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Исследуйте ключевые тексты для освоения управления проектами, отобранные из лучших изданий и упорядоченные по частоте рекомендаций.

Рекомендации от 90 статей, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs и ещё 186 других.
Лучшие книги по управлению проектами
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Искусство управления IT-проектами book cover
Искусство управления IT-проектами
Mastering Project Management (Theory in Practice)
Scott Berkun - 2008-04-29 (впервые опубликовано в 2001)
Рейтинг Goodreads
В отличие от множества трудов, посвященных руководству проектами и командами, в этой книге не проповедуются никакие новые учения и не превозносятся великие теории. Скотт Беркун считает залогом успеха практику и разнообразие подходов. В книге описываются основные сложности и проблемные ситуации, возникающие в работе менеджера проекта, даны рекомендации по выходу из них. Издание предназначено не только для лидеров команд и менеджеров высшего звена, но и для программистов, тестеров и других исполнителей конкретных проектных заданий. Также оно будет полезно студентам, изучающим бизнес-менеджмент, проектирование изделий или программную инженерию. Текст нового издания значительно переработан автором с целью добиться большей ясности, кроме того, книга дополнена новым приложением и более чем 120 практическими упражнениями.
Руководство к Своду знаний по управлению проектами (Руководство PMBOK®) – Пятое издание отражает опыт и знания руководителей-практиков и освещает фундаментальные основы управления широким кругом проектов. Этот признанный международный стандарт предоставляет руководителям проектов важнейшие инструменты для управления проектами и достижения результатов в организации работы. •Была добавлена 10-я область знаний; в которой управление заинтересованными сторонами проекта расширяет важность привлечения соответствующих заинтересованных сторон проекта в принятие ключевых решений и мероприятия. •Был пересмотрен поток данных и информации проекта д
Project Management Absolute Beginner's Guide book cover
Project Management Absolute Beginner's Guide
Greg Horine - 2012-01-01
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover how to succeed in project management, even if you've never run a project before! This beginner's guide provides clear and practical instructions to master every task in project management, from defining the project to closing it. Learn to avoid common mistakes, lead teams, manage budgets and schedules, handle risks, and more. Updated with the latest agile approaches, security and privacy priorities, and virtual team management, this book is your key to becoming a successful project manager.
Как привести дела в порядок book cover
Как привести дела в порядок
Искусство продуктивности без стресса
David Allen - 2002-12-31 (впервые опубликовано в 2001)
Рейтинг Goodreads
With first-chapter allusions to martial arts, "flow," "mind like water," and other concepts borrowed from the East (and usually mangled), you'd almost think this self-helper from David Allen should have been called Zen and the Art of Schedule Maintenance. Not quite. Yes, Getting Things Done offers a complete system for downloading all those free-floating gotta-do's clogging your brain into a sophisticated framework of files and action lists--all purportedly to free your mind to focus on whatever you're working on. However, it still operates from the decidedly Western notion that if we could just get really, really organized, we could turn ourselves into 24/7 productivity machines. (To wit, Allen, whom the New Economy bible Fast Company has dubbed "the personal productivity guru," suggests that instead of meditating on crouching tigers and hidden dragons while you wait for a plane, you should unsheathe that high-tech saber known as the cell phone and attack that list of calls you need to return.) As whole-life-organizing systems go, Allen's is pretty good, even fun and therapeutic. It starts with the exhortation to take every unaccounted-for scrap of paper in your workstation that you can't junk, The next step is to write down every unaccounted-for gotta-do cramming your head onto its own scrap of paper. Finally, throw the whole stew into a giant "in-basket" That's where the processing and prioritizing begin; in Allen's system, it get a little convoluted at times, rife as it is with fancy terms, subterms, and sub-subterms for even the simplest concepts. Thank goodness the spine of his system is captured on a straightforward, one-page flowchart that you can pin over your desk and repeatedly consult without having to refer back to the book. That alone is worth the purchase price. Also of value is Allen's ingenious Two-Minute Rule: if there's anything you absolutely must do that you can do right now in two minutes or less, then do it now, thus freeing up your time and mind tenfold over the long term. It's commonsense advice so obvious that most of us completely overlook it, much to our detriment; Allen excels at dispensing such wisdom in this useful, if somewhat belabored, self-improver aimed at everyone from CEOs to soccer moms (who we all know are more organized than most CEOs to start with). --Timothy Murphy
Project Management for Non-Project Managers book cover
Project Management for Non-Project Managers
Jack Ferraro - 2012-04-18
Рейтинг Goodreads
"Project Management for Non-Project Managers" is a practical guide that helps functional managers learn project management methodology and processes. Written by a seasoned project management consultant, the book bridges the gap between project managers and functional managers to improve organizational performance. This guide demystifies the jargon and processes of project management, encouraging functional managers to master critical PM skills and ensure their projects' success, making them more strategic and collaborative in nature. By actively owning project strategies, managers can keep their team's projects on track and increase their business value.
Master the essentials of project management with practical and engaging insights from FranklinCovey experts. Whether you have formal training or not, if you're an unofficial project manager, this book is for you. Learn the key leadership skills necessary for project completion and success, including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/control, and closing. With real-life anecdotes, memorable "Project Management Proverbs," and quick chapter reviews, you'll be able to apply these strategies to any arena of project management. Don't let disorganization hold you back - change the way you think about project management with this must-read guide.
Strategic Project Management Made Simple book cover
Strategic Project Management Made Simple
Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams
Terry Schmidt - 2009-02-09
Рейтинг Goodreads
Learn how to turn project ideas into actionable plans with Strategic Project Management Made Simple. This book introduces a step-by-step process and an interactive thinking tool to help teams design strategic projects and action initiatives. By answering the four critical questions of what, why, how, and what other conditions must exist, readers can create a solid strategic foundation using the Logical Framework - a Systems Thinking approach. Avoid adhoc and haphazard methods and execute your strategies successfully with this unique and memorable book.
The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management book cover
The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management
Eric Verzuh - 2005-01-28 (впервые опубликовано в 1999)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover the ultimate guide to real-world project management methods, tools, and techniques with this comprehensive book. Written by an industry-leading expert, it features cutting-edge ideas and hard-won wisdom delivered in short, lively segments. Learn how to navigate complex management issues, master key concepts and real-world applications, and keep your project on track, on time, and on budget. With new case studies, content integration, and guidance on using Agile techniques, this fifth edition is a treasure trove of insights for aspiring project managers.
Scrum book cover
Революционный метод управления проектами
Jeff Sutherland - 2014-09-30
Рейтинг Goodreads
Методика Scrum — решение, найденное Джеффом Сазерлендом, чтобы преодолеть классические недостатки управления проектами: отсутствие слаженной работы внутри команды, невыполнение намеченных планов, дублирование задач внутри подразделений и т. д. В отличие от старого «поэтапного» подхода, при котором выбрасываются на ветер огромные средства и который зачастую так ни к чему не приводит, Scrum позволяет выполнять обязательства меньшими силами, в короткие сроки и с низкими затратами, а итоговый продукт отличается отменным качеством. Сегодня Scrum уже прочно закрепилась в управленческом арсенале большинства технологичных компаний мира.
The lazy project manager, 2nd edition book cover
The lazy project manager, 2nd edition
How To Be Twice As Productive And Still Leave The Office Early
Peter Taylor
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover the art of lazy productivity with this must-have project management guide. Written by a leading expert in the field, the second edition of this popular book offers simple techniques that anyone can use to work more effectively and achieve a better work-life balance. Say goodbye to stress and hello to success with The Lazy Project Manager.
Brilliant Project Management by Stephen Barker
Project Management by Harold Kerzner
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Rescue the Problem Project by Todd C. Williams Pmp
Alpha Project Managers by Andy Crowe Pmp Pgmp
Project Management for Humans by Brett Harned
Сила привычки by Charles Duhigg
Бизнес с нуля by Eric Ries
Пять пороков команды by Patrick Lencioni
Deadline by Tom Demarco
Agile Project Management For Dummies by Mark C. Layton
Управление проектами для "чайников" by Stanley E. Portny
Project Management Lite by Juana Clark Craig
The Plugged-In Manager by Terri L. Griffith
Epiphanized by Bob Sproull
Project Management JumpStart by Kim Heldman
7 навыков высокоэффективных людей by Stephen R. Covey
Мифический человеко-месяц или как создаются программные системы by Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
Проект "Феникс" by Gene Kim
Спринт by Zeratsky Jake Knapp
Osnovy Scrum by Kenneth S. Rubin
Чек-лист by Atul Gawande
Коучинг agile-команд by Lyssa Adkins
The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility by Michele Sliger
Скрам by Ken Schwaber
Начни с вопроса «Почему?» by Simon Sinek
Rapid Development by Steve McConnell
Doing Agile Right by Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk, Steve Berez
The Agile Mind-Set by Gil Broza
Advanced Multi-Project Management by Gerald I. Kendall
Project Pain Reliever by Dave Garrett
Project Management Case Studies by Harold Kerzner
Project Management the Agile Way by John Goodpasture
Дао Toyota by Jeffrey Liker
Risk Up Front by Adam Josephs
Be Fast or Be Gone by Andreas Scherer
От срочного к важному by Steve McClatchy
The project manager who smiled by Peter Taylor
Таймхакинг by Daniel H. Pink
Вдохновленные by Marty Cagan
Traction by Gino Wickman
Construction Management JumpStart by Barbara J. Jackson
Драйв by Daniel H. Pink
The Lean Product Playbook by Dan Olsen
Энциклопедия менеджмента by Peter F. Drucker
Lead Inside the Box by Victor Prince
The Project Management Answer Book by Jeff Furman
Performance-Based Project Management by Glen Alleman
Leadership in Project Management by Mohit Arora, Haig Baronikian
The New Rules of Management by Peter Cook
Измеряйте самое важное by John Doerr
The Project Management Coaching Workbook by Susanne Madsen
The Project Manager's Guide to Mastering Agile by Charles G. Cobb
Гид HBR Управление проектами (HBR Guide to Project Management) by Harvard Business Review
Agile Project Management by Jim Highsmith
Дилемма инноватора by Clayton M. Christensen
Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace by Phil Simon
Agile by Mike Cohn
Cracking the PM Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell
Профессиональное управление проектами в примерах, задачах, иллюстрациях by Jennifer Greene
What You Need to Know about Project Management by Fergus O'Connell
Be Fast or Be Gone by Andreas Scherer
Как завоевывать друзей и оказывать влияние на людей by Dale Carnegie, Robert Petkoff, Donna Dale Carnegie, Simon & Schuster Audio
Корпорация гениев by Ed Catmull
Brilliant Project Leader by Mike Clayton
Цель by Eliyahu M. Goldratt
Начни с главного! 1 удивительно простой закон феноменального успеха by Gary Keller
Хорошая стратегия, плохая стратегия by Richard Rumelt
Лидеры едят последними by Simon Sinek
Психология влияния by Robert B. Cialdini
Гении и аутсайдеры by Malcolm Gladwell
Работа рулит! Почему большинство людей в мире хотят работать именно в Google by Laszlo Bock
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The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor
21 качество лидера by John C. Maxwell
Трудные диалоги by Kerry Patterson
Оригиналы by Adam Grant
Чистый код by Robert C. Martin
Радикальная прямота by Kim Scott
Искусство войны by Sun Tzu
Фактологичность Десять причин наших заблуждений о мире – и почему все не так плохо, как кажется by Hans Rosling
Поток by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
На крючке by Nir Eyal
Разверните ваш корабль by L. David Marquet
Веб-дизайн by Steve Krug
Легко не будет by Ben Horowitz
От разработчика до руководителя by Camille Fournier
PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition - Updated by Rita Mulcahy