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Phil Shapiro

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When You Wonder, You're Learning book cover
When You Wonder, You're Learning
Mister Rogers' Enduring Lessons for Raising Creative, Curious, Caring Kids
Gregg Behr - 2021-04-20
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the timeless lessons of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood in When You Wonder, You're Learning. Exploring the science behind the show, this playful and practical book provides parents and educators with essential tools for learning, including curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Using insights from scientists, teachers, and thinkers, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to excel in being human.
Phil Shapiro
This is the book this broken world needs now.      fuente
Arduino Software Internals book cover
Arduino Software Internals
A Complete Guide to How Your Arduino Language and Hardware Work Together
Norman Dunbar - 2020-04-25
"Arduino Software Internals" takes a deep dive into the world of Arduino, teaching you not only how to use the hardware and software, but also how it all works together. This book covers everything from the Arduino language and hardware features to how to code in plain AVR C++ and talk to the microcontroller in its native language. With step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to set up and use various hardware features without the need to decode complicated data sheets. Even if you have no prior expertise, this book is for you. Perfect for anyone interested in learning more about Arduinos and microcontrollers.
Phil Shapiro
Noted book - Arduino Software Internals: A Complete Guide to How Your Arduino Language and... by @NormanDunbar (Ask your public library to buy a copy.)      fuente
A Boy and a Jaguar book cover
A Boy and a Jaguar
Alan Rabinowitz - 2014-05-06
Calificación de Goodreads
A heartwarming and inspiring story about a man who finds his voice through animals. Despite struggling with a stutter, he can fluently communicate with animals and becomes their champion. Follow his journey to fulfill his promise and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. This beautifully illustrated book explores the power of communication beyond words.
Phil Shapiro
@jankybrain This book is so inspiring, Alison. I stutter, too.      fuente
The Passive Programming Playbook book cover
The Passive Programming Playbook
101 Ways to Get Library Customers off the Sidelines
Paula Willey - 2020-05-31
Calificación de Goodreads
This book offers a playbook for passive programming that is cheap, fun, and inclusive for all library customers. It supports reading initiatives, fosters engagement, and encourages visit frequency - all while taking up little programming budget. Anyone can use this playbook, whether they work with seniors, children, adults, or teens. It offers ideas for spontaneous, relevant programming that responds to current events and media, and is always fresh and funny.
Phil Shapiro
@andriaamaral It sounds like I could even not read the book and say I did. I'm going to recommend to everyone to not read this book and say they did. That's how good the book is.      fuente
The Teen Girl's Survival Guide book cover
The Teen Girl's Survival Guide
Ten Tips for Making Friends, Avoiding Drama, and Coping with Social Stress (The Instant Help Solutions Series)
Lucie Hemmen - 2015-11-01
Calificación de Goodreads
This guide by a psychologist and teen expert provides ten tips for teen girls to create and maintain healthy friendships, with insights from older teen girls who have been through it themselves. Grounded in evidence-based therapy, this engaging guide includes thought-provoking exercises and quizzes to help improve social connections and boost confidence. Perfect for teens who need help navigating the pressures of social life.
Phil Shapiro
@wayrf This book might help -- The Teen Girl's Survival Guide      fuente
Me llamo Aram book cover
Me llamo Aram
William Saroyan - 1991-06-01 (publicado por primera vez en 1940)
Calificación de Goodreads
Los catorce relatos que integran este volumen de Saroyan comparten la voz intensa y poética de Aram Garoghlanian, un despierto muchacho norteamericano de familia armenia que extrae de cada experiencia su propia lección vital. Aram recuerda su infancia y adolescencia en Fresno, California, y en sus historias, de índole iniciática, dibuja un paisaje realista de matices líricos habitados por personajes de lo más pintoresco.
Phil Shapiro
One of my favorite books -- My Name Is Aram, by WIlliam Saroyan via @amazon      fuente
Expect More book cover
Expect More
Demanding Better Libraries For Today's Complex World
R David Lankes - 2012-01-12
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover what your library can truly offer with Expect More by award-winning author David Lankes. This insightful guide sheds light on what you should be expecting from your local library, and offers an eye-opening take on the potential benefits you may not even know exist.
Phil Shapiro
@theraiserswire And this library book is amazing --> The author -->      fuente
Unlocking Potential book cover
Unlocking Potential
Organizing a School Inside a Prison
Hilderbrand Iii Pelzer - 2011-05-24
Calificación de Goodreads
Unlocking Potential is a thought-provoking book that explores urban education from an overlooked perspective - incarcerated students. The author, Hilderbrand Pelzer III, draws on his experiences in managing diverse urban schools, including a high school inside a prison, to provide insights into the challenges facing educators in poor neighborhoods. Through inspiring stories and practical advice, Pelzer encourages educators of all levels to tackle daunting issues in urban education and affect positive change. This book is a must-read for those interested in improving K-12 education and expanding opportunities for struggling youths.
Phil Shapiro
Book review - Unlocking Potential: Organizing a School Within a Prison by @HP3potential (Ask your public library to purchase a copy of this excellent book. Almost all libraries in the United States are now offering curbside service.)      fuente
The Educator's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion book cover
The Educator's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion
Kryss Shane - 2020-07-21
Calificación de Goodreads
This guide provides best practices for creating inclusivity and safety for LGBT+ students in K-12 schools. With real-life scenarios, a glossary, and further resources, educators will learn how to update policies, enhance curricula, and support youth. The book can be used by individuals or entire districts to create a welcoming and affirming environment for all students. Featuring postcards from PostSecret and an afterword by James Lecesne, co-founder of The Trevor Project, this guide is a vital resource for anyone wanting to create a safer learning environment.
Phil Shapiro
@juliahkaufman This excellent new education inclusion book came onto my radar last week -->      fuente
Women Who Count by Shelly M. Jones
The Open Schoolhouse by Charlie Reisinger
Articulating Design Decisions by Tom Greever
Who Owns the Learning? by Alan November