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Dave Weigel

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David Weigel is an American journalist. Since 2015, he has worked for The Washington Post. Weigel previously covered politics for Slate and Bloomberg Politics and is a contributing editor for Reason magazine.
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The Big Truck That Went By book cover
The Big Truck That Went By
How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster
Jonathan M. Katz - 2013-01-08
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This gripping first-hand account takes readers inside the devastation of Haiti's deadliest earthquake in 2010. Investigating the aftermath of the $16.3 billion in global pledges to aid the country, the author uncovers startling truths about international aid and its impact on poor countries. With a darkly humorous and unexpected portrayal of Haiti's leaders and people, this book is a definitive account of not only the earthquake but the world we live in today.
Dave Weigel
@jessesingal You guys may have argued On Here (I don't know, I don't read every tweet) but I highly recommend @KatzOnEarth's book:      fuente
After Trump book cover
After Trump
The Battle for 2024 and the Future of the GOP
David M. Drucker - 2021-10-19
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"Discover what's next for the Republican Party in the post-Trump era. In this Game of Thrones-like telling, author David M. Drucker explores the factions and families vying for control of the GOP. With profiles of notable figures, including Mike Pence and Marco Rubio, learn about the warring rivalries that could determine the fate of the party for a generation. A must-read for those interested in American politics and the future of the Republican Party."
Dave Weigel
Great 2024 book: "In Trump's Shadow" by @DavidMDrucker. Trump gets a chapter but it's mostly about the other ambitious Rs who want to be president, with terrific details and scoops (inc. Nikki Haley's 2020 strategy that was ready to go if Hillary won)      fuente
Broken News book cover
Broken News
Why the Media Rage Machine Divides America and How to Fight Back
Chris Stirewalt - 2022-08-23
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"Broken News" by Chris Stirewalt exposes the dangerous impact of "rage revenue" in news organizations. Through slanted coverage, these companies drive political division and reward outrageous conduct for easy profit. With witty insight, Stirewalt goes deep into the media industry's history to explain how it contributes to dividing America. He also offers practical advice on how readers, listeners, and viewers can become better news consumers. A fascinating and conversation-provoking study, "Broken News" is a must-read for those who care about our country and want the news to do its job again.
Dave Weigel
Really enjoyed @ChrisStirewalt’s book. Best analysis I’ve found on the stuff we all hate about The News and the drive toward rage bait/infotainment. And his sentences are real pretty.      fuente
NOlympians book cover
Inside the Fight Against Capitalist Mega-Sports in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Beyond
Jules Boykoff - 2020-04-01
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Explore the global rise of anti-Olympics activism and the declining popularity of hosting sports mega-events in NOlympians. This thought-provoking book delves into the myths of prosperity and highlights the darker side of hosting the Olympics. Join Jules Boykoff on a journey through Los Angeles, where the Democratic Socialists of America have launched the NOlympics LA campaign ahead of the 2028 Summer Games. He demonstrates how their activism fits with the resurgence of socialism in the US and beyond, backed by research and personal experiences. This is an inspiring story of activists fighting against the odds and embracing the transformative politics of democratic socialism.
Dave Weigel
Easy Sunday book recommendation: “NOlympians” by @JulesBoykoff      fuente
El Libro de las cosas nunca vistas book cover
El Libro de las cosas nunca vistas
A Novel
Michel Faber - 2014-10-28
Calificación de Goodreads
Cuando este libro arranca, el devoto pastor cristiano Peter Leigh está a punto de soltar la mano de su mujer, Bea (que lo rescató de una existencia errática de drogas y alcohol), y embarcarse en un reto evangelizador a la altura del siglo XXI. El destino que le aguarda, Oasis, no está en esta Tierra: para llegar hasta él tiene que subirse a una nave y dar el Salto. Uno que le lleva a un lugar donde el aire se siente incluso cuando está quieto, donde todos los alimentos salen de una sola raíz y donde el día y la noche no son como los que conocemos. Un lugar que se reparten unos nativos bondadosos y henchidos de fe y unos colonizadores perfectamente entrenados que, en el ejercicio de sus labores, han aprendido a dejar todo aquello que los hace débiles –humanos– atrás. Poco a poco, Peter aprende a comunicarse con los oasianos; les lee la Biblia (el Libro de las cosas nunca vistas) y construye una iglesia con ellos. Y, a medida que descubre que su misión es más sencilla de lo que preveía, los problemas empiezan a surgir de rincones inesperados; en la base no todo el mundo es tan impasible, y los correos de su esposa Bea hablan de una Tierra que va de mal en peor: se hunde, azotada por desastres naturales, carestía y conflictividad social, y Bea se hunde con ella. Y cuando Peter, abstraído, no logra darle el consuelo que necesita, el matrimonio tendrá que enfrentarse a una brecha que se abre hasta alcanzar años luz. Con una ambición tan vasta como el espacio en el que ambienta su relato, Michel Faber vuelve a la larga distancia de su obra mayor Pétalo carmesí, flor blanca para enhebrar una reflexión acerca de nosotros mismos, de los demás y del modo en que nos acercamos y alejamos de ellos; de la identidad, la alteridad, la empatía y sus retos; de amor a la fe, y de fe en el amor. Sensible, adictiva y alérgica a las respuestas fáciles; intrigante, magnética y multiforme, El Libro de las cosas nunca vistas aborda con sabiduría y compasión algunas que, por verlas todos los días, nos quedan bien cerca, y así sentimos su lectura: como algo que nos atañe y nos apela, de una vibrante humanidad.
Dave Weigel
Read and really loved "The Book of Strange New Things" on vacation, belatedly realized there was an Amazon pilot for an adaptation and it sounds horrible. They killed off the wife, who he spends the novel corresponding with?      fuente
Reaganland book cover
America's Right Turn 1976-1980
Rick Perlstein - 2020-08-18
Calificación de Goodreads
Reaganland is a fascinating portrayal of President Ronald Reagan, which follows the rise of modern conservatism over four years. Chronicling America's transformation into a center-right nation, Rick Perlstein delves into the rise of corporate America, the mobilization of conservative Christians, the war for the Democratic Party, and the ascendancy of Reagan. This book provides timely insights into topics that still resonate today. Hailed as "the chronicler extraordinaire of American conservatism," Reaganland is a must-read for anyone interested in American politics.
Dave Weigel
@KatzOnEarth I love this chonky book.      fuente
Chavs book cover
The Demonization of the Working Class
Owen Jones - 2011-07-15
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Explore the myth and reality of working-class life in contemporary Britain with this highly acclaimed investigation. This book challenges the stereotypes that have landed the working-class with a derogatory label - chavs. Owen Jones exposes the ignorance and prejudice at the heart of this caricature and portrays a far more complex reality behind the term. Discover how governments have used the chav stereotype to avoid genuine engagement with social and economic problems and to justify widening inequalities in society. This updated edition includes a new chapter that reflects on the overwhelming response to the book and the current state of Britain.
Dave Weigel
What's a book about another country's politics that informs the way you think about America's? I'll start: "Chavs" by @OwenJones84, a great study of classism that's very specific to the UK but opened my eyes to stuff here, too.      fuente
El precio de la paz book cover
El precio de la paz
Dinero, democracia y la vida de John Maynard Keynes (Contextos)
Zachary D. Carter - 2020-05-19
Calificación de Goodreads
A page-turning biography of world-changing economist John Maynard Keynes and the big ideas, inspired by his friendships with the Bloomsbury Group, that outlived him. In the spring of 1934, Virginia Woolf sketched an affectionate "biographical fantasy" of her great friend John Maynard Keynes. Writing two years before the publication of his magnum opus, The General Theory, Woolf nevertheless found herself unable to condense her friend's already-extraordinary life into anything less than twenty-five themes, which she jotted down at the opening of her portrait: "Politics. Art. Dancing. Letters. Economics. Youth. The Future. Glands. Genealogies. Atlantis. Mortality. Religion. Cambridge. Eton. The Drama. Society. Truth. Pigs. Sussex. The History of England. America. Optimism. Stammer. Old Books. Hume." Keynes was not only an economist, as he is remembered today, but the preeminent anti-authoritarian thinker of the twentieth century, a man who devoted his life to the belief that art and ideas could conquer war and deprivation. A moral philosopher, political theorist, and statesman, Keynes immersed himself in a creative milieu filled with ballerinas and literary icons as he developed his own innovative and at times radical thought, reinventing Enlightenment liberalism for the harrowing crises of his day--which included two world wars and an economic collapse that challenged the legitimacy of capitalism and democratic government itself. Keynes's extraordinary life took him from intimate turn-of-the-century parties in London's riotous Bloomsbury art scene to the fevered negotiations in Paris that shaped the Treaty of Versailles, through stock market crashes on two continents, diplomatic breakthroughs in the mountains of New Hampshire, and wartime ballet openings at Covent Garden. In this riveting biography, veteran journalist Zachary D. Carter unearths the lost legacy of one of history's greatest minds. John Maynard Keynes's vibrant, deeply human vision of democracy, art, and the good life has been obscured by technical debates, but in The Price of Peace, Carter revives a forgotten set of ideas with the power to reinvent national government and reframe the principles of international diplomacy in our own time.
Dave Weigel
Me before and after reading @zachdcarter’s book      fuente
Things that Can and Cannot Be Said book cover
Things that Can and Cannot Be Said
Essays and Conversations
Arundhati Roy - 2016-10-04
Calificación de Goodreads
Explore the secrets of the NSA with Edward Snowden, Arundhati Roy, and John Cusack in this thought-provoking book of essays and dialogues. Discover topics like empire, surveillance, and perennial war from the perspectives of unique thinkers. Arundhati Roy, a global justice activist, brings her incisive writing on climate change and free-market development to the table. Meanwhile, John Cusack writes about the importance of freedom of the press, inspired by his own work as a filmmaker and writer with titles like War Inc. and High Fidelity to his name.
Dave Weigel
.@johncusack has a lot of interesting thoughts and questions about privacy and the threat of nuclear war. Super interesting book too      fuente
The World Is Flat 3.0 by Thomas L. Friedman
A sangre fría by Truman Capote