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Yashar Ali

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Yashar Ali is an American journalist who has contributed to HuffPost, NBC News, and New York magazine.
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A Billion Years book cover
A Billion Years
My Escape From a Life in the Highest Ranks of Scientology
Mike Rinder - 2022-09-27
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A Billion Years is a remarkable memoir that exposes the secret inner workings of Scientology from the perspective of one of its highest-ranking defectors, Mike Rinder. From an early age, Rinder was indoctrinated into the powerful organization and rose through the ranks to become its international spokesperson. However, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss and ultimately escaped in 2007 to become one of the organization's biggest public enemies. Rinder offers insights into the religion that only someone of his former high rank could provide and tells a harrowing but fulfilling story of personal resilience.
Yashar Ali
2. Mike is such a great writer and a "Billion Years" is a riveting, haunting account of his time in Scientology. Mike is one of the few former Scientology execs who speaks out who has a lot of experience with L. Ron Hubbard AND David Miscavige. His book has many juicy details.      fuente
Servants of the Damned book cover
Servants of the Damned
Giant Law Firms, Donald Trump, and the Corruption of Justice
David Enrich - 2022-09-13
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"Servants of the Damned" exposes the shadowy power wielded by the world's largest law firms, using Jones Day, the firm that represented the Trump campaign and much of the Fortune 500, as an encapsulation of recent changes in the legal industry. Written by the New York Times's Business Investigations Editor and #1 bestselling author of Dark Towers, David Enrich, this gripping narrative nonfiction delves into the unchecked influence law firms have in shielding the wealthy and powerful, while earning billions in revenue for themselves. Enrich reveals how Jones Day has enabled and protected powerful bad actors, including Big Tobacco, the Catholic Church, and Russian oligarchs, and how the firm laid the legal groundwork for Trump to challenge the legitimacy of the 2020 election. This long-overdue exposé is a must-read for those interested in the inner workings of "Big Law."
Yashar Ali
I’m almost done reading this book and it’s amazing. David did some of the most important reporting on Deutsche Bank and now he’s doing it on big law firms.      fuente
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Joyce Alene
On All Fronts book cover
On All Fronts
The Education of a Journalist
Clarissa Ward - 2020-09-08
Calificación de Goodreads
A world-renowned conflict reporter shares her singular career in this age of extremism. "On All Fronts" takes the reader on a riveting journey of storytelling from Russia to China to Syria. Clarissa Ward has seen and documented the violent remaking of the world at close range. With courage and compassion, she tells the hardest stories, including her extensive coverage of war-torn Syria. This is the unforgettable story of one extraordinary journalist and a changing world.
Yashar Ali
I've always admired @clarissaward's brave reporting. I read her new memoir last week and was so moved by her story. A remarkable memoir by a remarkable woman I hope you’ll join me in reading Clarissa’s book Amazon: Bookshop:      fuente
Dark Towers book cover
Dark Towers
Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction
David Enrich - 2020-02-18
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"Dark Towers" is a jaw-dropping exposé of the scandalous history of Deutsche Bank, including its questionable ties to Donald Trump's business empire. Journalist David Enrich traces the bank's past from propping up default-prone developers in the 1880s to helping the Nazis build Auschwitz and laundering money for Russian oligarchs. The book uncovers the bank's unethical and illegal actions, including scamming investors, violating international sanctions, and defrauding regulators. But it's also a tale of a man who knew too much and his son's search for answers after his mysterious death.
Yashar Ali
2. "Dark Towers," is a deeply reported book and reveals a lot about the criminality at Deutsche. The pacing and writing are excellent and I found myself pouring through the book and never getting bored. A must-read! Kudos to @davidenrich      fuente
Super Pumped book cover
Super Pumped
The Battle for Uber
Mike Isaac - 2019-09-03
Calificación de Goodreads
A cautionary tale of ambition, deception, and the perils of startup culture in Silicon Valley. This page-turning account follows the rise and fall of Uber, the transportation giant that promised to revolutionize the way we move people and goods through the world, only to become a symbol of everything wrong with the tech industry. Packed with insider information and previously unpublished documents, Super Pumped examines the toxic internal culture and bare-knuckle tactics of Uber, and how blind worship of startup founders can go horribly wrong. A vivid example of how massive wealth, rapid upheaval, and unchecked power can lead to catastrophic consequences in American corporate history.
Yashar Ali
One of the juiciest books I read this summer was @MikeIsaac's book about UBER: "Super Pumped." It's out on 9/3 & you won't regret buying it. It's sooo good! Thought I knew a lot about UBER before reading, but was blown away by the details in his book!      fuente
What It Takes book cover
What It Takes
The Way to the White House
Richard ben Cramer - 1993-06-01 (publicado por primera vez en 1992)
Calificación de Goodreads
Uncover the inner workings of American presidential campaigns with What It Takes. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Richard Ben Cramer delves into the ambition, stamina, and shamelessness that drive candidates. Follow the 1988 presidential race as Cramer dissects the psyches of contenders like George Bush and Michael Dukakis and reveals the frenzied course of the campaign. This exhaustively researched book is both exhilarating and appalling in its revelations.
Yashar Ali
The late, great Richard Ben Cramer’s birthday today. If you haven’t read his book “What It Takes,” you really should. In my opinion, and I know I’m not alone, it’s the best book about presidential politics.      fuente