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Mejores libros de UFC

Adéntrate en el octágono de la literatura con los mejores libros de UFC, capturando la esencia de las artes marciales mixtas, según su prominencia en publicaciones deportivas reconocidas.

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Mejores libros de UFC
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Got Fight? book cover
Got Fight?
The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-to-Face Combat
Forrest Griffin - 2009-06-02
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the secrets to success in Mixed Martial Arts with this entertaining and informative guide from a legendary fighter. Written by the light-heavyweight champion of the UFC, this New York Times bestseller is jam-packed with humor and practical advice on how to win in the octagon. Co-authored by an experienced Muay Thai fighter, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the art of fighting from the best.
Becoming the Natural book cover
Becoming the Natural
My Life In and Out of the Cage
Randy Couture - 2008-07-22 (publicado por primera vez en 1900)
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the gripping story of Randy Couture, voted "The Greatest Fighter of All Time" by viewers' choice. This UFC legend has revolutionized the sport, holding championship titles in both heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions and earning six titles throughout his career. In Becoming the Natural, Couture recounts his record-breaking journey starting from a childhood spent in search of a father figure to his first wrestling match and ultimate rise to fame in the UFC. Don't miss this fascinating account of one of the world's most talented and dedicated athletes whose unparalleled skill and showmanship propelled mixed martial arts into the mainstream.
The Way of the Fight book cover
The Way of the Fight
Georges St-Pierre - 2013-04-23
Calificación de Goodreads
"The Way of the Fight" is an inspirational autobiography by a world-renowned professional fighter who shares his journey from a bullying victim to an internationally celebrated athlete and champion. Through his hard-fought rise in mixed martial arts and his long, painful recovery from a career-threatening injury, Georges St-Pierre reveals his mindset on competition, discipline, risk-taking and overcoming obstacles. With the wisdom of an experienced fighter, Eastern philosophy and inspiration from legends, "The Way of the Fight" is a powerful guide to living with purpose and reaching your highest goals.
Little Evil book cover
Little Evil
One Ultimate Fighter's Rise to the Top
Jens Pulver - 2003-10-23
Calificación de Goodreads
"Little Evil" is a compelling memoir that explores the effects of childhood trauma and fear, and how one man's determination pushed him to become a world champion fighter. It tells the gripping story of a young boy who, after staring down a shotgun in his own home, learned to fight back with his fists, and how this experience led him to the path of success as a UFC champion. With themes of father-son relationships and overcoming inner demons, "Little Evil" is a true tale of strength and perseverance.
Heart for the Fight book cover
Heart for the Fight
A Marine Hero's Journey from the Battlefields of Iraq to Mixed Martial Arts Champion
Brian Stann - 2010-09-06
Calificación de Goodreads
A tale of resilience and determination, Heart for the Fight follows the journey of a young man from a rough neighborhood in Scranton to becoming a successful Marine officer, decorated for gallantry. The story takes an unexpected turn as he transitions to a career in the mixed martial arts (MMA) professional circuit. A riveting read for anyone looking for inspiration and motivation to pursue their passion.
Iceman book cover
My Fighting Life
Chuck Liddell - 2008-01-29
Calificación de Goodreads
Get ready to step inside the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Mixed Martial Arts. Follow the journey of a true champion as he rises to become the #1 ranked light-heavyweight contender in the world. Experience the grit and glory of Chuck Liddell both inside and outside of the Octagon, from his childhood in the poor section of Santa Barbara to the bloodiest battles of his career. With never-before-seen photos and an all-new chapter added for this edition, get ready to witness the true, no-holds-barred story of Chuck Liddell's fight to become a champion.
Made in America book cover
Made in America
The Most Dominant Champion in UFC History
Matt Hughes - 2008-01-01
Calificación de Goodreads
Experience the rise of the most decorated and respected champion in the history of ultimate fighting in this raw and candid memoir. Made in America takes readers on a journey through the brutal and often dangerous sport, featuring a 16-page color insert.