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Morgan Housel

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Morgan Housel is a partner at Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal.
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Just Keep Buying book cover
Just Keep Buying
Proven ways to save money and build your wealth
Nick Maggiulli - 2022-02-08
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Discover the data-driven answers to your personal finance questions in this must-read book. Popular finance blogger Nick Maggiulli offers proven ways to build your wealth immediately, including why you should save less than you think and how to thrive in a market crash. Follow the strategies revealed in Just Keep Buying to act smarter and live richer every day. It's time to take the next step in your wealth-building journey.
Morgan Housel
Highly recommend @dollarsanddata's new (and first) book, it's great.      fuente
Bubble in the Sun book cover
Bubble in the Sun
The Florida Boom of the 1920s and How It Brought on the Great Depression
Christopher Knowlton - 2020-01-14
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Experience the excess and excitement of 1920s Florida, where the largest human migration in American history took place. In Bubble in the Sun, author Christopher Knowlton uncovers the grand visions and darker side of Coral Gables, Boca Raton, Miami Beach, and more, as tycoons, crooks, and celebrities descended upon the state in search of wealth and decadence. But at what cost? Knowlton reveals the enormous toll this boom had on the environment and workers, while exploring the hurricane that triggered the stock market crash and ultimately led to the Great Depression. This riveting history sheds light on an era that still impacts our country today.
Morgan Housel
The telling of America’s first modern bubble: the Florida real estate boom of the 1920s. What’s great about this book is that so many of the characters, scenes, incentives, behaviors, and outcomes could be right out of today’s world. Same as it ever was.      fuente
Dopamina book cover
Cómo una molécula condiciona de quién nos enamoramos, con quién nos acostamos, a quién votamos y qué nos depara el futuro (PENINSULA)
Daniel Z. Lieberman - 2018-08-14
Calificación de Goodreads
Why are we obsessed with the things we want and bored when we get them? Why is addiction "perfectly logical" to an addict? Why does love change so quickly from passion to indifference? Why are some people diehard liberals and others hardcore conservatives? Why are we always hopeful for solutions even in the darkest times--and so good at figuring them out? The answer is found in a single chemical in your brain: dopamine. Dopamine ensured the survival of early man. Thousands of years later, it is the source of our most basic behaviors and cultural ideas--and progress itself. Dopamine is the chemical of desire that always asks for more--more stuff, more stimulation, and more surprises. In pursuit of these things, it is undeterred by emotion, fear, or morality. Dopamine is the source of our every urge, that little bit of biology that makes an ambitious business professional sacrifice everything in pursuit of success, or that drives a satisfied spouse to risk it all for the thrill of someone new. Simply put, it is why we seek and succeed; it is why we discover and prosper. Yet, at the same time, it's why we gamble and squander. From dopamine's point of view, it's not the having that matters. It's getting something--anything--that's new. From this understanding--the difference between possessing something versus anticipating it--we can understand in a revolutionary new way why we behave as we do in love, business, addiction, politics, religion - and we can even predict those behaviors in ourselves and others. In The Molecule of More: How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity--and will Determine the Fate of the Human Race, George Washington University professor and psychiatrist Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD, and Georgetown University lecturer Michael E. Long present a potentially life-changing proposal: Much of human life has an unconsidered component that explains an array of behaviors previously thought to be unrelated, including why winners cheat, why geniuses often suffer with mental illness, why nearly all diets fail, and why the brains of liberals and conservatives really are different.
Morgan Housel
A book about dopamine, the most powerful chemical in your brain that we rarely think about has so much influence on the world. Dopamine doesn’t give you happiness in the moment; it convinces you that there’s happiness in the future that you should pursue, always pushing us for more, more, more.      fuente
La bailarina de Auschwitz book cover
La bailarina de Auschwitz
Embrace the Possible
Edith Eva Eger - 2017-09-05
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Una emocionante historia de superación sobre la capacidad del ser humano para sanar y vencer la adversidad Eger tenía dieciséis años cuando los nazis invadieron su pueblo de Hungría y se la llevaron con el resto de su familia a Auschwitz. Al pisar el campo, sus padres fueron enviados a la cámara de gas y ella permaneció junto a su hermana, pendiente de una muerte segura. Pero bailar El Danubio azul para Mengele salvó su vida, y a partir de entonces empezó una nueva lucha por la supervivencia. Primero en los campos de exterminio, luego en la Checoslovaquia tomada por los comunistas y, finalmente, en Estados Unidos, donde acabaría convirtiéndose en discípula de Viktor Frankl. Fue en ese momento, tras décadas ocultando su pasado, cuando se dio cuenta de la necesidad de curar sus heridas, de hablar del horror que había vivido y de perdonar como camino a la sanación. Su mensaje es claro: tenemos la capacidad de escapar de las prisiones que construimos en nuestras mentes y podemos elegir ser libres, sean cuales sean las circunstancias de nuestra vida.
Morgan Housel
Maybe the best book I’ve read in years. The true story of a young Hungarian girl sent to Auschwitz where her parents are murdered upon arrival but who manages to survive a year of torture and starvation before being liberated. After the war she moves to America, gets a PhD in psychology, and becomes a therapist who understands the psychology of trauma better than anyone. Just epic writing and storytelling, hard to put down.      fuente
La vida secreta de los árboles book cover
La vida secreta de los árboles
What They Feel, How They Communicate―Discoveries from A Secret World (The Mysteries of Nature (1))
Peter Wohlleben - 2016-09-13 (publicado por primera vez en 2015)
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En los bosques suceden cosas sorprendentes: árboles que se comunican entre sí, árboles que aman y cuidan a sus hijos y a sus viejos y enfermos vecinos; árboles sensibles, con emociones, con recuerdos… ¡Increíble, pero cierto! Peter Wohlleben, guarda forestal y amante de la naturaleza, nos narra en este libro fascinantes historias sobre las insospechadas y extraordinarias habilidades de los árboles. Asimismo reúne por una parte los últimos descubrimientos científicos sobre el tema, y por otra sus propias experiencias vividas en los bosques; y con todo ello nos ofrece un emocionante punto de vista, una manera de conocer mejor a unos seres vivos con los que creemos estar familiarizados pero de los que desconocemos su capacidad de comunicación, su espiritualidad. Descubramos, gracias a este libro, un mundo totalmente nuevo…
Morgan Housel
A fascinating book about the complexity of something that seems basic. One example: Trees that grow up in their mothers’ shade grow slowly, because their moms block most of the sun. Slow growth leads to dense wood, which leads to a strong tree. Trees that instead grow in the open sun, without their mom’s shade, grow very fast, gorging on all the light they can absorb. But fast growth leads to soft wood, which is susceptible to rot and fungus. That analogy – grow fast at your own peril – applies to many fields, as do several of the lessons in this book.      fuente
Empty Mansions book cover
Empty Mansions
The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune
Bill Dedman - 2013-01-01
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Step into a portal of American history in this mysterious and enthralling book. Follow Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bill Dedman as he raises questions about the reclusive heiress Huguette Clark and her $300 million inheritance. Why did this woman choose to live in a hospital room for two decades despite being in excellent health? Who controlled her fortune? Through interviews with Huguette's cousin and family photographs, Dedman reveals a portrait of a woman born into extreme wealth and privilege, who chose a life of privacy and art. Richly illustrated and a No.1 New York Times bestseller, this book is a must-read for history and non-fiction aficionados.
Morgan Housel
The story of an heiress who inherits a fortune but lives a life of seclusion with almost no contact with the outside world while collecting mansions that go unvisited until she dies at age 104 after living in a hospital for years despite excellent health, setting off an epic battle for her money. Like the Vanderbilt story, it’s a fascinating look at what money does, and doesn’t, do for you.      fuente
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Jon Stewart
A Man on the Moon book cover
A Man on the Moon
The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts
Andrew Chaikin - 1998-04-28 (publicado por primera vez en 1994)
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Experience the incredible journey of the first humans to step foot on the moon. This book takes you back to July 20, 1969 and retells the historic event through the eyes and ears of the people who lived it. Andrew Chaikin's interviews with 23 moon voyagers provide breathtaking detail of every aspect of the missions, from the rush of liftoff to the heartstopping touchdown to the final hurdle of reentry. Relive one of the greatest moments of the twentieth century in this stunningly told tale.
Morgan Housel
Walking on the moon is probably the coolest thing humans have ever done. The hardest, boldest, riskiest, thing ever attempted by anyone – I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. There are surprisingly few books that describe what it was like for the astronauts, most of whom assumed they’d die on these missions. This is the best one I’ve found.      fuente
American Moonshot book cover
American Moonshot
John F. Kennedy and the Great Space Race
Douglas Brinkley - 2019-04-02
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the epic story behind one of America's most thrilling and ambitious achievements in history: the race to the moon. Award-winning historian Douglas Brinkley takes a fresh look at the space program, President John F. Kennedy's inspiring challenge, and the brilliant men and women who made this giant leap possible. Drawing on new primary source material and major interviews with surviving figures key to America's success, Brinkley brings this fascinating history to life like never before. American Moonshot is an enthralling chronicle of human ingenuity, curiosity, and the boundless American spirit.
Morgan Housel
This book on the space race was very good. Putting a man on the moon seemed so implausible in the early 1960s that the only equivalent today is probably achieving something like time travel.      fuente
El cuerpo humano book cover
El cuerpo humano
Guía para ocupantes
Bill Bryson - 2019-10-15
Calificación de Goodreads
Del autor de Una breve historia de casi todo (200.000 ejemplares vendidosNos pasamos toda una vida con un solo cuerpo y casi no sabemos cómo funciona. Desde los genes hasta nuestra capacidad de hablar, pasando por nuestras constantes adaptaciones al medio y los riesgos que corremos, este libro nos descubre que nuestro microcosmos es un verdadero milagro, lleno de prodigios y de secretos asombrosos.Explicar el cuerpo humano en toda su integridad, y hacerlo para todos los públicos, solo está al alcance de un autor como Bill Bryson. Con su habitual talento narrativo, su capacidad para sintetizar amplios conocimientos y su cultura para revelar datos sorprendentes, Bryson demuestra que es el mejor y más divertido guía para emprender un apasionante viaje hacia nuestro interior."El cuerpo humano es un mapa de las maravillas, un recorrido por un miembro minúsculo" THE GUARDIAN
Morgan Housel
The Body is probably the best book I read in the last year:      fuente
Where the Money Was book cover
Where the Money Was
The Memoirs of a Bank Robber (Library of Larceny)
Willie Sutton - 2004-03-23 (publicado por primera vez en 1976)
Calificación de Goodreads
A notorious bank robber, Willie Sutton, made history by targeting almost a hundred banks without hurting anyone. He was also known for escaping America's most secure prisons. Sutton's story is both cautionary and intriguing, full of vivid details that make it impossible to put down.
Morgan Housel
A few underrated books: 1. Where The Money Was: Memoirs of a Bank Robber (Willie Sutton) 2. Crashing Through: The Story of the Man Who Dared to See 3. One Summer: America in 1927      fuente
The End Is Always Near by Dan Carlin
These Truths by Jill Lepore
Lecciones de liderazgo creativo by Robert Iger
Super Pumped by Mike Isaac
Alchemy by Rory Sutherland
El fraude del siglo / Billion Dollar Whale by Bradley Hope
Rocket Men by Robert Kurson
City of Dreams by Tyler Anbinder
Tribu by Sebastian Junger
Nunca te pares by Phil Knight
Charlie Munger by Tren Griffin
D DAY Through German Eyes by Holger Eckhertz
Everything Is Bullshit by Priceonomics
One Summer by Bill Bryson
Lee Kuan Yew by Graham Allison
The Half-Life of Facts by Samuel Arbesman
Abundance by Peter H. Diamandis
Crashing Through by Robert Kurson
John F. Kennedy by Michael O'Brien
Endurance by Alfred Lansing
Pájaro a pájaro by Anne Lamott
The Moral Animal by Robert Wright
What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars by Jim Paul
Fortune's Children by Arthur T Vanderbilt II
The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough