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Fatima Bhutto

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Fatima Bhutto is a Pakistani writer. Born in Kabul, she is daughter of Murtaza Bhutto, niece of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and granddaughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
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Against White Feminism book cover
Against White Feminism
Notes on Disruption
Rafia Zakaria - 2021-08-17
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In "Against White Feminism," Rafia Zakaria exposes the long-standing affinity between white feminism and colonial, patriarchal, and white supremacist ideals. As an American Muslim woman, Zakaria champions a reconstruction of feminism, centering women of color in this counter-manifesto to white feminism, and refuting and reimagining its apolitical aspirations. Zakaria covers a range of topics, from the legacy of British feminist imperialist savior complex to the condescension of the white feminist-led "aid industrial complex," ultimately placing black and brown feminist thought at the forefront of her staggering, radical critique.
Fatima Bhutto
This is a book you have to read if you haven’t already:      fuente
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Lauren Bohn
Stolen Focus book cover
Stolen Focus
Why You Can't Pay Attention--and How to Think Deeply Again
Johann Hari - 2022-01-25
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Discover the groundbreaking examination on why our ability to pay attention is collapsing and how we can get it back. From the New York Times bestselling author of Chasing the Scream and Lost Connections comes Stolen Focus, an eye-opening journey across the world that reveals the troubling truth about who and what is hijacking our attention, and how we can reclaim it. Explore twelve deep causes of this crisis, including the decline of mind-wandering and rising pollution, all of which have robbed us of our attention. Learn from Silicon Valley dissidents who learned to hack human attention, and veterinarians who diagnose dogs with ADHD. Discover a favela in Rio de Janeiro where everyone lost their attention in a particularly surreal way, and an office in New Zealand that discovered a remarkable technique to restore workers' productivity. Essential reading for anyone who struggles with constant device switching and information overload.
Fatima Bhutto
Have a feeling I’m going to be quoting this book to strangers, it couldn’t come at a better time @johannhari101 @BloomsburyBooks      fuente
Aftershocks book cover
A Memoir
Nadia Owusu - 2021-01-12
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Aftershocks is a poetic and genre-bending memoir by Whiting Award winner Nadia Owusu. This powerful coming-of-age story grapples with the fault lines of identity, the meaning of home, black womanhood, and the ripple effects of emotional trauma. Nadia's upbringing all over the world is explored and how her mother's rejection when she was just two years old caused her confusion about her identity. This is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the complexities of self-discovery and finding one's place in the world.
Fatima Bhutto
I don’t normally do books on Twitter but this is incredibly moving      fuente
The Good Girls book cover
The Good Girls
An Ordinary Killing
Sonia Faleiro - 2021-02-09
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The Good Girls is a gripping and thought-provoking exploration of the dark underbelly of a nation through the mysterious deaths of two inseparable teenage girls. Set in a small village in India, the book delves into the investigation that follows their disappearance and the resulting national conversation on sex and violence. The story takes a deep dive into political maneuvering, caste systems, and the cost of shame, making it a must-read for those interested in social issues and human psychology.
Fatima Bhutto
I couldn’t recommend this book more:      fuente
Desert Notebooks book cover
Desert Notebooks
A Road Map for the End of Time
Ben Ehrenreich - 2020-07-07
Calificación de Goodreads
Desert Notebooks delves into the literal and figurative end of time and how our destruction of the environment and unstable global institutions have led to an unprecedented existential crisis. National Magazine Award winner Ben Ehrenreich weaves together memoir, science writing, creation myths, and history to meditate on our relationship with time and landscape in the face of climate change. With elegant style and poignant insights, Ehrenreich argues that reflecting on our past can offer comfort as we confront the possibility of our own demise in the present. A moving and thought-provoking exploration of Deep Time.
Fatima Bhutto
@vivekisms I’m ok! Reading Desert Notebooks by Ben Ehrenreich - a book perfectly suited for our odd times      fuente
Friday Black book cover
Friday Black
Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah - 2018-10-23
Calificación de Goodreads
Un centro comercial invadido por hordas de consumidores zombis durante el Black Friday; un parque temático en el que los blancos simulan que asesinan a presuntos delincuentes negros; un mundo postapocalíptico donde una catástrofe nuclear se repite cada día en un bucle eterno. Los doce impactantes relatos de este libro son un retrato distópico de la Norteamérica contemporánea que denuncian, entre la sátira y la crudeza, los horrores del consumismo, las desigualdades de clase, la brutalidad del racismo... En el corazón de estas historias, personas corrientes intentan mantener la sensatez y la integridad mientras todo se desmorona. Escrito con una afilada prosa que atrapa al lector para sacudirlo con fuerza, el extraordinario debut de Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah sobre la violencia, la injusticia y el absurdo de la realidad actual se ha convertido en un éxito en todo el mundo. Aclamado por autores como Colson Whitehead y George Saunders, ha sido comparado con clásicos de la talla de Kurt Vonnegut.
Fatima Bhutto
@NosheenIqbal @NK_Adjei @guardianreview Brilliant piece on a brilliant book & writer      fuente
Malcom X - Autobiografía contada por Alex Haley (Ensayo) book cover
Malcom X - Autobiografía contada por Alex Haley (Ensayo)
Malcolm X - 2015-01-01 (publicado por primera vez en 1965)
Calificación de Goodreads
En la década de 1960, decisiva para el movimiento por los derechos civiles, numerosas voces de protesta y de cambio se elevaron por encima del estruendo de la historia y de las falsas promesas.Pero una de ellas sonaba con más urgencia y pasión que el resto: Malcolm X, el líder musulmán, instigador y anti-integracionista, calificado en alguna ocasión como el hombre más peligroso de América, desafiaba al mundo a escuchar y aprender la verdad como él la había experimentado. Fundó la Organización de la Unidad Afroamericana para enviar a los afroamericanos de todo el país un mensaje inspirador de orgullo, poder y autodeterminación.Un perdurable mensaje, tan relevante hoy como entonces. En esta ya clásica autobiografía, publicada originalmente en 1964, Malcolm X cuenta la extraordinaria historia de su vida y la efervescencia del movimiento musulmán negro al veterano escritor y periodista Alex Haley, ganador del premio Pulitzer por su libro Raíces. En una colaboración única, a través de más de cincuenta entrevistas, Haley escuchó y comprendió al más controvertido líder de su tiempo.Sus páginas definen la lucha afroamericana por la igualdad social y económica en el seno de la cultura americana, una batalla por la supervivencia. Malcolm X ofrece una fascinante perspectiva sobre las mentiras y limitaciones del sueño americano, y sobre el racismo de una sociedad que niega a sus ciudadanos no blancos la oportunidad de soñar. La declaración definitiva de un movimiento y un hombre cuyo trabajo nunca fue terminado, pero cuyo mensaje es atemporal.
Fatima Bhutto
The Autobiography of Malcolm X was a book that changed my life, here's why:      fuente
Nobody book cover
Casualties of America's War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond
Marc Lamont Hill - 2016-07-26
Calificación de Goodreads
This award-winning book delves into the issue of state-sanctioned violence in America, examining high-profile deaths such as Sandra Bland and Michael Brown, as well as cases of government negligence like the Flint water crisis. Through his analysis, author Marc Lamont Hill uncovers patterns and policies that leave some citizens disempowered and vulnerable. He explores the effects of capitalism, mass incarceration, and political power, ultimately urging readers to consider a world where everyone has a chance to become somebody. A thought-provoking and timely read, this book lifts unheard voices and asks the crucial question - how did we get here?
Fatima Bhutto
Filmed something exciting with the very inspiring @marclamonthill for @AlJazeera today. If you haven’t read his book ‘Nobody’ then you urgently must      fuente
The Way to the Spring book cover
The Way to the Spring
Life and Death in Palestine
Ben Ehrenreich - 2016-06-14
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the everyday struggles of Palestinian life in a brave and necessary work by award-winning journalist Ben Ehrenreich. For the past three years, Ehrenreich has lived with Palestinian families in the West Bank, writing major stories for American outlets, including a remarkable cover story for the New York Times Magazine. In The Way to the Spring, Ehrenreich shares the stories of ordinary Palestinians and their unique living conditions, as they are ruled by the Israeli military and face constant harassment from Israeli settlers. With empathy and literary grace, Ehrenreich makes it impossible to turn away from this powerful work.
Fatima Bhutto
A book of staggering beauty and sorrow      fuente
SMALL ACTS OF FREEDOM [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2018] GURMEHAR KAUR by Gurmehar Kaur
The Sensational Life And Death Of Qandeel Baloch by Sanam Maher
Portrait of the Alcoholic by Kaveh Akbar
Tras el grito by Johann Hari