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Tom Keene

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Thomas Ross Keene CFA, is a host of Bloomberg Surveillance on both Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg Podcasts.
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2034 book cover
A Novel of the Next World War
Elliot Ackerman - 2021-03-09
Calificación de Goodreads
"2034" is a chillingly authentic geopolitical thriller that imagines a naval clash between the US and China in the South China Sea in 2034, leading to a nightmarish global conflagration. The book follows a global cast of characters, including Americans, Chinese, Iranians, Russians, and Indians, as they navigate a new, terrifying era of cyber weaponry and escalating tensions. Written by two former military officers and award-winning authors, "2034" offers a disturbingly plausible cautionary tale of a dark yet possible future that we must do all we can to avoid.
Tom Keene
immediate book-of-the-summer consideration @stavridisj @elliotackerman abrupt, immediate.      fuente
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Balaji Srinivasan
Lincoln book cover
A Novel (The American Chronicle Series)
Gore Vidal - 2000-02-15 (publicado por primera vez en 1984)
Calificación de Goodreads
Abraham Lincoln ocupa un lugar de honor en la historia de los EEUU y, por ende, del mundo. Sin embargo, entre las situaciones difíciles que le tocó afrontar es de especial relevancia la etapa en que su promesa de mantener unido al país chocó con la dura realidad, lo que le llevó a sentirse amenazado, de muerte incluso, y sintió en su propia piel el desprecio y hasta la agresividad de sus correligionarios. A partir del momento en que en 1861 Lincoln llega a Washington, Gore Vidal recrea toda la trayectoria vital de este personaje y, al mismo tiempo, recrea una época crucial para la democracia de los Estados Unidos. Como siempre, Gore Vidal va más allá de la simple recreación histórica, pues plantea para el debate ideológico algunas contradicciones que parecen inherentes en los sitemas democráticos, al tiempo que pone el dedo en la llaga de las imperfecciones de la organización política estadounidense. "Lincoln" es una de sus mejores novelas históricas.
Tom Keene
it is such an important book      fuente
The World book cover
The World
A Brief Introduction
Richard Haass - 2020-05-12
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the world with Richard Haass's invaluable primer! The president of the Council on Foreign Relations lays down the building blocks needed to navigate our constantly changing world. This book tackles critical questions like the implications of climate change and the US's relationship with China. It aims to make readers more informed, discerning citizens who can hold politicians accountable. With this book, you'll become globally literate and better equipped to understand the complex ideas that make our world tick.
Tom Keene
Richard Haass The World      fuente
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Anthony Scaramucci
I Love Capitalism! book cover
I Love Capitalism!
An American Story
Ken Langone - 2018-05-15
Calificación de Goodreads
A successful businessman tells his story of rising to the top from humble beginnings in this memoir. The author shares fascinating stories of his struggles to get an education and break into Wall Street. He learned how to evaluate what a business is worth and apply street smarts to eight-figure and nine-figure deals. His ultimate theme is that free enterprise is the key to giving everyone a leg up. As he writes, "This book is my love song to capitalism."
Tom Keene
good @realkenlangone morning here is the shovel ken would use today as he started his path of capitalism decades ago... his book is a breath of fresh air in its emotion and passions of the american experiment      fuente
The Economists' Diet book cover
The Economists' Diet
The Surprising Formula for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off
Christopher Payne - 2018-01-02
Calificación de Goodreads
"Discover an innovative approach to dieting in this must-read book, featuring two former obese economists who share their personal weight-loss stories. The Economists' Diet offers micro habits and meta-rules to control impulses to overeat, encourage healthier eating habits, and achieve lasting results through sustainable changes. By applying economic principles such as budgeting and supply and demand, readers are provided with simple solutions to lose weight and maintain it, without giving up their favorite foods or extreme dieting. Get ready to learn a unique and effective way to transform your eating habits for good."
Tom Keene
jokes aside...an exceptionally important book from real fat people who lost real tangible weight. cut-and-now-chiseled @chrisxpayne & @barnettenergy buy a scale! use it!!!      fuente
The Rise and Fall of Nations book cover
The Rise and Fall of Nations
Forces of Change in the Post-Crisis World
Ruchir Sharma - 2016-06-07
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the ten rules to spotting political, economic, and social changes in real time with this practical guide to economics. Renowned traveler Ruchir Sharma's The Rise and Fall of Nations draws on his encounters with everyone from villagers to tycoons to presidents to reveal how to read political headlines, black markets, and even the price of onions to predict countries' fortunes. With insights for navigating both the post-crisis era and any era, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the forces at work in our world.
Tom Keene
must-read and his wonderful and prescient books      fuente
Grave New World book cover
Grave New World
The End of Globalization, the Return of History
Stephen D. King - 2017-05-23
Calificación de Goodreads
This book offers a controversial perspective on the end of globalization and its implications for prosperity and peace in the global economic order. Economist Stephen D. King combines historical analysis with current affairs to argue that the principles of free trade and open markets are beginning to fracture, and a return to nationalism could lead to economic and political conflict. King provides engaging insights into why globalization is being rejected and how best to avoid the worst possible outcomes.
Tom Keene
grave new world stephen king      fuente
The Death of Expertise book cover
The Death of Expertise
The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters
Tom Nichols - 2017-04-27
Calificación de Goodreads
In a world where technology and education provide access to endless information, Tom Nichols' The Death of Expertise examines how this has led to a society that values amateur opinions over expert knowledge. This rejection of experts is fueled by the internet, the trend of customer satisfaction in higher education, and the transformation of news into entertainment. The result is a society where everyone thinks they know everything and any claim to the contrary is dismissed as elitist. This book is a warning about the danger of populism and technocracy, and its message is now more important than ever.
Tom Keene
good book-of-the-summer morning an early candidate.... just outstanding @RadioFreeTom @ianbremmer      fuente
The Curse of Cash book cover
The Curse of Cash
How Large-Denomination Bills Aid Crime and Tax Evasion and Constrain Monetary Policy
Kenneth S. Rogoff - 2016-09-06
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the surprising reasons why paper money is at the heart of difficult problems plaguing the world. The Curse of Cash, written by acclaimed economist Kenneth Rogoff, explores the past, present, and future of currency, from ancient China to cryptocurrencies. With a record amount of cash in circulation - $1.4 trillion in U.S. dollars alone - most of it is used to finance tax evasion, corruption, terrorism, and the massive global underground economy. Rogoff explains why countries must establish effective negative interest rate policies to manage the next financial crisis, even if governments take better control of paper currency. A thought-provoking and engaging read.
Tom Keene
good book-of-the-year morning @krogoff has written a courageous book many many people hate his idea of limiting cash. the CoC is balanced...      fuente
64 Shots by Kevin Roberts