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Nicholas Christakis

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Nicholas A. Christakis is an American sociologist and physician known for his research on social networks and on the socioeconomic, biosocial, and evolutionary determinants of behavior, health, and longevity.
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Of Boys and Men book cover
Of Boys and Men
Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do about It
Richard V. Reeves - 2022-09-27
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A thought-provoking book on the crisis of masculinity in today's world. With profound socio-economic changes pushing many guys back in life, the author offers innovative and practical solutions to bridge the gap. A must-read for anyone interested in gender equality and helping boys and men become their best selves.
Nicholas Christakis
A necessary book, rigorously and compellingly presented. #OfBoysAndMen      fuente
Everyday Vitality book cover
Everyday Vitality
Turning Stress into Strength
Samantha Boardman - 2021-08-10
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"Everyday Vitality" is a science-backed book about cultivating positive energy and resilience. Psychologist Samantha Boardman offers actionable strategies for building vitality from within, rather than just fixing what's wrong. Through meaningful connections, challenging experiences, and contributing to something beyond oneself, Boardman shows how anyone can boost emotional stamina and counter daily stress. This book proves that self-focus is not the answer, and that micro-moments of everyday life can become the building blocks for resilience.
Nicholas Christakis
This book, #EverydayVitality by @sambmd is beautifully written, and full of good anecdotes and sage clinical experience. “William James said it best: ‘To change one’s life: 1) Start immediately. 2) Do or flamboyantly. 3) No exceptions.’”      fuente
The Death of Expertise book cover
The Death of Expertise
The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters
Tom Nichols - 2017-04-27
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In a world where technology and education provide access to endless information, Tom Nichols' The Death of Expertise examines how this has led to a society that values amateur opinions over expert knowledge. This rejection of experts is fueled by the internet, the trend of customer satisfaction in higher education, and the transformation of news into entertainment. The result is a society where everyone thinks they know everything and any claim to the contrary is dismissed as elitist. This book is a warning about the danger of populism and technocracy, and its message is now more important than ever.
Nicholas Christakis
@GerardHarbison Great book by @RadioFreeTom :-)      fuente
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Tom KeeneBrett Gurewitz
American Contagions book cover
American Contagions
Epidemics and the Law from Smallpox to COVID-19
John Fabian Witt - 2020-08-31
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Discover the fascinating legal history of epidemics in America, from smallpox in the colonies to COVID-19. In this concise read, author John Fabian Witt delves into the ways in which infectious diseases have both shaped and been shaped by American law. Witt argues that legal responses to public health have been uneven over time, with some communities benefiting from more liberal policies while others have faced authoritarian measures. Explore how the major questions raised by past epidemics continue to impact us today, including the balance between individual liberty and the common good, the role of the federal government, and the fight against inequities.
Nicholas Christakis
So happy to have finally got my hands on this book by @JohnFabianWitt that answered many questions I had about the law in time of plague. #AmericanContagions      fuente
Exposing Slavery book cover
Exposing Slavery
Photography, Human Bondage, and the Birth of Modern Visual Politics in America
Matthew Fox-Amato - 2019-04-01
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Exposing Slavery explores how photography shaped and was shaped by conflicts over human bondage in the United States. From the introduction of photography in 1839 to the first moments of emancipation in 1865, photography powerfully influenced how bondage and freedom were documented, imagined, and contested. Drawing on an original source base that includes hundreds of unpublished and little-studied photographs of slaves, ex-slaves, free African Americans, and abolitionists, this book sheds new light on conflicts over late American slavery, while also revealing a key moment in the relationship between modern visual culture and racialized forms of power and resistance.
Nicholas Christakis
This is a deeply and inventively researched, and powerful, book: by @fox_amato via @OxUniPress Strongly recommended. Exposing Slavery: Photography, Human Bondage, and the Birth of Modern Visual Politics in America      fuente
Dignos de ser humanos book cover
Dignos de ser humanos
Una nueva perspectiva histórica de la humanidad
Rutger Bregman - 2020-06-02 (publicado por primera vez en 2019)
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¿Y si resulta que es el altruismo y no la competitividad feroz el impulso natural del ser humano? Una revolucionaria lectura de la historia de la humanidad. El ser humano es egoísta, insolidario y se mueve solo por su propio interés: lo han sostenido pensadores como Maquiavelo, filósofos como Hobbes, psicoanalistas como Freud, científicos como Dawkins y multitud de historiadores y escritores. Pero ¿realmente es así? Este libro propone repensar la historia a partir de la evidencia de que el ser humano tiende más a cooperar que a competir, a confiar que a desconfiar. El autor estudia doscientos mil años de historia y nos descubre que el altruismo y no la competitividad ha sido el motor evolutivo de la humanidad. Para ello aborda ejemplos como la diferencia entre lo que se cuenta en la novela El Señor de las Moscas y lo que sucedió en los años setenta del siglo pasado cuando un grupo de niños australianos naufragaron y pasaron varios meses solos; o el comportamiento solidario y resiliente de los ciudadanos durante el Blitz en el Londres de la Segunda Guerra Mundial; o la realidad tras ciertos experimentos psicológicos y sociológicos sobre comportamiento humano. Una propuesta fascinante, repleta de anécdotas, de muy grata lectura y que, lejos de pecar de ingenuidad o tramposa candidez, plantea una inteligente y revolucionaria lectura de la historia de la humanidad. Un libro que acaso pueda ayudarnos a cambiar el mundo.
Nicholas Christakis
This book, Humankind: A Hopeful History, by @rcbregman, has the most riveting prologues of any work of non-fiction I have ever read. And its fundamental argument is one that, unsurprisingly, I strongly agree with, too. Kudos.      fuente
La Ilíada book cover
La Ilíada
A New Translation by Peter Green
Homer - 2023-09-26 NaN
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Consta el poema de 5675 hexámetros y describe solamente un episodio de la guerra, con una duración de cincuenta y un días, y haciendo especial énfasis en la disputa entre Aquiles y Agamenón, la cólera del primero y sus terribles consecuencias. El que pudiéramos llamar "ciclo troyano" comprende además de la Ilíada, los siguientes poemas: La Cípríada, Los Nostoí, Odísea (publicada también en esta colección) y La Telegonía.
Nicholas Christakis
@GabrielRossman And Hector is the only real (tragic) hero (and a real man) in the Illiad, a book I read once every other year, for solace and wisdom. 2/      fuente
Friendship book cover
Development, Ecology, and Evolution of a Relationship (Volume 5) (Origins of Human Behavior and Culture)
Daniel J. Hruschka - 2010-09-24
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Discover the true essence of friendship with this fascinating multidisciplinary study. Synthesizing cross-cultural and ethnographic data, author Daniel J. Hruschka explores how the meaning of friendship differs worldwide, its interconnectedness with kinship and romantic relationships, and how it defies traditional evolutionary expectations by building mutual goodwill rather than tit-for-tat accounting. Engage with a diverse array of experimental data and gain a deeper understanding of this special form of reciprocal altruism.
Nicholas Christakis
Great book by Hruschka: "Friendship: Development, Ecology, & Evolution of a Relationship" @barrywellman @davidlazer See also our PNAS papers      fuente