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Sanjay Bakshi

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Sanjay Bakshi is one of the best minds in India in the fields of Value Investing and Behavioral Finance. He teaches MBA students (at MDI Gurgaon) two popular courses: “Behavioral Finance & Business Valuation” and “Financial Shenanigans & Governance”.
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Invisible Learning book cover
Invisible Learning
The magic behind Dan Levy's legendary Harvard statistics course
David Franklin - 2020-11-28
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"Invisible Learning" uncovers the secrets of Harvard's most successful statistics course through the eyes of its students. Professor Dan Levy's inclusive teaching methods not only equip students with practical statistical skills but also make them feel valued and supported. This book offers a fascinating case study on the invisible bonds formed between students and teachers and how to use them to enhance learning. "Invisible Learning" answers the burning question on everyone's mind: "How does he do it?"
Sanjay Bakshi
To all teachers. This is a wonderful book. Lots of good ideas to implement. Thanks ⁦@jvembuna⁩ for recommending it. Invisible Learning: The magic behind Dan Levy's legendary Harvard statistics course. ⁦@promila_agarwal⁩      fuente
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Miguel Angel Santos
Cómo Adam Smith puede cambiar tu vida book cover
Cómo Adam Smith puede cambiar tu vida
An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness
Russ Roberts - 2014-10-09
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Con La riqueza de las naciones, su obra más famosa, Adam Smith ha sido considerado el santo patrón del capitalismo. Sin embargo, muy pocos saben cuánto tenía que decir el filósofo escocés sobre el comportamiento humano: sobre cómo nos percibimos a nosotros mismos, cómo nos relacionamos y qué decisiones tomamos en nuestra búsqueda de la felicidad. Smith desarrolló sus ideas sobre la naturaleza humana en una obra genial, La teoría de los sentimientos morales. La mayoría de los economistas nunca la han leído, y durante mucho tiempo el economista Russell Roberts no fue una excepción. Pero cuando finalmente se adentró en este libro del fundador de su disciplina, se dio cuenta de que probablemente se encontraba ante la mejor obra para conocerse a sí mismo que hubiera leído jamás. En Cómo Adam Smith puede cambiar tu vida, Roberts examina esta obra maestra relegada a menudo a un segundo plano y desvela el valioso tesoro de una sabiduría práctica e intemporal. La descripción que hace Smith de la naturaleza humana es tan relevante hoy como hace doscientos años. ¿Qué puede hacernos verdaderamente felices? ¿Conseguir la fama y la fortuna o el respeto de nuestros amigos y nuestra familia? ¿Se puede hacer del mundo un lugar mejor? Las inesperadas respuestas de Smith, cuando las enmarcamos en el rico contexto actual, la literatura, la historia y la cultura pop, resultan ser profundas y paradójicas, a la vez que enormemente entretenidas.
Sanjay Bakshi
@SridharanAnand @FLAMEUniversity If you haven’t read this book by @EconTalker on loveliness, then please do. Adam was truly lovely.      fuente
The Little Book of Talent book cover
The Little Book of Talent
52 Tips for Improving Your Skills
Daniel Coyle - 2012-08-21
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Learn to improve your skills with The Little Book of Talent. This manual provides proven methods to help you and your children develop skills in sports, music, art, math, and business. The book distills the complexity of skill development into 52 concise directives based on interviews with successful master coaches. It's a must-have guide for anyone looking to improve themselves at any age or skill level.
Sanjay Bakshi
In his wonderful book, The little book of talent, the author Daniel Coyle, writes about 5 ways to pick a high quality teacher or mentor.      fuente
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Derek Sivers
El relojero ciego book cover
El relojero ciego
Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design
Richard Dawkins - 2006-04-06 (publicado por primera vez en 1986)
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Acclaimed as the most influential work on evolution written in the last hundred years, The Blind Watchmaker offers an inspiring and accessible introduction to one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time. A brilliant and controversial book which demonstrates that evolution by natural selection - the unconscious, automatic, blind yet essentially non-random process discovered by Darwin - is the only answer to the biggest question of all: why do we exist?
Sanjay Bakshi
@philoinvestor @SridharanAnand There are many books on this but the ones I like the most are quite old. Selfish gene and blind watchmaker. Both by Dawkins.      fuente
El gen egoísta book cover
El gen egoísta
40th Anniversary Edition (Oxford Landmark Science)
Richard Dawkins - 2006-01-01 (publicado por primera vez en 1976)
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"The Selfish Gene" caused a wave of excitement among biologists and the general public when it was first published in 1976. Its vivid rendering of a gene's eye view of life, in lucid prose, gathered together the strands of thought about the nature of natural selection into a conceptual framework with far-reaching implications for our understanding of evolution. Time has confirmed its significance. Intellectually rigorous, yet written in non-technical language, "The Selfish Gene" is widely regarded as a masterpiece of science writing, and its insights remain as relevant today as on the day it was published.
Sanjay Bakshi
@philoinvestor @SridharanAnand There are many books on this but the ones I like the most are quite old. Selfish gene and blind watchmaker. Both by Dawkins.      fuente
Yugandhar book cover
Shivaji Sawant - 2000-01-01
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Explore the life of Krishna like never before in this captivating portrayal of the beloved Hindu deity. As he reflects on his life in his last moments, those closest to him share their firsthand accounts of his journey, revealing a complex and multi-faceted mortal man who was a warrior, lover, statesman, and seer. With deep insights into the stories of Hindu gods and goddesses, this book is a must-read for anyone who loves Indian history and culture.
Sanjay Bakshi
Read this book. It’s mesmerising.      fuente
Financial Shenanigans book cover
Financial Shenanigans
How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks and Fraud in Financial Reports
Howard Schilit - 2002-03-01 (publicado por primera vez en 1993)
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Learn how to detect corporate fraud, misleading metrics and accounting chicanery in the global markets with this bestselling guide from the "Sherlock Holmes of Accounting". Discover the most shocking frauds and financial reporting offenders of the last 25 years and gain valuable tools to detect dishonest practices from corporate cultures or management tricks. Updated with key case studies and lessons from the past quarter century, this guide sheds light on the latest methods companies use to mislead investors and shares how to avoid costly mistakes.
Sanjay Bakshi
@rajshree10 Read the chapters on Cash Flow Shenanigans in @HowardSchilit's fantastic book.      fuente
Por qué dormimos book cover
Por qué dormimos
La nueva ciencia del sueño
Matthew Walker - 2017-10-03
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Dormir es uno de los aspectos más importantes pero menos comprendidos de nuestra vida.Hasta hace muy poco, la ciencia no tenía respuesta a la pregunta de por qué dormimos, a qué servía o por qué sufrimos consecuencias tan devastadoras para la salud cuando está ausente. En comparación con los otros impulsos básicos de la vida (comer, beber y reproducir), el propósito del sueño sigue siendo más difícil de descifrar.Matthew Walker ofrece una exploración revolucionaria del sueño, examinando cómo afecta cada aspecto de nuestro bienestar físico y mental.
Sanjay Bakshi
@menakadoshi Please read this book: Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams      fuente
Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life book cover
Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life
Practical Solutions for Improving Your Health and Performance
Inna Khazan - 2019-07-30
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Learn how to control your body's involuntary actions for improved physical and emotional wellbeing with the techniques of biofeedback and mindfulness practice. In Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life, Inna Khazan pairs these practices to address anxiety, fear, stress, insomnia, and more. With basic physiological information and simple solutions, Khazan empowers readers to take control of their health and increase their resilience and emotional flexibility.
Sanjay Bakshi
Also enormous help from Obesity code by @drjasonfung. Also Complete Guide to Fasting by him again. Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker. And lots of stuff on biofeedback including @DrInnaKhazan’s wonderful book on the subject. Used a lot of technology for biofeedback too.      fuente
La guía completa del ayuno book cover
La guía completa del ayuno
Cuida tu cuerpo mediante el ayuno intermitente, prolongado y en días alternos
Jason Fung - 2016-10-16
Calificación de Goodreads
Thousands of books have been written about the latest and greatest diets that will help people lose weight and improve health. But a key element in any successful nutritional health program is a tried-and-true method that most people haven't thought about—yet it could be revolutionary for taking health to the next level. This ancient secret is fasting. Fasting is not about starving oneself. When done right, it's an incredibly effective therapeutic approach that produces amazing results regardless of diet plan. In fact, Toronto-based nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung has used a variety of fasting protocols with more than 1,000 patients, with fantastic success. In The Complete Guide to Fasting he has teamed up with international bestselling author and veteran health podcaster Jimmy Moore to explain what fasting is really about, why it's so important, and how to fast in a way that improves health. Together, they make fasting as a therapeutic approach both practical and easy to understand. The Complete Guide to Fasting explains: why fasting is actually good for health who can benefit from fasting (and who won't) the history of fasting the various ways to fast: intermittent, alternate-day, and extended fasting what to expect when starting to fast how to track progress while fasting the weight loss effects of fasting how to ward off potential negative effects from fasting The book also provides tools to help readers get started and get through their fasts, including a 7-Day Kick-Start Fasting Plan and healing liquid recipes.
Sanjay Bakshi
Also enormous help from Obesity code by @drjasonfung. Also Complete Guide to Fasting by him again. Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker. And lots of stuff on biofeedback including @DrInnaKhazan’s wonderful book on the subject. Used a lot of technology for biofeedback too.      fuente
El cuerpo humano by Bill Bryson
The Tyranny of Metrics by Jerry Z. Muller
All I Want To Know Is Where I'm Going To Die So I'll Never Go There by Peter Bevelin
El código de la obesidad by Jason Fung
How to Solve It by G. Polya
Inside the FDIC by John F. Bovenzi
Dead Companies Walking by Scott Fearon
Sapiens. De animales a dioses by Yuval Noah Harari
Brand Breakout by Nirmalya Kumar
Several Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg
Great Minds on INDIA by Salil Gewali
The Ten Commandments for Business Failure by Donald R. Keough
Questions of Character by Joseph L. Badaracco Jr.
Structures by J. E. Gordon