una deuda con ellos y me vendió para compensar lo que había perdido.Si. Me vendió.Ahora les pertenezco.Soy suya en todos los sentidos de la palabra. Pero la docilidad y la sumisión nunca han formado parte de mi naturaleza. Estos hombres me anhelan. Sus manos, cubiertas de cicatrices y manchadas de sangre, me atenazan. Desean todo cuanto soy, todo cuanto pueda ofrecerles, y no se detendrán hasta conseguirlo. Sin embargo, aunque posean mi cuerpo, mi corazón no estará jamás a su alcance.¿Los Víboras? Haré que se arrepientan del día que me secuestraron.Esta chica también sabe morder.18+. Romance de harén inverso. este libro contiene referencias y escenas de abuso y agresión que podrían herir la sensibilidad de algunos lectores. La ambientación es turbia y siniestra.-
Power of Five book cover
Power of Five
Reverse Harem Fantasy, Book 1
Alex Lidell - 2018-05-04
Calificación de Goodreads
"Power of Five" is a gripping reverse-harem fantasy that follows a mortal girl named Lera who finds herself bound to four elite fae warriors. With a magical bond that they can't resist, Lera's newfound powers over their souls may prove to be dangerous for all involved. This novel is filled with adventure, romance, and unexpected twists that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.
Lilac book cover
An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance
B.B. Reid - 2020-12-05
Calificación de Goodreads
A young musician finds herself on a world tour with her new, jaded, and talented bandmates who are determined to turn her fairy tale claim to fame into a nightmare. With pressure from her label and enemies turned idols, she must resist the temptation of three handsome bandmates. This reverse harem tale is a standalone suitable for ages 18+.
Broken Bonds book cover
Broken Bonds
J Bree - 2021-06-28
Calificación de Goodreads
A gripping and emotional reverse harem paranormal romance that follows the story of a woman who must face her past and the fate of her people. After running away for five years, she's caught and forced to confront the men she left behind. But with a heavy burden on her shoulders and the weight of guilt, she may not be able to earn their forgiveness. "Broken Bonds" is a must-read for fans of the genre, but be warned, it contains mature content and ends on a cliffhanger. Recommended for readers aged 18+.
Find Me book cover
Find Me
Ashley N. Rostek - 2021-08-20
Calificación de Goodreads
After losing her family to a stalker, a young woman is given a new identity through WITSEC. Now starting over in a beautiful home, she's lonely but safe. That all changes when she meets her handsome neighbors: four brothers who become her everything. But this isn't just any romance - it's a gritty, violent, and sexually charged reverse harem. Find Me is book one of a thrilling series that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.
Lola & the Millionaires book cover
Lola & the Millionaires
Part One (Sweetverse)
Kathryn Moon - 2020-06-11
Calificación de Goodreads
Lola & the Millionaires is a captivating story about Lola's journey towards a better life without abusive alphas. Despite her best efforts, she finds herself drawn to a pack of charming alpha men who already have an omega. However, Lola's aversion to alphas and scars may be healed by the patient beta, Leo. When her past alpha tries to play a dangerous game with her, Lola may find safety in the arms of the alpha pack she fears the most.
Variant Lost by Kaydence Snow
The Vixen's Lead by Tate James
Liar by Tate James
Devils' Day Party by C.M. Stunich
Signs of Cupidity by Raven Kennedy
Allison's Adventures in Underland by C.M. Stunich
Amigos con derecho a roce by Lily Gold
Queen Takes Knights by Joely Sue Burkhart
Kate by Tate James
Fake by Tate James
The Lost and the Chosen by Ivy Asher
Lola & the Millionaires by Kathryn Moon
Savage Bonds by J Bree
Pack Darling Part One by Lola Rock
Persuasion by Jane Washington, Jaymin Eve
Pain by Jane Washington, Jaymin Eve
Void by CoraLee June, Raven Kennedy
Gypsy Blood by Kristy Cunning
When The Dead Have It Easy by B.L. Brunnemer
Three Trials by Kristy Cunning
The Magic of Discovery by Britt Andrews
The Secret Girl by C.M. Stunich
Havoc at Prescott High by C.M. Stunich
Beauty and the Baller by Ilsa Madden-Mills
One Apocalypse by Kristy Cunning
Dying to Love by Reese Rivers
Lords of Pain by Angel Lawson, Samantha Rue
Filthy Rich Boys by C.M. Stunich
Torn Apart by K Webster, Nikki Ash
Scarlett XOXO by Autumn Reed
What Happens at the Lake by Vi Keeland
Besos oscuros by Laurell K. Hamilton
Vieja Nueva York by Edith Wharton
Idol Thoughts by J. S. Lee, Ji Soo Lee
Taunt by Eve Dangerfield
The Reverse Play by Julia Clarke
Empire of Desire by Rina Kent
Trying to Live With the Dead by B.L. Brunnemer
7th Circle by Tate James
Psycho Shifters by Jasmine Mas
La mujer de los Colter by Maya Banks
Emily Wilde's Map of the Otherlands by Heather Fawcett
Hermosos y malditos by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Bastard and the Heir by Eden Finley, Saxon James
Midnight Ruin by Katee Robert