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Rohit Khanna

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Rohit Khanna is an American academic, lawyer, and politician serving as the U.S. Representative from California's 17th congressional district, since 2017.
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American Made book cover
American Made
What Happens to People When Work Disappears
Farah Stockman - 2021-10-12
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American Made tells the story of three workers whose lives crumble when the factory they had built their lives around closes down. This illuminating tale delves into the profound role work plays in our identity and belonging as humans. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Farah Stockman offers a close look at how jobs serve as a bedrock of people's lives and drive powerful social justice movements. American Made is also a story about race, class, and American values, and how the dignity of work lies at the heart of who we are.
Rohit Khanna
Just finished @fstockman brilliant book American Made which details how DC policymakers took away jobs from millions with trade policies where the benefits went to corporations & professionals. She reminds us that in the 1963 March on Washington Jobs preceded Freedom. Must read.      fuente
Of Boys and Men book cover
Of Boys and Men
Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do about It
Richard V. Reeves - 2022-09-27
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A thought-provoking book on the crisis of masculinity in today's world. With profound socio-economic changes pushing many guys back in life, the author offers innovative and practical solutions to bridge the gap. A must-read for anyone interested in gender equality and helping boys and men become their best selves.
Rohit Khanna
This is an important and insightful book by @RichardvReeves that challenges us to think about how our policies are failing many boys and men in the modern economy. To build our productive capacity and heal our nation, we must address this problem head on.      fuente
Speed & Scale book cover
Speed & Scale
An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now
John Doerr - 2021-10-28
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover practical solutions for preventing climate catastrophe in "Speed & Scale". Author John Doerr lays out a compelling 10-step plan for cutting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, featuring firsthand accounts from climate leaders including Al Gore, Christiana Figueres, and John Kerry. From electrifying our energy grid to capturing carbon from the air, this book offers actionable strategies for policymakers and entrepreneurs alike. Don't miss out on the greatest economic opportunity of our lifetimes.
Rohit Khanna
Climate change must be our number one priority, and our academic institutions should reflect that. This initiative by @johndoerr establishing a School of Sustainability at Stanford is both visionary & a game changer. His book Speed & Scale is a must-read.      fuente
The Wires of War book cover
The Wires of War
Technology and the Global Struggle for Power
Jacob Helberg - 2021-10-12
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This eye-opening book from a former news policy lead at Google reveals the high-stakes global cyberwar brewing between Western democracies and authoritarian regimes like China and Russia, and the potential threat it poses to our democracy. With unnervingly convincing evidence, the author explains how the battle over controlling software and internet hardware could redivide the world into 20th-century-style spheres of influence, affecting every aspect of our lives from the economy to national security. A must-read wake-up call for anyone concerned about the future of our world.
Rohit Khanna
A prescient analysis of China’s technological ambitions to export its political influence and erode democracy around the world. If you’re interested in how technology is reshaping international politics, this book is a must read.      fuente
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Keith Rabois
The Complacent Class book cover
The Complacent Class
Tyler Cowen - 2017-02-28
Calificación de Goodreads
The Complacent Class by Tyler Cowen is a national bestseller that examines the state of American culture. Cowen argues that Americans have drifted away from their tradition of innovation and restlessness, choosing comfort over change. While this "matching culture" brings positives such as music we like and partners who make us happy, it also leads to significant downsides such as heightened inequality and decreased incentives to innovate. Cowen warns that this cannot go on forever, and unless Americans force themselves to embrace their restless tradition again, they will face a difficult future.
Rohit Khanna
A brilliant piece by ⁦@tylercowen⁩ celebrating a diversity of thought & a Socratic examination of our history, policies, and values. Cowen is center right, but an intellectual force. His book Complacent Class is a must read that challenged me.      fuente
Storm Lake book cover
Storm Lake
Change, Resilience, and Hope in America's Heartland
Art Cullen - 2020-01-21
Calificación de Goodreads
"Storm Lake" by Art Cullen takes a hard-hitting look at the struggles facing Iowa and the heartland of America. The Trump trade wars, rising healthcare costs, and environmental degradation are just some of the issues facing this once-thriving region. Through the eyes of a Pulitzer Prize-winning small-town newspaperman, readers will gain insight into the resilience of the people living in these areas and the importance of holding those in power accountable.
Rohit Khanna
Happy birthday @cullen_art! One of the great American journalists of our time. I have learned so much from his book and columns!      fuente
Contra los zombis book cover
Contra los zombis
Economía, política y la lucha por un futuro mejor
Paul Krugman - 2020-01-28
Calificación de Goodreads
Nadie como Paul Krugman para acercarnos a los principales conceptos económicos y las ideas que mueven gran parte de nuestras políticas públicas y para explicar con lucidez problemas económicos a menudo confusos. En Contra los zombis, Krugman reúne más de noventa artículos ―muchos publicados en The New York Times― en dieciocho secciones organizadas temáticamente y enmarcadas en el contexto de un debate más amplio. En ellas aborda temas como la seguridad social, la atención médica, la crisis financiera de 2008 y sus secuelas, los mitos de la austeridad, la economía europea, los recortes de impuestos, las guerras comerciales, la desigualdad, el cambio climático y, sobre todo, el daño infligido por Donald Trump. Muchas de las piezas son argumentos contundentes contra la economía zombi, «una idea que debería haber sido eliminada por la evidencia, pero que se niega a morir». Contra los zombis es Krugman en estado puro y una guía indispensable para el discurso político y económico de dos décadas en los Estados Unidos y en todo el mundo. Con pinceladas rápidas y vívidas, Krugman aporta a sus lectores las claves necesarias para desbloquear los conceptos ocultos tras los principales problemas de política económica de nuestro tiempo.
Rohit Khanna
@paulkrugman Loved this book and learned a lot from it about the role of markets, the public sector, outsourcing, and the debate over automation and productivity.      fuente
Persist book cover
Elizabeth Warren - 2021-05-04
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"Persist" by Elizabeth Warren is a personal and passionate plea for political transformation. The influential senator shares six perspectives that have shaped her life and advocacy, including the value of child care, education, comprehensive planning, fighting for power, combatting racism, and gender equality. Through her vivid personal stories, Elizabeth Warren proves that with commitment, fearlessness, and perseverance, profound change is possible, and encourages readers to join her in the fight for a better America.
Rohit Khanna
I was late to my morning meeting because I couldn’t put down @ewarren book Persist. She’s an intellectual who makes the case that the fight is as important as the idea. Loved the story of how she had to bribe her toddler with M&Ms to potty-train her for childcare. Inspiring read!      fuente
Reconstructing Democracy book cover
Reconstructing Democracy
How Citizens Are Building from the Ground Up
Charles Taylor - 2020-03-17
Calificación de Goodreads
"Reconstructing Democracy" is an urgent call to revitalize democracy in our troubled times. Across the globe, democracies suffer from a disconnect between the people and political elites, with many feeling ignored by their government. This has given rise to demagogues, but to reverse the pattern, we must focus on reinvigorating democracy at the local level. Through successful examples of community building, the book highlights how citizens can form alliances and discover their power to solve problems, offering a powerful case for re-engaging with democracy.
Rohit Khanna
Charles Taylor has been one of the most brilliant voices for keeping communities together and engaging citizens to find common ground. This book is worth a read.      fuente
An American Sickness by Elisabeth Rosenthal