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Marina Amaral

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Marina Amaral is a Brazilian artist known for her colorizations of historical black and white photographs.
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El hombre que confundió a su mujer con un sombrero book cover
El hombre que confundió a su mujer con un sombrero
Oliver W. Sacks - 1998-04-02 (publicado por primera vez en 1985)
Calificación de Goodreads
El hombre que confundió a su mujer con un sombrero, una extraordinaria revelación, se convirtió inmediatamente en un clásico y consagró a Oliver Sacks como "uno de los grandes escritores clínicos del siglo". En este libro el autor narra veinte historiales médicos de pacientes perdidos en el mundo extraño y aparentemente irremediable de las enfermedades neurológicas. Se trata de casos de individuos aquejados por inauditas aberraciones de la percepción que han perdido la memoria, y con ella, la mayor parte de su pasado, que son incapaces de reconocer a sus familiares o los objetos cotidanos que han sido descartados como retrasados mentales y que, sin embargo, poseen insólitos dones artísticos o científicos.
Marina Amaral
@BWJones @OliverSacks Brilliant book      fuente
Last of the Saddle Tramps book cover
Last of the Saddle Tramps
Messanie Wilkins - 2001-09-01
Calificación de Goodreads
Historically the world of equestrian travel has contained an exciting mixture of unique men and women. Some are adventurers seeking danger from the back of their horses. Others are travelers discovering the beauties of the countryside they slowly ride through. A few are searching for inner truths while cantering across desolate parts of the planet....
Marina Amaral
Mesannie's adventure is documented in the book "The Last of the Saddle Tramps". It took her 12 years after her return to put her diary and photographs together into a book, but the result is a remarkable testament to her strength, courage, and determination.      fuente
A Woman's World, 1850–1960 book cover
A Woman's World, 1850–1960
Dan Jones, Marina Amaral - 2022-11-01
Calificación de Goodreads
Experience the vivid and unique history of women around the world from 1850-1960 in this third volume of The Colour of Time series. Explore the diverse roles women played in science, politics, culture, and more, from celebrated figures to everyday individuals. With colorized images by Marina Amaral and words by Dan Jones, this survey brings to life the female experience during a century of incredible change, featuring historical icons like Queen Victoria, Frida Kahlo, and Rosa Parks alongside lesser-known revolutionaries, geishas, and pilots. Don't miss this captivating journey through a woman's world before the dawn of second-wave feminism.
Marina Amaral
It is a both a conventional history – arranged chronologically and thematically, with an eye for events and important individuals – and a radical one. This book is created to show that we can frame our histories just as we frame our photographs: focusing on the things we...      fuente
And I'd Do It Again book cover
And I'd Do It Again
Aimee Crocker - 2010-04-13 (publicado por primera vez en 1936)
Calificación de Goodreads
Aimee Crocker's autobiography tells the fascinating story of her life as an heiress to gold and railroad fortunes. She recounts her travels throughout Asia, which include escaping headhunters in Borneo and avoiding murder by servants in Shanghai. Her story also includes lavish parties, husbands, and lovers. This book offers a glimpse into the life of a woman who was christened a Hawaiian princess and wed her fifth husband, Prince Mstislav Galitzine.
Marina Amaral
In 1936, she wrote a travel book titled "And I’d Do It Again." I absolutely love this bit:      fuente
The Romanovs book cover
The Romanovs
Simon Sebag Montefiore - 2016-01-28
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the secrets of the most successful dynasty in modern history in this gripping chronicle. Follow the fascinating story of the Romanovs, from their humble beginnings to their rise to become the world’s greatest empire. With a cast of larger-than-life characters including adventurers, courtesans, and revolutionaries, this intimate account by Simon Sebag Montefiore explores their world of unlimited power, palace conspiracy, and sexual decadence, before ultimately unraveling their downfall. A must-read for history buffs!
Marina Amaral
@simonmontefiore The Romanovs is one of my favorite books ever x      fuente
Powers and Thrones book cover
Powers and Thrones
A New History of the Middle Ages
Dan Jones - 2021-11-09
Calificación de Goodreads
Powers and Thrones is a gripping reappraisal of the medieval world and its incredible legacy, as told by bestselling author Dan Jones. From the fall of Rome and the emergence of Europe to the great capitals of the Islamic West, Jones takes readers on a journey through a thousand years of transformation, as the West rebuilds itself on the ruins of an empire. With a focus on climate change, disease, migration, and revolution, Jones explores how Western powers thrived by attracting the most valuable resources, ideas, and people from the rest of the world. As we face a turning point of our own, the lessons of Powers and Thrones matter more than ever.
Marina Amaral
That’s an excellent book. Go get it      fuente
Letters of Note book cover
Letters of Note
An Eclectic Collection of Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience (Book of Letters, Correspondence Book, Private Letters)
Shaun Usher - 2013-10-24
Calificación de Goodreads
Explore the power of written correspondence with a collection of 125 of the most entertaining, inspiring, and unusual letters from around the world. From Virginia Woolf's heart-breaking suicide letter to Leonardo da Vinci's remarkable job application, Letters of Note captures the humor, seriousness, sadness, and brilliance that make up all of our lives. With letters from Queen Elizabeth II, Elvis Presley, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and more, this celebration of the written word will leave you wanting more.
Marina Amaral
Tip: if you love historical letters as much as I do, I highly recommend this book by @LettersOfNote:      fuente
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Caterina Fake
The Commissar Vanishes book cover
The Commissar Vanishes
The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin’s Russia New Edition
David King - 1997-10-01
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the dark side of political propaganda in this eye-opening book. The author examines how Stalin used photography to manipulate public opinion and erase the memory of his victims. Through the comparison of genuine and altered images, The Commissar Vanishes uncovers how easily history can be distorted.
Marina Amaral
"The Commissar Vanishes" is a good book about this.      fuente
If This Is A Woman book cover
If This Is A Woman
Sarah Helm - 2015-03-31
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the untold story of Ravensbrück, the largest female-only concentration camp during World War II, where over 100,000 women from different nationalities were imprisoned and subjected to brutal forms of torture. Uncovering a mostly forgotten aspect of the war, Sarah Helm's groundbreaking work sheds much-needed light on this hidden atrocity, using newly opened Russian archives and survivor interviews to weave together an absorbing account of the prisoners and guards. Chilling, compelling, and deeply unsettling, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in Nazi history.
Marina Amaral
Book recommendation: "If This Is A Woman: Inside Ravensbruck: Hitler’s Concentration Camp for Women"      fuente
Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists by Mikki Kendall
Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson
Killers of the King by Charles Spencer
The Woman Who Wasn't There by Robin Gaby Fisher